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5 Ways to Grow Your Faith

2020 feels like 10 years wrapped up all in one. Do you feel like you have grown a decade from the inside out in 2020? In the midst of the unknown and circumstances, do you feel like your faith has grown?

I know I do. I feel like my faith grew this year 10x. I dedicated much more time to my faith than ever this year. Five Ways to Grow Your Faith will give you insights into prayer, walks and meditations in nature, Bible Studies, virtual events, and aligned actions for your life. I see and feel transformation daily myself. I know you will too.

Grow Your Faith

Growing your faith is easier said than done. The 5 Ways to Grow Your Faith are no more or less important than one another. Each and every one has helped me grow my faith.

I marvel at how my prayer life has changed both on the offensive and defensive side. 2020 increased my time in nature with walks and meditations exponentially. All of the increased time at home allowed more time for pouring into Bible Studies with teachers I love.

I didn't let the current environment or circumstances stop me from growing by attending virtual events. I increased my accountability in aligning actions to what I want to create with my life, community and business.

1 Prayer Matters

I started this year by increasing my prayer through a fast in January, April, September and November. I finished the Bible for the second time this year, and Psalms and Proverbs both increased my intensity for prayer. Not only that, but a number of circumstances in life and studies I will share compelled me to pray.

My prayer life changed this year by praying gratitude for what God has done and reminding me of victories in the past. In addition, I increased my focus on defensive prayer with warfare and related books and studies. My specificity increased in prayer as well.

I felt led to pray for you and our world earlier this year along with creating Bible Studies too.


2 Nature Time

Many of us found a new found love for parks and nature this year. I am no different. Chastain Park is about 2 miles from my house. In March - November, I found myself walking the 4 mile round trip 3+ times a week.

What especially drew me is the stream and sound of running water in the middle of the park. I loved to sit, meditate, read and pray for hours on the rock by the stream or swing on the swings. Each and every time after my walk and visit, I felt like a new woman.


3 Bible Studies

20/20 Vision study by Christine Caine was the first study I did this year. This led to doing a number of studies on Lifeway with their free studies from March - June. I felt particularly drawn to Trustworthy by Lysa Terkeurst and finished that one.

Armor of God Study by Priscilla Shirer with a focus on prayers on the Armor of God (Ephesians 6) drew me in so much so that I did it twice. The second time I did the study with my friend Priscilla.

Most recently, I am completing David Study by Beth Moore as the year ends. With each and every study, I felt myself grow in faith, hope and love.

There are many circumstances I am now dealing with that years ago would have unsettled or riddled me with anxiety and/or depression, yet I feel the peace of God which surpasses all understanding surrounding me supernaturally daily.


4 Virtual Events

In 2020, I have a new found gratitude and appreciation for virtual events more than ever. I attended Lifeway woman events online twice this year. In addition, I attended Priscilla Shirer and Anthony Evan's Fervent event on prayer. I loved Woman Thou Art Loosed with TD Jakes & a number of guest teachers.

Although I didn't attend live, these transformation events online came at pivotal times to uplift, encourage, and strengthen me in priceless ways.


5 Actions Aligned

I increased my aligned actions both in quality and quantity to creating a life, community and business I love in every way. This included increasing online education like with our CREATEIT Summit, and online courses. Our blog and show grew to over 300 episodes! The community grew exponentially online with media, wellness, business and travel.

Freeing up my time with automation and delegation grew exponentially. My total actions this year exceeded 2019 by over 5 months. Essentially, the work completed equated almost a year and a half of my work compared to last year. I track my actions via Focus Matrix and ClickUp. I share behind the scenes and how to #CREATEIT in all of our online courses.

I felt my self hate to self love increase in countless ways and saw the results or fruit of those efforts in numerous ways.


Your Faith

5 Ways to Grow Your Faith may help you with your faith with prayer, nature, studies, events and actions for the future. Perhaps, 2020 you grew in your faith. There is always more ways for us to grow.

Which of these ways resonated with you the most to grow your faith? If you loved this, you will love my preview of Self Hate to Love study.


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