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A Year of Travel in 2021: 7 Things I Learned

Anyone feel like you blinked and it is 2022? I have always loved travel. I started off my life traveling in my mother's womb. It hasn't stopped with 30+ countries. In 2010, I wrote down travel to 7 Continents and a minimum year of travel. I never imagined doing it on the heels of a global pandemic, or that traveling the world may surprise you and there are ways to travel saving you money.

I knew traveling full-time for a year across Central America to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras would transform me. How could staying at 25+ Airbnbs not change me? It's impossible to experience all these countries and cultures, while living out of a suitcase and not be different.

While some of the ways I changed were no surprise, others floored me especially at the end of the year.

Maybe you are thinking about traveling full-time, being a digital nomad, or a lifestyle entrepreneur?

Whatever your vision is for your life, it is possible! i am living proof! I once would read blogs like mine from travelers and entrepreneurs like Oneika Raymond, My Life as a Travel Movie, and Aggie.

Now, I am walking in what I once prayed for.

Year of Travel 2021