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25 Airbnbs I Stayed in 2021 in Central America and United States

Airbnb is a great if you love unique stays, personal touches, and feelings of a home away from home. Since 2015, I have enjoyed my Airbnb stays with solo travel, unique experiences, hosting global transformation retreats, and traveling all through Central America in 2021.

Beyond what I ever imagined, the Airbnbs I found and experienced across Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Oklahoma, and Atlanta amazed me. If these countries and Airbnbs are not on your bucket list yet, they will be soon.

Whether you are a solo lifestyle entrepreneur and/or digital nomad, sustainable traveler, traveling with family and friends, or creating retreats, these Airbnbs inspire all types of travel.

Each and every Airbnb I experienced inspired adventures and living in a different way. I know over 95% of the hosts personally so if you reach out, let them know I sent you! You may get a bonus!

In their own right, each one is a dream come true. You can't tell me you don't agree.

Costa Rica

I spent January through March in Costa Rica traveling through La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, and Escazu near San Jose. Pura Vida, the pure life, surrounded me at every step.

1 Airbnb in La Fortuna, Costa Rica: Blue House

Costa Rica + Colorful Homes + a Pool = A Dream Come True. I stayed at the blue house for a few days before switching to the pink house. The entire community is a nature lovers and content creators dream. It is great for global transformational retreats too! The story of how Shelley and the ladies started the Airbnb is incredible. Their kindness unparalleled.

Blue Home in Costa Rica Airbnb


2 Airbnb in La Fortuna, Costa Rica: Pink House

A vision come to life with the pink home with stunning views Arenal Volcano. I ended up staying at the pink house a month. I loved meeting guests from all over the world in the community in the other colorful homes during my stay.

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

Shot on my Sony A330

Tell Shelley I sent you!


3 Airbnb in Monteverde, Costa Rica: Casa Balbi

My next stop in Costa Rica involved a shuttle from La Fortuna, a boat across Lake Arenal, and a shuttle to Monteverde. Talk about an adventure in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Immersed in a cloud reserve, surrounded by animals, and hanging bridges = a whole new world. Larry, Grethen, and Diego are incredible souls. You will learn some of my experiences in my guides below.

Monteverde, Costa Rica Travel Guide Sponsored

Monteverde, Costa Rica


4 Airbnb near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Mountain Paradise

Nestled up over 900 feet above sea level is a beautiful tiny house equipped with a kitchen, dining/co-working space, bed, bathroom, and balcony with breathtakingly beautiful views. Did I mention its minutes away from Playa Matapalo and about half an hour from the world famous beaches of Manuel Antonio? Diann, the owner and Jorge, the property manager truly go above and beyond in every way.

Top 10 Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Things To Do

Near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Airbnb


5 Airbnb in Escazu near San Jose, Costa Rica: Colonial Garden Home

I found Emilia's home while I was still. in Atlanta. Even though it is a private room, I knew I wanted to stay. The beautiful terrace, room, and work space along with rave reviews of the host convinced me. I ended up staying in this beautiful place over 3 weeks, and I am so glad I did. Emilia and I experienced many beautiful conversations and experiences like the Eclectic Kitchen!

Airbnb near San Jose, Costa Rica



I spent about a month and a half in Guatemala in Antigua, San Marcos de Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna, and Guatemala City in 4 Airbnbs.

6 Airbnb in Antigua, Guatemala: Historical Home

The home, the courtyard, the walking distance to all the sites of Antigua will have you marveling at every turn. I spent about two weeks in Antigua including experiencing Holy Week. I loved my interactions and experiences with Dido and her mom.

Antigua, Guatemala Airbnb


7 Airbnb in San Marcos La Laguna : Glamping at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

In 2020, I found glamping at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and knew I would experience it soon. I chose it for my fasting and prayer during Easter. The breathtaking surroundings and incredible Lake Atitlan filled my soul from the outside in.

Top 10 Lake Atitlan Things to Do

Lake Atitlan Glamping Airbnb in San Marcos La Laguna


8 Airbnb in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala: Digital Nomad Chalet

During my travels in Costa Rica, I discovered this traditional Guatemalan home overlooking Lake Atitlan. The place, the host, and the views did not disappoint! I spent a month at this Airbnb.

