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7 Ways to Create Content Easily When You Travel

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Do you get excited by traveling locally or globally and creating content with social media? Or, maybe you clicked because you know you want to create content easily when you travel. To get ready for the 7 ways, I want you to think about what you love to share and create? What types of travel experiences do you love? What type of content do you create without even thinking for social media?

How do you share what you love?

Do you outline a plan to create content?

Are you flexible in your creativity?

How do you mix up your travel experiences?

When do you feel like sharing the most?

What channels do you love to share on?

Do you share in various ways?

How do you repurpose your content?

Are you using simple tools to create and edit?

I get how you feel in every way. Once you read this article, you will look at creating content for social media in a whole new way. Here, I will share 7 Ways to Create Content Easily When You Travel.


Eight years ago, I "woke" up.

My transformation story continues to be written.

Over the last eight years, I went from:

Fear to Faith

Self Hate to Love

Corporate to Calling

Bondage to Freedom

Step by step, transforming my health, business, travel, time, and wealth. I lost over 55 lbs (with Herbalife Nutrition, competing in fitness shows and setting up tools), my business (integrating health, wealth, and biz with tips, tools and tech), and my wealth step by step including decreasing spending over 50%.

Most importantly, I transformed and continue to transform my mind which continues to result in inside out transformation. I feel more love and joy than ever.

Disclaimer: avg person who consumes Herbalife loses .5 to 1 a week with healthy active lifestyle.

A lot of my background education and experiences include over 7+ industries that did not involve social media or content creation for online channels at the time. As a result, when I became a lifestyle entrepreneur in 2014, all that changed. As many of you know, lifestyle, transformation and travel are ripe for social media and influencer marketing.

From 2014 and beyond, I got to immerse myself in lifestyle transformation, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. I dived into personal branding, social media, and influencer marketing for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship. I invested time and money to learn videography and blogging. I continue to learn in every way.

Some results include: personal branding for social media, this website, and Katrina Julia site. Increasing media to over 25,000 reach on the personal side and over 200MM with influencer marketing in lifestyle transformation. I've hosted hands on workshops during our retreats and for brands on social media. You may love our social media free webinar via our freebies library or programs page at the top.

Here's What You Need to

Create Content Easily When You Travel

In the 7 ways to create content easily when you travel this is about transformation, inspiration and action. It is about reframing your mind to share with the joy of creation. Too often, we get caught up in overwhelm or perfection vs. simply sharing and enjoying your life.

When we don't set an intention of joy and sharing, it is easy to get caught up in procrastination or perfectionism. Think about it. Either of these, leads to not sharing or taking forever to share an experience. Worse yet, sometimes we get caught up in the metrics of a platform vs. simply creating content and sharing. It's not that metrics aren't important. They are.

However, we don't control a platform. Platforms are constantly changing their algorithms. Keep first things first. Focus on creating content and sharing it. Second, have a pulse or idea on what may be happening with a platform to be strategic. However, don't stop creating and sharing. Ultimately, social media is social. The platforms always reward those that share quality content over time.

It is important to get clear on what we truly want in life and to go ALL in. How could you have more joy? In what ways could you share your gifts, talents, and abilities? Could you imagine time, location, and financial freedom? All of it possible with a vision, goals, and consistent aligned action over time.

The 7 Ways to Create Content Easily are what I practice all the time personally, I constantly learn more ways to create content easily.

7 Ways to Create Content Easily When You Travel

We're sharing 7 ways to create content easily when you travel. Content creation includes planning, photography, Instagram, stories + lives + IGTV, videography, blogging and repurposing. When you have an intention combined with strategy and flexibility, creating content is simple like blending a shake.

I will share with you tips, tools and technology as well as my own insights and results in different areas. I will share real-time how I approached my latest trip to New Orleans and attending Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition - SuperBowl event - Extravaganza.

These 7 Ways to create content will transform how you think about creating content. You will create content simpler and easier than ever before.

New Orleans: French Quarter
New Orleans: French Quarter


1. Make a Plan

When you want to create content, it's important to think about what you want to experience first. As you think about the experience, consider ways to share it before, during, and after. I recently traveled to New Orleans for our annual Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition even. Before, I left I outlined a plan to create content easily.

My Plan:

1) Outline experiences I wanted

2) Deciding to go two days before the event started

3) Researching scenic highlights

4) Googling awesome and healthier food options

5) Choosing an unique experience to share

6) Reviewing the agenda for our event

7) Setting intention for event and ways to share

Content Piece Ideas for Blogs:

1) This one that you are reading!

