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2021 Vision: A Year Ahead

Well 2020 #thatsawrap. Anyone else grateful for 2020, and at the same grateful it. is.over.

Can I get an Amen? I feel like 2020 was a decade wrapped up all in one year.

I am guessing if you found your way here, you are a side-hustler, creator/entrepreneur, and/or work in wellness, media, business, and travel with a community or brand. Basically, I am convinced you are a goal getter.

While my 2020 Vision: A Year Ahead did not exactly pan out in any area, there were a lot of shifts in every direction. For example, I did not hit my goal of a minimum four new countries in 2020, but I am accelerating my global travel & 7 Continents starting in 2020 vs. 2021.

You will love my 2021 Vision: A Year Ahead. My framework for vision and goal setting compared to 2020 has definitely shifted. My confidence, clarity and community has shifted in every way. Primarily, this has to do with my faith in God.

Secondarily, in increased investments in communities like Achieving Optimal with Tommy Newberry, Unstoppable Year with Bethany Hamilton (Yes the Soul Surfer) and her husband, and virtual communities and events with Herbalife Global Nutrition, Lifeway, and Transformation Church to name a few.

Last, but definitely not least, in 2020 I took massive leaps of faith in the midst of chaos, confusion, and crazy circumstances. These built upon seeds planted throughout my entire life, as well as massive transformation from the inside out exponentially 2011-2019 from the time I chose to pursue purity before marriage, left corporate America, lost over 55 lbs and kept it of, and aligned to incredible communities in wellness, business, and travel to name a few life changing things.

Someone pinch me. I. just. set. my 2021 Vision sitting by the pool at Dragon Fly Properties in Costa Rica at my Airbnb.

You found the right place.

You are on your path.

Let's #createit your 2021 Vision Ahead.

Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb
Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb

Healthy Travel always and Herbalife Global Nutrition with me (and the Sunscreen!)

Shake, Tea, Tabs done this am!

Spoiler Alert: I will help you simplify health, wealth, business so that you create a life and business you love simpler and faster than you thought possible.

Maybe you've used learned from various teachers, coaches and guides like me. Perhaps, you've invested in various planners like me. I've learned from Strategic Coach, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Garrain Jones, Celeste Richmond, and Rachel Hollis to name a few.

I've tuned in to find my own path and create a life and business I love. Some you will find are from or influenced by them. Others are created by me with divine direction.

For the last 4+ years, I set prayerful time to reflect on the year finishing in gratitude, and cast a vision for the upcoming year aligned to my life legacy. This year included writing down 10 Things to Be Grateful for in 2020.

This helped set up the vision for 2021. To start the New Year, I created and clarified by 2020 vision for the New Year and decade. For 2020, I aligned my 10 goals with a 3 X 7 approach tied to my 90 day plan. This year I shifted it to a vision framework and goal setting approach.

Proverbs 29:18 Without vision, people perish.

In 2020, I've grown in being filled with light and love (my #1 Item on 2020 Vision). Did it look like anything I imagined? Absolutely not. Did it help me become who I am created and meant to be? Absolutely.

Vision Framework: Part 1 & 2

Similar to last year, I will share insights into 7 Steps to Success including highlights on health, love, creating a life, business, community I love, and travel. The priorities, focus and execution is different based on my faith, personal development and execution in 2020.

By following a strategy, structure, systems and accountability you will reach 10x, 20x, infinity x beyond what you ever imagined with your vision and freedom in life.

It's time for you to create a 2021 Vision: A Year Ahead to create a life and business you love.

2021 Vision Insights

I love vision, goals, and creating. I align passion, purpose, people, and profits to legacy, as well as annual, monthly and daily goals. This alone has been quite a journey along with transformation of going from corporate to calling.

I want you to get one thing. Nothing happens overnight. It is not instant. Transformation Takes Time. The bigger your vision, the more obstacles and resistance you must overcome. I say must because the strength is required for you to withstand the levels of responsibility in leadership you will need. I experienced this years ago getting to the corporate executive level.

However, once God blew my vision up in every way, the climb with calling, purpose, and entrepreneurship became more like a climb up Mount Everest testing every fiber of my spirit, soul, mind and strength.

I will not be that girl that tells you anything happened overnight, or you will for sure reach 6 figures in 6 months (you might - I am not saying you won't), or that you will be handed everything. Every fear, every item I have ever given power to, and every thing I once judged myself and others for has been put to the test.

The bottom line is. you get to flow and fight for your freedom. Sometimes it's one or the other sometimes it's both in the same moment. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say without God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit I would not be here.