Top 10 Lake Atitlan Things to Do


9 Airbnb in Guatemala, City: Beautiful Home

I found a beautiful room with breakfast included, a home gym outdoors, and a beautiful garden. The hosts, Claudia and Rodrigo's family are warm and inviting in every way. The breakfast absolutely delicious!



Although I loved each and every experience and home, I started craving stability all in one place. After experiencing 8 homes in less than five months, I decided to spend the next 3+ months in Mexico. My longest stay of 2021 was in Tulum, Mexico. During my time in Mexico, I traveled to Bacalar, Valladolid, and Mexico City.

10 Airbnb in Tulum, Mexico: Mayan Jungle Cabana

A Perfect 10! The Mayan Jungle Cabana in Tulum along with a dream host, Diana blessed me beyond measure. The serenity, surroundings, and proximity to Tulum, while still being away from the tourist zone is exactly what I needed. I stayed here 3+ months!


11 Airbnb in Mexico City, Mexico: Compact Loft

This adorable loft is in La Reforma neighborhood in Mexico City with a rooftop space and jacuzzi. I stayed here for one night when I traded my Apple Computer at the Mac Store.

Top 10 Mexico City Things to Do

Airbnb Loft in Mexico City


12 Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: Bamboo Room Near Lagoon

I found myself in Bacalar, Mexico with a digital marketing project. When the project time line shifted, I decided to stay in beautiful Bacalar longer. The bamboo private room on the top floor of a home offers a beautiful space steps away from the lagoon. It is a about 10-15 min or so driving from town.



13 Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: Tiny Home

Although I loved my bamboo room in Bacalar, I wanted to be closer to town to be able to walk daily to nature, lagoon, and Cenotes. As a result, for the rest of my time in Bacalar, Mexico, I stayed closer to town.

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico Tiny Home


14 Airbnb in Valladolid, Mexico: Pink House

If you didn't know, I love pink. The first house on the Airbnb list likely gave it away. When I found this hot pink house in Valladolid, Mexico, I knew I wanted to stay at Pablos and Anitas adorable house. I visited Valladolid for the first time in 2019 on a hosted Airbnb Adventure for two days. I knew I would be back.

Airbnb in Valladolid, Mexico: Pink House


15 Airbnb in Cancun, Mexico: Private Room with Pool near Airport

When I realized the earliest bus from Valladolid to Cancun might cause me to miss my flight, I decided to go to Cancun the night before and stay close to the airport. I found this gem with Victoria and Andrea with beautiful private rooms and restrooms and a pool! I ended up staying here two separate times in 2021 going in and out of Mexico.

Airbnb in Cancun near airport


Costa Rica

Back Again. For the third time.

16 Airbnb in San Jose, Costa Rica: Comfy Sabana Studio

I found myself traveling to Costa Rica again. This time my journey took me to the Osa Peninsula for a digital marketing project.

Airbnb in San Jose, Costa Rica

When I researched how long the travel to Osa Peninsula would be from San Jose by bus and boat to Drake Bay, I needed to stay the night before the next morning bus.


17 Airbnb in Drake Bay, Costa Rica: Casa Tuanis

When I connected with Cindy with Tropical Escapade for the digital marketing project, I ended up having an opportunity to snorkel at Cano Island. Since Cano Island is near Drake Bay, I ended up staying 1 night in Drake Bay before leaving for Puerto Jimenez after my snorkeling trip. I found Casa Tuanis in the center of Drake Bay with Jamaica, a kind and welcoming host.

Airbnb in Drake Bay, Costa Rica


El Salvador

El Salvador surprised me in every way. When I left to travel to 7 continents, I never imagined El Salvador in 2021. It ended up coming up with a press trip to Honduras. When I realized I would need to travel through El Salvador, I decided to spend a week in El Salvador.

18 Airbnb in El Salvador: Treehouse at El Tunco Beach

Finding a treehouse in El Salvador with beach views is a dream come true. Staying a few nights at Casa de La Folie reawakened a serenity in my soul. I could hear the waves of the ocean from my room.

Truly one of a kind experience. I would relive it over and over.

Top 10 El Salvador Things to Do

El Salvador TreeHouse Airbnb


19 Airbnb in El Salvador: Casa Castellanos

The warmth, love, and hospitality of this place is incredible. From the moment I connected with Gloria, I knew I would be in good hands.

Top 10 El Salvador Things to Do

San Salvador, El Salvador Stay Airbnb

I loved being surrounded by the art of Fernando Llort, working at a beautiful

desk space, comfortable bed, and my mornings and working in the garden. Gloria and I enjoyed beautiful conversations and connections.



