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Top 10 Atlanta, GA Things to Do

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Atlanta is the capitol of Georgia, located in the southeast of the United States. Atlanta is known for playing an important role in the Civil Rights Movement, home to CNN headquarters, and hosted the 1996 Olympics. Whether you will spend One Day in Atlanta, GA a week, a month, or live here like I did for 10+ years from 2010-2020 (and soon will again), you will love it!

In 2010, I moved to Atlanta, GA with an Oil and Gas Company as a Chief Audit Executive and lived there for 10 years. Although I was born in Poland, I've lived most of my life surrounded by the concrete jungle in Houston, Texas. I wasn't quite prepared for the unparalleled beauty of the "city beneath the trees". During that decade and recently, I learned a lot about things to do in Atlanta.

During my first few years living in Atlanta I was drawn to green space in the city, such as the Chattahoochee River. It was only a short walking distance from my first apartment making it easy to visit often. Being surrounded by the Chattahoochee Hiking Trails filled my apartment with the wonderful smell of pine filled my home every single day.

Although you may not think it's unusual to have an experience like this in a large city like Atlanta, in many surrounding neighborhoods this is quite common in the city beneath the trees.

I can not describe how such a large city could feel like a small town too.

When you’re out exploring things to do in Atlanta, the ease of walking in areas of town from Midtown to Buckhead is astonishing. I love walking to the grocery store, gym, and nearby Lenox Mall. Every time I take the MARTA public transportation railway, I feel like I am transported to another part of the world. Atlanta has so many different neighborhoods including, but not limited to, Buckhead, Midtown, and Little Five Points.

You may find it surprising that during my last few years in Atlanta, I didn’t own a car and could still easily enjoy all the things to do in Atlanta that I loved. You can lower your carbon footprint by over 4,800 pounds annually by not having a car. This coming from the girl who had 7 different cars by the time she hit 30. If I can do it, anyone can.

One of the great things to do in Atlanta is visit Chastain Park and Piedmont Park. Just like the “pied” in the name suggests, these are great walking parks. Biking the Beltline, or renting a scooter to explore the city are super adventurous things to do in Atlanta.

Atlanta doesn’t just capture your heart, but your taste buds as well. Being immersed in delectable eateries all around Atlanta, like Eat Flower Child and True Food Kitchen, is a joy.

From the moment I moved to Atlanta, the city captured my heart in many ways.

You'll catch me saying, “It was love at first sight, then we got married”.

It's not easy to narrow down Atlanta, GA to a Top 10, especially when you have so much history and life in a city!

My Top Atlanta, GA Things to Do includes Centennial Park, Skyview Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Original Selfie Museum, National Civil Rights Center, Martin Luther King Jr. National Park, Piedmont Park, Ponce City Market and Beltline, Gibbs Gardens, and Foodie Favorites!

Atlanta, GA Top 10 Things to Do
Atlanta, GA Top 10 Things to Do

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is one of the most vibrant cities for tourism in the world.

Atlanta, GA Highlights

  • Hosted 1996 Olympics throughout the city

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Birth Home and National Park

  • CNN Center Headquarters in Atlanta, GA

  • Known as Hollywood of the South including Tyler Perry Studios

  • 20+ Museums including Atlanta History Center, High Museum, and National Civil Rights Center

  • Countless Parks and Green Spaces including Piedmont, Chastain and Centennial Park

  • World Famous Fox Theater, Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Delta Airlines, all located in Atlanta

You may not know that for many years, Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport is one of the busiest airports, with 110 million passengers annually on average.

I share fun facts, travel, and tips in One Day in Atlanta, GA too!

Atlanta, GA you have a peach of my heart

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 13 or via Airbnb.


Top 10 Atlanta, GA Things to Do

You will find many things to do in Atlanta, GA far beyond the Top 10 Things to Do I highlight.

Keep in mind I lived in Atlanta, GA 10+ years, and will live in Atlanta again as my home base in 2022. There is a lot I have explored in 10 years!

My Top Atlanta, GA Things to Do includes Centennial Park, Skyview Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Original Selfie Museum, National Civil Rights Center, Martin Luther King Jr. National Park, Piedmont Park, Ponce City Market and Beltline, Gibbs Gardens, and Foodie Favorites!

I loved so much in Atlanta, GA from parks and green spaces like Piedmont Park, Gibbs Gardens, and Chastain Park, going up in Skyview Atlanta, walking through the Japanese Gardens at Gibbs Gardens, having fun and creating content at Original Selfie Museum, countless foodie favorites like True Foods Kitchen, Two Urban Licks, and Eat Flower Child.

I am sharing what I experienced and insider information to consider in planning your visit that will save you time and money!

In putting together the Top 10 Atlanta, GA Things to Do, I considered how I would experience travels knowing what I know now to make it easy, efficient and enjoyable for you!

1 Centennial Park

Starting off your day in Centennial Park is great way to start travels in Atlanta, GA because of the history, location, and proximity to several tourist attractions close by!

It's right by the Marta Line Station State Farm Arena/Mercedes Benz Station/Centennial Park, Skyview Atlanta, Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia Aquarium, and Civil Rights Museum.


Centennial Olympic Park first opened in 1996 with the Summer Olympics. At the time, It was the world's gathering spot. I may only imagine how amazing it was to be here. Now, the Park typically hosts festivals, live entertainment, and various activities for children. *The events vary due to COVID.


I love walking through the park, running through the dancing fountains, sitting by the fountain monument, and reading on the green space.

I’ve taken my mom and friends here when they come to visit!

Whether you spend One Day in Atlanta or longer, a stop at Centennial Park is a must!


2 SkyView Atlanta

After you visit Centennial Park, you will want to see one of the best views up high at Skyview Atlanta.

It's right across the street and will see it everywhere you turn while you are in the park.

The SkyView Ferris Wheel towers nearly 20 stories about Centennial Park featuring 42 climate-controlled + private gondolas with breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Atlanta. Visit their website for hours and tickets.

Day or night, you will experience spectacular views of Atlanta's Skyline.

Atlanta Skyview PC: UrbanSoul via IG @skyviewatl
Atlanta Skyview PC: UrbanSoul via IG @skyviewatl

I went on it once one of the times my friend, Angela came