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Travel to 7 Continents: Insights into the Global Adventures

While I may not be the first woman to travel to 7 Continents and/or 196 countries, there aren't many of us. You may have heard of Lexie Alford, Cassie De Pecol, and Melissa Roy who have traveled to 7 Continents and 196 countries including Guinness World Records along some of their journeys.

Whether your dream is in traveling globally to 7 Continents or not, it takes a vision, faith, and action. By the time I was 2 years old, I had already traveled to 4+ countries. In 2017, I reached traveling to 27 countries ranging from India to countries in Central America like Costa Rica and everything in between including hosting global transformational retreats.

In 2014, I started to pray, envision and write down traveling to 7 Continents regularly. As I started transformation from the inside out step by step, I shifted how I created a life and business I love long before 2020 and the pandemic.

As the dream and reality got clearer and clearer, I thought I would do 7 Continents in 7 Months during 21-22. As 2020 continued on, I began to change my mind looking at the practical realities around me. In addition, with my lease coming up for renewal in January 2021, it provided me with an easy option to embrace location freedom as a digital nomad sooner than I thought.

I increased the focus and frequency of my leaps of faith in deciding to leave Atlanta, GA in 2020 for 2+ years to Travel to 7 Continents. Insights into my global adventures include 7 Continents, living abroad, and making money online and live globally.

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7 Continents Travel

Some women who travel to 7 Continents and/or all 196 countries choose to do it for the experience, transformation,