• Katrina Julia

2021 Vision: A Year Ahead

Well 2020 #thatsawrap. Anyone else grateful for 2020, and at the same grateful it. is.over.

Can I get an Amen? I feel like 2020 was a decade wrapped up all in one year.

I am guessing if you found your way here, you are a side-hustler, creator/entrepreneur, and/or work in wellness, media, business, and travel with a community or brand. Basically, I am convinced you are a goal getter.

While my 2020 Vision: A Year Ahead did not exactly pan out in any area, there were a lot of shifts in every direction. For example, I did not hit my goal of a minimum four new countries in 2020, but I am accelerating my global travel & 7 Continents starting in 2020 vs. 2021.

You will love my 2021 Vision: A Year Ahead. My framework for vision and goal setting compared to 2020 has definitely shifted. My confidence, clarity and community has shifted in every way. Primarily, this has to do with my faith in God.

Secondarily, in increased investments in communities like Achieving Optimal with Tommy Newberry, Unstoppable Year with Bethany Hamilton (Yes the Soul Surfer) and her husband, and virtual communities and events with Herbalife Global Nutrition, Lifeway, and Transformation Church to name a few.

Last, but definitely not least, in 2020 I took massive leaps of faith in the midst of chaos, confusion, and crazy circumstances. These built upon seeds planted throughout my entire life, as well as massive transformation from the inside out exponentially 2011-2019 from the time I chose to pursue purity before marriage, left corporate America, lost over 55 lbs and kept it of, and aligned to incredible communities in wellness, business, and travel to name a few life changing things.

Someone pinch me. I. just. set. my 2021 Vision sitting by the pool at Dragon Fly Properties in Costa Rica at my Airbnb.

You found the right place.

You are on your path.

Let's #createit your 2021 Vision Ahead.

Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb
Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb

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