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25 Airbnbs I Stayed in 2021 in Central America and United States

Airbnb is a great if you love unique stays, personal touches, and feelings of a home away from home. Since 2015, I have enjoyed my Airbnb stays with solo travel, unique experiences, hosting global transformation retreats, and traveling all through Central America in 2021.

Beyond what I ever imagined, the Airbnbs I found and experienced across Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Oklahoma, and Atlanta amazed me. If these countries and Airbnbs are not on your bucket list yet, they will be soon.

Whether you are a solo lifestyle entrepreneur and/or digital nomad, sustainable traveler, traveling with family and friends, or creating retreats, these Airbnbs inspire all types of travel.

Each and every Airbnb I experienced inspired adventures and living in a different way. I know over 95% of the hosts personally so if you reach out, let them know I sent you! You may get a bonus!

In their own right, each one is a dream come true. You can't tell me you don't agree.