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7 Reasons to Attend Transformation Events

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

In today's digital world, you have likely run across mention of transformation events. You may regularly attend workshops and personal development events like I do. I've always loved to learn. It started with reading extensively as a child and even teaching my stuffed animals.

It continued all through school including undergrad, grad and certifications. As an entrepreneur, like many of us I recognized there were many skills I wanted and needed to learn. Call it an "entrepreneurship degree lol".

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I seek daily wisdom from our Creator, read Success is Not an Accident and Joy Principle 4:8, I write down gratitude and goals daily twice daily. I choose to invest in events regularly as well. I believe there is nothing like a live event. I've attended events with Strategic Coach, Dani Johnson, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Brendon Burchard to name a few.


Most recently, I attended Herbalife Global Nutrition's Super Bowl event in New Orleans in July. If you didn't know, Herbalife Global Nutrition is in >95 countries for >35 years. Herbalife is the #1 Nutrition Company, #1 Meal Replacement, and sponsors top athletes like Cristiano Renaldo (#1 Soccer Player in the World. )

You may or may not be aware that network marketing is over a century old business model. Like any business, it involves persistence and patience. Did you know 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first two years? Whether it's being an entrepreneur, coach, and/or building a brand it requires desire, drive, and determination.

In comparison to many other businesses and events, network marketing offers a lower investment to both start or buy-in, as well as for events. For example, our typical meetings to attend monthly are free for first time guests, and about $25 after that depending on the city, state and country.

Extravaganza which was >30,000 of us this year is for distributors, also known as business builders and entrepreneurs, early bird is $75 for Friday - Sunday. We do get 2 tickets (subject to availability) to invite guests for Friday night only. They then decide if they would like to attend at a special price.

I don't know about you, but I have not attended weekend long events for $75 before with personal development, workshops and leadership. Any of the events I listed above that I invested in are all well above $75.

The experience and the value of each extravaganza is mind blowing. Our next one. is in San Antonio in 2020 for North America. If you would love to learn more, feel free to register at the meal plan via freebies and/or email.

There are several reasons to attend Transformation Events. With every event I have ever attended, I have grown exponentially as a person, creator and CEO. There is no way, shape or form my transformation from the inside out would exist without them. Similarly, this blog, podcast, courses, and transformational hands-on all-inclusive events we host would not either.

Whether you are new to transformation events or an event regular, these seven reasons will remind you why they are important. Here's 7 Reasons to Attend Transformation Events.

7 Reasons to Attend Transformation Events

I'm sharing 7 reasons to attend transformation events. You will learn how to set yourself up powerfully for any live transformation event you attend. These reasons will help you whether

you are thinking about Herbalife Global Nutrition, personal development, and live events in general.

You want to get the most of any live event you attend. You want time, location, and financial freedom like the top 1% of entrepreneurs, network marketing and business owners.

You have attended events in the past, yet you want to increase your results and return on attending live transformation events. You don't know what you don't know. Perhaps, you haven't walked through what I've experienced.

Before you invest in any event, ask yourself why you are attending it. Is it truly for you and aligned timing? Have you set an intention for what you want from the event? Do you know your end goal 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after the event? Are you holding yourself accountable? Have you set up additional layers of accountability?

Before you register for your next live event, here are 7 reasons to attend transformation events.

1. Mindset Shifts

When you attend a live event, I recommend considering setting an intention weeks before and revisiting it the day of and through out the event. Years ago, I would attend events without setting a clear intention and direction for what was next. As a result, I didn't previously receive completion, traction and results like I do now.

I first started doing this at an Extravaganza in 2017, and the break-throughs, clarity and focus to create lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship got super clear. A lot of what you see here now is a result of that. I continued to apply this at a High Performance Academy event I attended with Brendon Burchard. Afterwards, I completed our first 7 day online challenge and began to build the Creation Club online lifestyle mastermind.

Recently, when I attended the Herbalife Global Nutrition Extravaganza, I set intentions of freedom in all forms. This included every area of life - spiritual to financial. Some highlights include being and becoming a Proverbs 31 woman, being best friends, partners in purpose with the love of my life, and becoming the top % with entrepreneurship and with Herbalife Global Nutrition in the next year or less. I did this weeks before.

The day before the event started, we went to register and visited the Nutrition Expo. The day of the event, I went to a brunch with my roommate, Juliet at Brennan's in New Orleans. We wrote our intentions down again and shared them.

The result was I showed up like never before. I was a minimum of one hour early for every session. I had headphones so I didn't miss anything even when I went to the bathroom. I took notes like crazy. I applied and took action immediately when I was there.