2) 7 Reasons to Attend Transformational Events

3) One Day in New Orleans: Transform + Travel in New Orleans, LA

4) 3 Ways to Create a Life and Business You Love

Content Ideas to Integrate Before to After Travel:

1) Share IG Stories + Lives

2) Film Videos for Use for IGTV, YouTube

3) Add Videos in Blog Posts + Repurposed Posts

4) Repurpose for Facebook + Other Channels

5) Add Blogs to Medium, Bloglovin, and LinkedIn

I decided I wanted to go on an early flight. I wanted to have a full day to explore the city. I reached out to some hotels and brands that aligned to lifestyle to collaborate. However, with 30,000+ people coming into the city for our nutrition event, I knew this would impact the responses. I still chose to practice and got favorable responses for the future. Win!

I continued to research for a place to stay that was economical and had rave reviews. I found an awesome hostal - Quisby (less than two years old) that is super cute and walking distance to both a street car and the dome (where our training was held). Here is a coupon for you to use for first time Airbnb stay.

The last time I stayed at a hostal was in Vienna when I was in grad school in 2002. I went with my brother, Alex when he was starting college overseas. As a result, I knew the hostal could be a great experience and remind me of college. I knew I could have great roommates. I knew it would be humbling as well.

The pictures of the hostal don't do it justice. The Quisby team is super friendly, the lobby beautiful, and the rooms super clean. My roommates were awesome. I even met a new friend - Yuliett - who came for the Herbalife Global Nutrition event as well. We experienced the city together.

Years ago, I was economical with other people's money. With travel, I had many experiences where the company paid for travel. As a result, I often had first class travel and stays. I didn't get to learn to be economical with my own money regularly. Over the last seven+ years, I've learned to be increasingly diligent and faithful with my own money both personal and business.

Second, I decided I wanted to go visit Jackson Square and French Quarter during the day. Each time I visited New Orleans in the past, I visited at night. I haven't consumed alcohol now in >5 years. I knew this time I would have a different New Orleans experience.

I knew I wanted to take a Street Car and go to the Garden District. I've been to New Orleans countless times. However, in the past I had a car each time I visited. I felt like it would be a cool experience.

I make it an intentional choice to travel healthy. I bring Herbalife Nutrition with me each time. Before I go each time, I research food places that have healthier options. I decide how I will move. For New Orleans, I found Tableau a restaurant right next to Jackson Square with a balcony.

I found they had crab, which I love. I love that they have seafood gumbo. I ended up getting both my first day! I decided I wanted to film a short video of highlights and behind the scenes.

The last part I researched for my first day in New Orleans was an unique experience. I love street art with bold and bright colors. I love visuals like many of us. I love it for the cultural experience and the insider insight it gives you to the city as well.

I found a super cool experience on Airbnb of a NOLA Street Art Walk. When I reached out, I got a response from Carlos (one of the hosts almost immediately). He is super helpful. You can tell they love what they do. I ended up touring through the 4th ward with their host, Tyler.

If you go to New Orleans, I highly recommend you take the Art Walk tour. You will learn things about the culture, city and people you likely will not learn otherwise. Here are some highlights of the tour behind the scenes of the NOLA Art Walk. Some of my favorites included the cultural insight I learned, and the mosaic street art.

New Orleans Art Walk via AirBnb
New Orleans Art Walk via AirBnb

It is easy to see how in my first day I had experiences (and content) to last me weeks, if not months. As I explored, I shared in stories behind the scenes. For example, when I traveled I took shots that I shared in stories and on my Instagram feed. Then, when I got to the hostal I took shots with my Canon EOSM100 and my iPhone that I posted in stories. Later, I posted a short video on IGTV with highlights.

When I explored the French Quarter and Tableau, I shared on stories I took photos and recorded video for later use for social media and the blog posts. I recorded the story video of my prior travels to New Orleans.

New Orleans: Art Walk
New Orleans: Art Walk

I took the same approach during the NOLA Street Art Walk. For the Herbalife Global Nutrition event, I knew Day 1 is recognition, Day 2 is company insight, information and education, and Day 3 is leadership and development. I shared behind the scenes as the day went on to showcase the inspiration, innovation and information. The feeling behind it all I wanted to convey is "you should be here too".