Casting and creating a vision is not a one time affair. It is a daily exercise sometimes still, sometimes slow, and sometimes fast. 7 Ways to Win the Day as an Entrepreneur will help you too.

In goal setting, I pay particularly close attention to my morning routine, actions, and results. I integrate my passions and purpose in seven areas of life. and stay flexible for surprises. This includes seven steps to success. The areas include spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, playful, financial, and financial.

In 2016, I realized I was my happiest when I was making forward movement in every area of life. At the same time, I recognized that there are periods of intense focus in an area to impact it massively.

My focus for 2020-2021 has grown further with creating a life and business I love with community, reaching President's Team in Herbalife Global Nutrition, giving >$400,000, and becoming debt free. While I did not reach these goals in 2020, I kept firm in faith and fighting for freedom by moving forward no matter what the results. I did constantly assess, reflect, and apply.

The last year and last seven years have been a humbling experience to say the least. I've grown closer to our Creator more than I ever imagined.

I am a freedom fighter to create what I love and help you #createit too.

2021: A Year Ahead

In 2020, I spent the first several days creating and writing my vision for the year and decade. I started the 10/10/1 practice I learned from Rachel Hollis. I dedicated 4+ hours to go to Target and get the 2020 Vision journal and outline my year and decade. I celebrated myself for taking prayerful and aligned action. I considered what sets my soul on fire.

This year, I outlined the vision in October - December 2020, and spent about an hour today outlining the direction while maintaining freedom and flexibility at every turn.

Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb
Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb

Canon EOS M100

Let's get into the Vision for 2020 & Beyond.

Vision Framework: Part 1

Seven Steps to Success

Part 1 of the Vision Framework is the Seven Steps with Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Playful, Physical, and Financial. I like to focus on 1-3 things in each area. I call it my 3X7 Approach.


Girl, You Are Going to Change the World

The journal I got this year has this on the front to remind me every single time I look at it and write in it daily.

I remind myself I am a beautiful wonderful child of God. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. That I am being and becoming an Ephesians 1-2, Psalms 139, and Proverbs 31 woman filled with fruits and gifts of the spirit. I pray daily for freedom in thought, word and deed. It is my desire to live a life full of purpose and joy.

I've learned that if I don't put first things first in all aspects of life that I am nowhere near my passion, purpose and potential. I take action on this daily during my morning and evening routines with prayer, Bible reading, journaling to name a few of my practices.

Fave verses

Proverbs 31

Romans 12:2

Gal 5:22

Gal 5:1

Phil 4:8

Isa 61:3


My goals for my mental state are to increase in strength and resilience with increased journaling, nature and quiet time, and fasting quarterly during the first month of each year for 3 days.

Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb
Dragon Fly Properties Costa Rica via Airbnb


Emotional ties readily to mental with the caveat of increased adventure, travel and community in 2021.


2021 is already drastically different than 2020 to say the least. I started 2020 in Atlanta after coming back from Bulgaria on Dec 29 from Christmas with family. I stayed in Atlanta over 95% of 2020, and saw friends about 5% of the year in real life.

Here I am in Costa Rica with adventure coming up here in La Fortuna, Monteverde, and either Nosara, Punta Uva, or Manuel Antonio. After Costa Rica, I am headed to Nicaragua for likely 3 months, and then Mexico for 3-6 months. At the same time, anything and everything is subject to change so keep following along to see how the adventure unfolds.

This leads me to the rest of my vision which includes physical, relational, and financial goals with the Seven Steps to Success.



Take care of your body, it's the only place you live - Jim Rohn

My second goal is to be in the best shape of my life...again. Like other's have for me, I love showing what's possible at any age (I am 42 years young and say often I am ageless or eternally 25).

In 2013-2014, after a ton of instability for years,I lost over 55 lbs with the help of Herbalife Nutrition, healthy habits, and meal bags. I started competing in fitness shows in 2014 as well with Team Edge and the National Physique Committee. I've competed in 3 shows and now placed Top 5 twice.

I love how I feel being healthy all the time. It's incredible how consistently weight training, dancing and practicing yoga impact my mood and body. It's amazing to see my spirit, soul, mind and body consistently transform. I am so proud of myself for now being sober 6+ years, not eating sweets, and most importantly helping others with healthy habits.

My daily practices include healthy habits like drinking water, Herbalife Nutrition shakes and supplements, and following a protein/complex carb/healthy fat nutrient approach. For transformation tools, visit my freebies library.

In 2020, this shifted a ton with workouts with Peloton and Steezy, and nature time. This year it will shift again with adventures to places like La Fortuna Waterfall and climbing 400+ steps just to get down!

