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  • Katrina Julia

My Transformation from the Inside Out

Each and every one of us has a story. Our perspective is powerful. What is even more astounding is the choice to turn pain to purpose. There are many things we are proud of, and some that we are not so proud of. In any given moment, we have the ability to transform.

You can make different choices in your faith, wellness, community, business and travel. I've learned transformation from the inside out lasts. When you rewrite and rewire your beliefs to truth, your feelings, and your actions in every area of life, everything changes.

All you have to do is look around at how many of us gravitate towards misalignment and self-sabotage. Many of us, myself included for years, are like a car with a flat tire, no gas, and in need of an oil change and new breaks.

We are running on fumes - overwhelmingly unhealthy, misaligned to purpose, focused on lack, and without a community. Yet, we do the same thing over and over and expect a different result - the definition of insanity.

My transformation from the inside out started in 2010, and continues day by day. If I transformed from the inside out in every area of life and continue to, so can you.

Transformation Themes of My Life

Fear to Faith, Devaluing to Purity, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, Lies to Love, Pain to Purpose, and Bondage to Freedom. are the themes of my transformation.

I’ve walked through transformation from spiritual to financial. I will not tell you it has been easy or overnight, because it hasn't. It has taken faith, focus, and a fight. It's choosing to challenge myself to alignment on a day by day basis.

As I have transformed every area of my life focusing on faith, purity, love, calling, purpose and freedom, I have been amazed at what God and I may co-create. My transformation leads me to align to passion to purpose, and then to people and profits.

This includes choosing purity before marriage in 2010, losing >55 lbs 2013-2014 and keeping it off, creating a life and business I love with community, and a focus on freedom. Disclaimer avg person who uses Herbalife loses average of .5 to 1 lb a week with healthy active lifestyle..

The choices I make daily are challenged in these areas on my journey to reaching my full God-Given potential. I am driven by progress in what I call the Seven Steps to Success daily along with my 90 Day Plan. My soul and spirit come alive with freedom in expression, time, location and community.

Photo Credit: Photos by Brock Atlanta

Fear to Faith

As I have focused daily on shifting from fear to faith extensively since 2010 and continue to, it amazes me what I used to accept as normal. What many of us do. Our default is often fear, lack, control, depression, anxiety, and the worst case scenario. Look around at what those choices cause globally.

I made a decision in 2010, I would no longer live in the default, or anything close to it. One of my favorite scriptures is

1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out ALL Fear.

What is really interesting is for years I experienced high-highs and low lows. I think many relate.

How about you?

My life is an adventure from the start! I was in over 4 countries by the time I was two. I am conceived in Bulgaria, born in Poland, and lived in a refugee camp in Italy by the time I was 1 years old. We immigrated the USA by the time I was two.

Some of my favorite adventures include scuba diving in Egypt and Jamaica and swimming with dolphins. I love new adventures. I love to expose people to travel and that’s why we host retreats as well.

Daily Challenges

I challenge myself daily and ask myself am I living in faith or fear? From a practical level, this has involved getting closer to God, spending more time with Him and in His word and in silence. This has involved time in prayer, reading the Bible, church, community groups, Bible studies, worship music, and journaling.

None of this has come over night. I continue to fight the good fight of faith. Yes, I am human. Yes, I feel pain. I may take a moment, ultimately though I heal and push past pain and fear.

Practical Journey

A few years ago, I made the choice to see a spiritual counselor as well including EMDR treatment for trauma. Some of you may or may not know, I experienced domestic violence in my late teens to early 20's. I buried the pain for years before I allowed it to come out for the Spirit and myself to work on all the pain,

In 2010, I began to see the beliefs I formed in childhood and my teenage years that were driving many of my self-sabotaging behaviors. Over years, I attended countless events beyond church for my faith focus including silent retreats, Dani Johnson events and more.

In 2019, I felt compelled to start waking up at 5 am regularly, and reading the Bible straight through as part of my routine for the rest of my life. I wrote my first Bible study earlier this year on Fear to Faith: a 40 Day Devotional as well. My point is it is a process. It requires faith and focus. It is a daily practice to shift from fear to faith.

Every single day, I feel shifts in fear to faith including worthiness, identity and value. I observe what is happening and decide if at that moment, I am feeling pulled to take more action or to give myself more compassion and go to the park, take a walk, or simply cry and release something.

I've found the journey of fear to faith involves forgiving others, forgiving yourself, and trusting God. I find I feel like an onion sometimes with layers to unravel and/or put back together. It's about creating a firm foundation in faith. It is both a daily discipline and a journey of a lifetime.

On my Canon EOS my fellow community leader, Dominique in San Diego at Holbox Island on our Airbnb Adventure.


Devaluing to Purity

When I look back in my life, I see so many ways I devalued myself and allowed others to. If we devalue ourselves or find our value in only the external, it is easy to allow others to devalue us. This impacts you in health, wealth, business, community, and freedom.

I easily see now because I didn't value or see myself as worthy, I ran over myself in every area of life. It is easy to see why I didn't value myself as a lady worthy of being pursued and a deeply loving relationship, why I overworked and found my worth i work, and why I abused my body and was >55 lbs heavier among other examples.

I repeat to myself daily I am statements now out loud alphabetically. I meditate. I go to nature. I eat healthy. I workout 5+ times a week. I go on trips by myself, and so may more ways I show myself love and purify myself from what the world says about us sometimes.

Keep in mind, many in the world will solely judge you on appearance, status, and money. However, when you find your worth in the one who created you, and create from that deep love everything changes. Step by step, as you heal everything transforms from the inside out.

I have learned anything external is temporary, shaky, and meaningless. When I look back how much importance I placed years ago on solely the external, I am amazed. When you deeply value yourself, it translates both into your behaviors and how you treat others and who is in your community.

I am deeply grateful for my own transformation, and our community that feels like friends in so many ways whether on social media, our blog, podcast, courses, events, collabs, and brands.

I believe in speaking life over your life in every area of your life.

The power of life and death is in the tongue those who love it will bear fruit. Proverbs 18:21

I often say things out loud like “I am limitless, I am resilient, and I am priceless. I am leading myself and others to transformation and inspiration”. This came to me during a meditation years ago.

I regularly say "I am rich beyond belief". I also say things like "My work is of high, high service and worthy of massive compensation, which I learned from Amanda Frances.

If I shifted from devaluing to purity, so can you.

It isn’t easy. It is worth it.

Photo Credit: Authentic Photo Designs - Christy, a Community Leader with Airbnb, from Nashville

Self Hate to Love

There are so many ways we may express self hate to ourselves. Our behaviors will often tell us a lot about how we feel about ourselves. As I shared my story earlier, it is easy to see how I didn't love myself.

I didn't feed my spirit or soul with nourishing things. I simply did what I saw many others do. I consumed unhealthy food, drank alcohol excessively way too many times putting myself in real danger, and I allowed myself to be in an abusive relationship as well as other relational self-sabotaging behaviors for years.

I wasn't taught how important it is to love yourself first so you can love others. I find it interesting how clearly it is outlined below about loving God, and loving your neighbor as yourself yet people focus on the love your neighbor part the most.

Hello - how could you or I possibly give something we don't have, know, or understand on our own?

Mark 12:30-31

30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[