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How to Have $7 Figure Proposal Days

How to have $7 Figure Proposal Days may be blowing your mind right now. I understand. It would have once blown my mind too. As I continue to transform from the inside out as a warrior woman of faith, I am constantly surprised by situations and shifts.

If you had told me ten, five, even a year ago, I would have found a 7 Figure Proposal for an annual contract completely aligned to my passion and purpose, I would have thought you were crazy. Every step of the experience felt unfathomable in every way.

From finding the opportunity to putting the 7 figure proposal together, it felt incredible. It felt aligned, It felt easy. It felt right.

Full Disclaimer: I did not get the contract or a similar one yet. However, it was extremely exciting and enlightening to put together the contract. I challenge you to have faith to take the action to catapult your confidence.

It has taken me years to have the clarity to find, be, and present on aligned opportunities. Along the way, I have lost millions of dollars in proposals. Yes, I am talking about the losses AND the wins to normalize the journey.

Many times, before we get to the million and before you see the multi-passionate entrepreneurs making money, there have been so many times that we have fallen down flat on our faces. Of course, sometimes things may happen seemingly quickly aka overnight.

Overnight success takes years. Read that again.

The creator to CEO path is filled with what I call winning or learning...a lot.


When I look back on my multi-passionate entrepreneur journey from side hustler to Creator to CEO, I remember a time when I did not see or find opportunities as readily as I do now. When we transform our thinking to allow abundance in all forms, everything starts to change.

I started recognizing opportunities to create, make, and receive six to seven figures step by step.

Making and managing money like a boss is a journey. Through my own life experiences, I discovered 7 Ways to Make $7K.

As I became clearer on who I am, who I serve, and the limitless possibilities all around me, six to seven-figure proposal days became the norm.

These six to seven-figure proposal days have included:

  • B2B business-to-business proposals

  • Speaker engagements and workshops

  • Global retreats and workshops

  • Influencer management and marketing

  • Social media and management

A Seven-Figure Proposal Day

Let's talk about my seven-figure proposal day. I know if I was reading this blog post from another Creator or CEO, I would want to see the proof right up front as well as the value to help me #CREATEIT. That is my intention with this post for you.

I remember sitting at Flower Child in Atlanta, GA creating and editing the final components of the 7 figure proposal before sending it. I felt and still feel such pride.

While I have experienced six-figure proposal days more often, and several seven-figure proposal days with multiple proposals, I experienced a 7 figure proposal day with one proposal in 2023 via a Tourism Bureau on an Agency Proposal for an Annual Proposal.

Highlights from the Request for Proposal (RFP) from the Tourism Bureau

Here are highlights from the Request for Proposal to demonstrate what a typical RFP (request for proposal) may look like from a tourism bureau, brand, and company.

Highlights from my 10+ page proposal

Highlights from my 7 figure proposal to the RFP (request for proposal) to the tourism bureau are included. When creating your personal brand and business, it is important to set up strategy, structure, and systems with techs like Kajabi and HoneyBook.

They help save you time exponentially while elevating your professionalism.

7 figure proposal

7 figure proposal

Full Disclaimer: I did not get the contract yet. However, it was extremely exciting and enlightening to put together the contract. I challenge you to have faith to take the action to catapult your confidence.

As I walk through challenging circumstances, I choose to ask myself "What is this teaching me"?

As I shifted from a Creator to CEO, I learned Marketing like a boss includes harnessing the power of AI to streamline marketing efforts, utilizing ChatGPT for engaging and personalized customer interactions, implementing automation to enhance efficiency and consistency, leveraging IO for data-driven decision-making, and focusing on the art of storytelling to create a memorable brand narrative.

With these strategies in place, businesses can navigate the challenges of Black Friday and beyond with the finesse of a superstar, leaving an indelible mark on their audience.

Slay Your Marketing Like a Boss

Slay, Queen, Slay marketing like Beyoncé, even on the busiest days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How to Find Business-to-Business Proposals

In the realm of B2B proposals for creators, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, platforms like Indeed, BrainTrust, and Dynamite Jobs have played a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape. These platforms have helped me find millions of dollars in proposals.

These platforms have evolved into essential tools for businesses and individuals seeking collaborative opportunities. Indeed, a renowned job search engine empowers CEOs and entrepreneurs to connect with creative minds and industry experts who can elevate their projects.

BrainTrust, with its curated network of freelancers and experts, provides a dynamic space for creators to find the right talents for their unique ventures. Dynamite Jobs, focusing on remote work opportunities, caters to the needs of today's entrepreneurial and creative class, allowing them to source the talent they need, regardless of geographical constraints.

These platforms have revolutionized B2B proposal dynamics, making it easier for creators, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to forge synergistic partnerships, innovate, and drive their businesses forward.

At a glance, the priorities I have focused on within the last 90 days include Chief Marketing Officer, Influencer Management, and Online Course Launches.

Full disclaimer: No, I'm not at six or seven figures yet. I am at five figures right now, like many of you out there.

I am a Limitless Global Girl who has limitless faith and action.

How to Make Money Speaking in the Creator Economy

In the creator economy, thought leadership has become a compelling way to make money as a speaker. By leveraging platforms like "ESpeakers" and others, creators may establish themselves as thought leaders and offer their expertise through speaking engagements, webinars, and workshops.

Thought leaders may monetize their knowledge by charging for speaking appearances live and online. This dynamic combination of knowledge, accessibility, and the right platforms enables creators to both inspire and educate while also creating a sustainable income stream within the rapidly evolving creator economy.

How to Pitch Brands for Paid Social Media Engagements

In today's creator economy, there are countless ways to make money with brands and with creators from creating content to ongoing consulting to teaching creators to make money.

Three innovative ways to monetize content, user-generated content (UGC), social media management, and influencer management include leveraging platforms like, FreeUp, and Indeed.

Content creators may collaborate with to access brand partnerships and sponsored content opportunities, turning their creativity into limitless income sources.

Social media managers may capitalize on platforms like FreeUp to offer their expertise in social media management, finding clients who require their services. This may be remote work and/or integrate global retreats for creators.

Businesses looking for influencer management may source agencies, and managers, and/or post job listings on Indeed, connecting with creators to CEOs curating influencer campaigns.

These platforms offer diverse avenues in the digital age to make money.

How to Have 7 Figure Proposals Days

The #1 thing I have learned is that every action you take matters. The seemingly large milestones like 7 Figure Proposal Days are a combination of compounded actions.

Start with the 4 figure, 5 figure, 6 figure proposals or proposal days. The action, no matter how small, is what gets us to the wins of 5 figure, 6 figure, 7 figure, impact and cash flow days.

It is the impact we make. The innovation. The influence on creating communities and giving back that matters most of all.

What is your biggest takeaway from How to Have 7 Figure Proposal Days?

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