I took photos and video highlights of the fun of the event. I completed my 90 day plan the last day of the event and sent it to one of our leaders, Garrain Jones. Since coming back, I have been getting up at 5am every day. I even started a 5am club on Telegram! The levels of faith and focus have amplified.

My morning routine at a glance includes worship music, bible reading, visualization, and writing down goals. I regularly read the Joy Principle and Success is Not an Accident as well by Tommy Newberry (reading now for 7th time in a row this year).

Mastering your mindset is the best thing you will do for yourself in anything in life. In a business where you deal with transformation it is magnified. Not only do you deal with so many people, but you deal with people in areas of health and wealth.

When I got results massively in business in prior industries, I strictly dealt with the business transformation end. It is much simpler than when you are dealing with people transformation and business at the same time, as well as your own.

Your mindset will require a new level of self-mastery for you with self-awareness, self-control, self-belief, and self-discipline to rise to new levels depending how far you want to go.

It takes an average executive 10-15 years with schooling and experience in a corporation, why would we think it is any different to get to entrepreneurship or network marketing success?

Some of us are better than others at people or relationship skills. Take a good honest look at how you relate to people. Do you make friends with people first? Are you a positive person? Do you know what people you connect with? Are you supporting their vision? Do you support their journey?

At any point in time, you may choose to put in infinity times the work to get to your next level. You are limitless. You are resilient. You are priceless. Focus on the freedom you want. You put in your work. Be nice to people. At the same time, don't let others limit you.

Tips for You:

Set Intention Before

What Do You Want from Event

How Will it Help You Execute

What Are Your Goals + Plan

For Next 90 Days - 1 Year+

2. New Place

The other thing I love when I go to live events is travel! Anyone else? I have traveled to over 25+ countries and host retreats so I am definitely a travel lover. It stimulates us to experience a new place or new time visiting somewhere you've gone before.

I intentionally chose to go to New Orleans two days before the event started so I could create content and play as well. I've been to New Orleans before 5+ times. Our family even spent Christmas there one year.

This time visiting New Orleans was very different. I was new. The last time I visited 9 years ago, it was driving through on my way to move to Atlanta for a Corporate Executive role. My mindset is now totally different. I am 55 lbs. smaller (disclaimer avg. person who uses Herbalife loses .5 to 1 a week.)

My business and life are transformed. I haven't drank alcohol for 5+ years.

I rode a street car for the first time there. I walked in French Quarter and Jackson Square during the day. I ate at Tableau and Brennan's for the first time. I visited the Garden District. It was amazing!

It was the first time I was going for a live event. I highly recommend if you can go to a. place sooner. Find something to do to play nearby. You may consider ways to create value as well when you attend events like trying new experiences, sharing on social media, and creating content.

Tips for You:

Think of Going Earlier

Make Time for Fun

Create Value

3. Get Inspired

When you attend live transformation events, you get inspired. I love to now see myself in other people's shoes. I truly believe if they did it, so can I. For example, on Day 1 with our Herbalife Global Nutrition event we have recognition night.

The company recognizes you for coming. They recognize new people. It's so much fun with music and sharing transformation stories of health, wealth and community transformation. They recognize new promotions from entry levels to the Top 1% of the company. Many of the leaders shared incredible testimonies and transformation of how their lives have changed.

Every year since I have been is incredible. This year was incredibly special. I believe it was due to my growth and intention. The company had unprecedented new records set and momentum.

Any event you attend, see yourself in the leaders or leadership shoes. Of course, you are you. Imagine though if they did whatever you want to do, you can do it too. Get inspired and stay inspired.

Many people go to an event, or event after event, and lose the inspiration. Keep inspiring yourself daily.

Tips for You:

Be in the Moment

Take in All the Inspiration

See Yourself Getting the Results

and Walking the Stage

Set Up Practices to Stay Inspired

4. Event Experience

Whether you are experiencing interactive sessions or talks on relationship skills, there is nothing like a live event experience. The energy, conversations, and skills you develop.

For example, relationship skills. Look around many of us could benefit from communication and relationship skills. I have dedicated a lot of time to this too. This is another reason to attend live events. Many include segments on communication and personal development. In addition, by simply being around people that are focused on improving their lives and businesses, we all benefit.

Reflect on how you relate to people. Do you make friends with people first? Are you listening? Do you support their vision and dreams? How are you offering value? Are you consistent and aligned in who you are in groups and individually? Does your communication to people reflect that?

Are you consistent in your follow-up? Do you know what people want? Do you genuinely care about people's results? Are you friendly, yet fun?