This aligns to the physical goals.

Fave verses

1 Cor 6:19

Daniel 1:8-14



Best Friends, Partners in Purpose, and Passion Partners with Love of my Life

I shared insights on this in last year's post on 2020 Vision.This year I feel like part of my focus is to fully fall in love with who God is, and who I am, and who I am created to be. With that being said, to be ready for love.

This aligns to the relational goals, as well as community below.

Fave verses

Ruth - entire book

1 Cor 13:13

1 Cor 13:7

Prov 3:5

Eph 5:24

1 Pet 3:1


Vision Framework Part 2

The relational and financial goals are part of the Seven Steps to Success. At the same time, I felt like the Financial and aligned community goals needed a bit more focus this year.

As a result, I broke it out into Part 2 for Your Vision Framework.

Creating a Life, Business & Community I Love

Last year, I went for the hairy and audacious goal of I am Creating a Life & Business I Love with Community I Love:As President's Team with Herbalife, Giving >$400,000, and Debt Free. While I didn't hit it, it caused me to take massive leaps of faith and action.

Through focus and coaching this year, I began to further identify priorities, impacts, and daily and monthly progress.


I am creating a life, business and community I love. I am receiving $3,000 - $25,000 daily-weekly-monthly easily for wellness, media, online & travel with incredible community. I am DAP, Supervisor and World Team with Herbalife.

Top Three Priorities

Community: sources, propose, and scale

Creators: courses, mgmt

Creatives: media, series, books

Close 3-7 daily-weekly-monthly

Creation & Execution

1 Launches & Focus

2 Community & Travel & Retreats

3 Courses & Summit

4 Influencer Mgmt, Lifestyle Brand, & Retreat Course

5 Scale with Automation and Delegation

This means by the end of 2021 I will have completed focus projects and progress in each of these areas as outlined in the Super Focus above, and more detail below.


This includes areas across my Create 7 with media, series, launches, projects, community, scaling, and online.


Launches will include the community outreach with brand projects ongoing,

CREATEIT Summit and Mastermind every quarter,

aligned media and series with the blog, show and social,

Lifestyle Brand and Retreat course, and book completions.


I realized how important aligned community to my and our values with our mission and vision are. That is one of the reasons Why I am Leaving Atlanta in 2020 for 1-2 years. This goes for both online and live. If you want to #CREATEIT with me and us live, definitely check out our live workshops, retreats, and transformational retreats with 7 Continents experiences coming up 21-22.

This includes the added parts for relational.


You may imagine with all the increase in play and travel, this impacts my energy exponentially for creation and execution with content from every angle. This year you will see an increase in media, series, and social in all the destinations in Central and South America.

In addition, I will finish my book From Pain to Purpose (I am currently on part 4 of 7), as well as How Passion Plus Purpose = Profits and either self-publish or have an agent publish. My goal is to be a New York Times Best Seller in the next 3 years or less. Even if it doesn't happen by that time, I am not quitting.

In addition, I am outlining books I will write in 2022 on Faith, Travel, and Creating.


My focus and goal in Jan-March is to clear my camera and phone and upload all existing content to the Mastermind, Summit, and portions to YouTube. Speaking of which, I get a ton of help on all this.


In 2020, I massively increased delegation with virtual assistants with business development, social media, and research with over 50+ tasks. In Automate and Scale Your Business Like a Boss, I share a ton.


I and we were already online long before 2020. However, in 2020 it increased of course with online courses, CREATEIT Summit, and community expert role with Wanderful to name a few.

In 2021, it will continue to grow with updates in the Creation Club Masterminds, CREATEIT Summit launching every quarter with goals of 6+ figures, and creating and launching How to Create & Launch a Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss in 90 Days or Less & How to Create & Launch a Retreat.


One of the things I learned from Rachel Hollis includes outlining what you will create and market each year. The launch section outlines what I will market.

The creation portions for this year include new Lifestyle Brand and Retreat course, updates to Creation Club Mastermind and Summit, and media and series. Boom Done.

Fave verses

Deut 8:18

Jer 29:11

Prov 18:21

James 2:14-26

2021 Vision

What exactly the future holds, no one knows. 2020 has definitely taught us all that humbling us in the process. I have not abandoned the vision of CREATEIT Center and World, and giving at all like I shared in the 2020 Vision.

It all is taking a different form for now as I am becoming a limitless global girl and a digital nomad until near the end of 2022.

Choose to create, transform and inspire.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on creating your 2021 vision?

If you love this post, you will love 2020 Vision.


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