In general, the current approach I use with content creation includes sharing real-time in stories and lives, taking photos and videos for later use for social media + blogs.

By having the ideas upfront of the intentional posts, it becomes easier to create content that aligns.

It saves massive amounts of time because you already know what you are creating. If you love this, you will love our free Social Media in a Day Webinar or posts on our blog on Smart Social.


2. Basics for Photography

Do you set up for success with photography? Do you think of fun and creative shots? Do you have a selfie stick or tripod? These are all ways I started to simplify photography years ago. For example, for years I simply used my iPhone with the timer and a tripod. I upgraded and added in my Canon in 2018.

Even when I upgraded, I chose a simple camera with a flip screen and WiFi. This way even when I traveled alone it would be simple. I wanted shots to be ready to post. I wanted to show others how they could do quality shots themselves do simply and easily.

I know that many that are photographers use add-on equipment, editing tools and software. I understand that is their focus and profession. I've used professional photographers like Brett Seeley, Glamour Shots and Leo Parias to name a few. I've learned a ton from each and every one of them on approach, composition, and personal branding.

The intention I had behind shooting with photographers is to have a purpose to learn and expand. I look at it as an investment and a real-time class. You will notice many of their shots on my bio and personal Katrina Julia page, as well as our travel pages.

Costa Rica: Credit - Leo Parias
Costa Rica: Credit - Leo Parias

However, as a lifestyle entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to learn the differences in approaches and photography with fitness, food, and lifestyle initially. I wanted to learn with the intention to teach basics for photography for entrepreneurs that may or may not get professional photographers. I wanted to equip and empower others to learn the basics of photography for their brands and social media.

To wrap it up, with photography, start with your phone. Think of the styles of shots you want. Invest in a tripod. Study the work of others you admire in your area of themes and branding. Practice. Upgrade. Repeat.

3. Be a Videographer

When we make a decision to create content, a variety of methods comes to mind. As I observed experts with video like Brendon Burchard and Chalene Johnson years ago, I knew I got a chance to learn. I love how personal they are in sharing their stories and information.

I invested in both of their programs. I learned a ton on communication style and online education delivery by both being in their programs online and attending live events. I applied the same approach of observe, apply, invest, learn, and practice.

I love how videographers like Ashley Renne and Weekend Voyagers share stories, travel, and lifestyle. I began to learn and merge the approaches. Ashley and Weekend Voyagers attended our Cuba Retreats. Having them at our retreats was like a video bootcamp on steroids in every way. Weekend Voyagers created our Cuba transformation retreat video, as well as several of our initial videos - such as our freebies - in How Passion + Purpose = Profits - in Cuba. I am super grateful.

At the time, I was not yet comfortable on video. For years, I've been a public speaker. However, it is very different having a room full of people to see and speak to vs. speaking on camera and imagining there are hundreds to thousands to millions of people viewing.

Like with anything else, I've learned that application will get you further than anything else with videography. I recommend the same simple approach of start with your iPhone and a simple video editing tool like Splice. If you want to learn more about videography, this post on how to get started with videography will help you.

Confidence is a muscle. The more we exercise it on and off camera, the more it grows.
Katrina Julia


4. Instagram Basics

Are you on Instagram yet? Are you building your personal brand on Instagram? How about your community? Whether you are creating content on Instagram or doing Influencer Marketing, Instagram is a social media platform worth being on and growing.

The three basics for instagram is share what you love and your value, intentionally create community, and be consistent. A great way to get started with ideas is our free series on How Passion + Purpose = Profits as well as our two Social Media Free Webinars.

To help you with creating community, think about what people you want to attract. A great idea is to get familiar with tags and hashtags to help increase the visibility of your content. This hashtag generator tool will help.

When you select hashtags, select those that are within your audience range. For example, if you typically have 100 likes on each post, choose hashtags that are 100,000 and under (multiply by a 1000). This will help make sure your content is the top of the feed for those tags and equals more views and followers.

Don't forget to be consistent with creating content. Decide what that is for you and stick to it. For the most part for us, this is daily on my personal brand. On the business brand, you will notice the posts are 1-3 times a week with frequent stories. However, I do and we do take social media fasts.

5. Growing Instagram

Maybe you are ready to take your Instagram (or social media) to the next level. If so, how could you add more value for people with your stories, lives, and IGTV?

I've noticed recently that my stories and IGTV get more results than actual posts on feed. It aligns to the basic psychology of humanity. People love to see things real-time in real life.