The better your relationship skills are, the more people will come to you. The more people come to you, the longer they stay in your community. Keep in mind you are not for everyone and everyone is not for you. This goes to relationships and to business. Trust that your people are out there and waiting for you.

These are called the basics of marketing in business. In any business, it is a funnel. As long as you are caring and consistent, trust that with time people will transition from one step to another. People will choose for themselves what they want to be as they watch. Some people will be fans, some clients, and some entrepreneurs alongside you.

Tips for You:

Ask questions

Listen to others

Support their dreams

Don't discount people

Value yourself and others

30,000 of my friends and I

5. Increase Integrity

When you go to a live event, think of how you may use the experience as a before and after. This may relate to something you learned or applied. For example, with Herbalife Global Nutrition, the first year my business grew exponentially 25X due to my massive physical transformation. Not typical, possible.

I got more in tune with who I am fully. I love health, wealth, business and travel. I have experiences in >7 industries. I want expression, time, location and financial freedom. Through all of this, FIT Life Creation was born as a lifestyle brand and platform. I love creating content, sharing stories, and education. I love hosting transformation live events.

This all aligned to me. It is a different business model than exists today within. You may imagine the steps, resistance, and transformation I got to walk through in creating this both internally and externally. Even though my path as not been as fast as some in this arena,

I stayed true to myself and how our Creator created me to be. Years ago, I would go laser fast. I realized though fast isn't always the best when you miss things, people, or run over them. I realized how painful and unpleasant this may be at both ends

So, I now move as fast as possible while slowing down when necessary and paying attention. This sometimes means unplugging for a day or 2 in a particularly growth heavy week.

When you attend a live event, think of how you may increase integrity and alignment.

Tips for you:

Increase integrity

Amplify alignment

Simplify your approach

Scale systems and team

Get New Results


6. Create Consistency

Don't simply attend a live event to attend one. It's now time to make a plan and take action consistently. I love the saying dreams don't work unless you do. Each time I am not experiencing the results I want in any area of life, I realize I get to put more faith, feeling, and focus to it.

For example, over the last 5 years I've transformed every area of life step step and continue to. Right now, I am in several deep transformational shifts in areas of love and freedom with our Creator. It's taken equal focus on faith and feeling and action. I'm sure many of you relate.

During every session of a live event, write down a minimum of 3 actions and 3 takeaways. For example, in Day 2 with our Herbalife Global Nutrition event, I realized my actions coming out of the event would be a new 90 day plan, simplifying, and increased action. I made a decision to start being part of the 5am club. I even started a group on Telegram to give value and hold myself accountable as well.

Ask yourself are you really putting in the work like the executive you say you want to be whatever your marketing plan is? The more consistent you are, the more people you share the opportunity with, the faster your results will come. Make a decision about 1-3 actions daily you will take to start in the area you most want to change.

Then, look at every area of life. For example, now for about a year consistently, I do what I call my 3X7 approach. I focus a minimum of three actions daily spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, playfully, physically and financially.

Rinse repeat. Like Jim Rohn said, 'Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. ... your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you'll make a fortune.”

Tips for you:

3 Takeaways from Each Session

3 Actions from Each Session

Complete a 90 Day Plan

Create Consistency


7. Community Accountability

When you attend events, the community and networking is amazing. It is great to connect with like-minded people. At the same time, stay present to the event. Connect with community that may add to accountability for transforming your life.

Take the plan, consistency, and create a community for accountability. For example, like something as simple as the 5 AM Telegram Group idea I shared. This was an idea that came to me the day after I left New Orleans. I asked myself "what will it take to get to the next level in my life"?

Immediately, 5am popped in my head. I immediately asked how may I be accountable? I realized if I had a group to show up to daily, this would hold me accountable. As a result, the 5am club was born.

I do my morning and night routine daily. I view my vision board daily. I write down goals now daily with dates on them tied to my vision board. I track my actions 3 X 7 daily. I make sure they are aligned to my vision. Where I am now vs. a year or 5 years ago is completely different. This is in part to live events and taking on the approach I am sharing with you to get results and return from them.

I love Day 3 of Herbalife Extravaganza it is all about leadership and personal development. For example, this year some of our leaders that were around when Herbalife started 35+ years shared on trials and tribulations. It was incredible to see where the company came from.

Tips for you:

Track your behavior

Assess results

Increase efforts

Add in Community

Stay Accountable

If you follow from this pic and video on, you may see highlights from the event.

Live Transformation Events

These are 7 reasons to attend live transformation events. Live events help you transform everything from your mindset to your accountability. There is nothing like a live event. Any of these reasons and tips will give you insight into attending your first or next live transformation event.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you want more on events, you'll love this post on how to create events.


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