The Jewel of the Caribbean fascinated me in every way. Honduras astounded me with my local experiences in Ocotepeque, Honduras with a press trip, recycled containers in San Pedro Sula, and birthday adventures and freediving in Roatan at the West Bay.

20 Airbnb in San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Recycled Containers

When I saw recycled containers for the first time on Airbnb, I knew I wanted to stay on my way to Roatan. I thought I would stay a few days before and after and leave Honduras. I ended up staying a month total with a few days before my Roatan trip and 4 weeks after to work on a digital marketing and a press trip,

Gabriel and Veronica go above and beyond in every way offering VeGa Community with stays, experiences, and sustainability including recycled containers and a tiny house in Honduras.

Top 10 Honduras Things to Do

Recycled Containers in Honduras Airbnb


21 Airbnb in Roatan, Honduras: Posada Arcoiris West End

For my birthday, I knew I wanted to go freediving in Roatan. I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the water. i found Posada Arcoiris at the West End. The surroundings and space exceeded every potential expectation. I enjoyed interacting with Karolina, who is originally from Poland too!

Top 10 Honduras Things to Do

Roatan Honduras West End Stay Airbnb


22 Airbnb in San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Tiny Home

I ended up staying with VeGa Community with both their recycled containers and tiny home! Their community is great for short and long term stays, birthdays and bachelorette parties, and groups. I highly recommend to experience sustainable living.

Honduras Tiny Home



I found myself back in Mexico City for digital marketing project that ended up cancelling due to my computer screen issues. I ended up enjoying Mexico City. The direction my path took surprised me with going to USA sooner not just to fix my screen with my computer. I ended up spending lots of time with close friends in Houston and Atlanta, and visiting Transformation Church.

23 Airbnb in Mexico City, Mexico: Lofty Haven Two Story

I have these thing with lofts in case you haven't figured it out yet. This year has given me such ideas for simpler, tinier, and sustainable living. The Lofty Haven is no exception. One of the owners, Veronica actually designed the two story loft! I stayed 2-3 weeks. Sarah and Veronica, the owners are incredibly nice and flexible. They often invited me on adventures. I loved trying local food and walking their sweet dog, Bimba.


24 Airbnb in Cancun, Mexico: Pool Haven near Airport

In reviewing travel options, I found it made more sense to go from Mexico City to Cancun. I ended up having a free flight with Southwest to Houston, TX. With the flight times, I needed to spend the night in Cancun.



Returning to USA found me first in Houston, Texas visiting my close friend, Angela and her girls. I loved spending Thanksgiving with her and her family. Within a few days, Apple fixed my computer screen issue. After my trip to Houston, I visited Oklahoma and Atlanta, Georgia. I prayed and aligned things to visit Transformation Church for first time physically and for the Crazy Faith offering.

With my visit in Atlanta, GA, I stayed with two good friends for 1 week each. I now find myself in an Airbnb, and deciding if Atlanta will be my base again now or later, and if I continue to travel full-time now or shift to part-time. What is on my heart is prioritizing purpose over pleasure. Yes, both may be included within the same scenarios. At the same time, sometimes when you heighten priorities you find things become clearer.

25 Airbnb in Jenks, Oklahoma: Private Room in Home

This community type co-living space is a perfect way to sometimes interact with like-minded people and/or find more budget friendly places.

I stayed 2 nights visiting Transformation Church in Tulsa. Fun Fact: I once lived in Owasso and worked for ConocoPhillips!

25 Airbnbs All Around the World

When I cast the 2021 vision for the year, I didn't imagine 25 places all around the world. At the same time, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Each and every destination, place, and host gifted and taught me something. This doesn't include the places, projects, and people I stayed with bringing my stays to over 30 vs. 1 in 2021. Talk about transformation.

As I am outlining the 2022 vision, I am thinking of priorities and purpose vs. pleasure. I. have learned obedience is better than sacrifice. When you think of short and long-term vision, your decisions may change. Give yourself the freedom to do so. I am praying and evaluating having a base in Atlanta sooner than I thought, increasing focus on community locally, and slower and/or part-time travel.

Out of the countries in Central America, which would you visit first? Which of the Airbnbs would you love to stay at? Would you go solo or who would you bring with you?


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