As a result, I highly recommend you do stories whether you do voice over, pictures, or face to face videos. What I often do is share the same content I am creating on my camera first on stories, then a post, then a video. Then, I repeat the same cycle. Many people miss the first, second or third time you share. Don't be afraid to repeatedly share.

I recently started posting more IGTV's as well as the algorithm boosts them more as well. This means more people see the post and more views. I repurpose the same IGTV on YouTube and blog posts.

To keep it simple, share stories real-time (you don't even have to talk). You can show behind the scenes, voice-over or face to face. I started doing stories more in 2019. I still do silent stories/showing the experience and voice overs. I don't always talk face to face.

To take a step further, create highlights on your IG. These are the bubbles on the top right under your bio. Once you create highlights, your photos play stay permanently in those highlights like a slideshow or a website. Keep in mind, many people love to stay on Instagram. Why not give them a reason to stay and explore on yours?

Another idea is to go live by yourself or with others on their platforms. I've gone live with Tailwind for example (we also feature then in our mastermind and give you a bonus in month 2)! We had 100s - thousand of views real-time and after the live.

To create consistent content that is static, create an IGTV channel that you share on IG and FB. These will stay on your feed and in your channel as evergreen content. These videos may be behind the scenes, voice overs, and some face to face like you see on my channel as well. To keep it simple, I have one IGTV channel. We share the posts on both my personal and brand page.

In summary, add in stories, highlights, lives, and IGTV to your content creation strategy for social media and your brand.


6. Start or Grow a Blog

A blog is a great way to express your experiences. It is a way for people to keep coming back over and over to see and learn more. It is a platform of a freedom of expression of long form. It helps you build and grow relationships over time. When you provide value over and over, people keep coming back. This could be via a blog and/or a podcast too.

I addition, if you expose it to the right channel in the right way, it may be your best driver of web traffic and sales. If you aren't already on Pinterest, you may want to start. It is a. great source of content. It is similar to google in that you may search content across topics on Pinterest.

We have a blog and podcast with Melissa, the Community Manager for Tailwind - a tool for Pinterest and Instagram. We share more in our free social media in a day series and course. In our Creation Club mastermind, we include an exclusive course on Tailwind in Month 2. We do hands-on activities at our events and retreats as well on social media and blogging.


7. Repurposing Your Content

This may be the most important way to create content easily and effortlessly yet. Repurposing your content is done typically in three ways that I've learned. Initially, share across channels over a week, month, three months. This means across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. This helps get your message and content in front of more people.

Think about new ways to use the same content. For example, I went to Spain, London, and Bulgaria last year. In expanding our content creation for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I thought of doing a One Day Guide for cities I visit consistently. Think about it. I love to travel. I host retreats. I help others travel and host retreats. It makes sense all around.

I thought of ways to drive more traffic to our site. I learned from Hoth (who I write for), and Neil Patel on marketing, blogging, and SEO. I continue to learn and apply consistently. As a result, I started to reach out to related sites with communities do do guest posts consistently. When you do guest posts that link back to your site, this increases credibility, community and rankings.

I created a theme for the guest spots in four areas. One of theme for our guest posting strategy is "Transform and Travel". By including the link in this post, it helps Courtney with her brand. credibility and community as well. The guest blogging approach very much relates to "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" or the golden rule.

The final tip in repurposing and revising your content. Share your content over and over. People often don't see it the first time and/or you have a new audience that hasn't seen it. Review old content for ways to improve your writing and visibility with key words and SEO tips.


Think about how you want to create content easily next. Is it in planning? How about photography or videography? What could you do next on Instagram? Take the approach of having experiences and sharing them step by step.

If you think about lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship as school, you will immediately understand when you consider the hours you spent in classrooms growing up.

Why would we think creating content, entrepreneurship or building a brand or a business would be any different?

Create Content

I'm sure you realized by now creating content is a journey. What way spoke to you the most currently? What will you take action on next?

Will you plan more for content creation?

How will you simplify photography and videography?

Which ways will you grow Instagram and other channels?

What will you start or grow with your blog or podcast?

When and where will you repurpose your content?

Take the actions to walk towards creating what you want in life and business.

Each and every single step matters. Step by step, you may create what you love.

It is possible to. transform every area of your life from the inside out. If you loved this article, you'll love 7 Ways to Create Content Easily When You Travel.

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