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75+ Tools & Resources to Create a Life and Business You Love

Updated: Feb 8

Jump Start Your Transformation: Faith, Wellness, Marketing, Business and Travel Tools & Resources

Are you on your way to create a life and business you love? Did 2020 caused you to rethink well, everything?

Have you started creating in some areas, but you have no idea how to make money and build a business? I so relate to you. I was you. I have questioned myself more times than I can count on this journey of entrepreneurship.

I have served in 7+ industries, and held jobs with Victoria's Secret, ConocoPhillips, Fortune 500 companies, consulting and more. No matter how much external success I had, I felt empty and unfulfilled. Internally, life didn't feel how I imagined as a little girl.

I didn't feel aligned to my passion and purpose. I didn't know what it was when I first started as a full-time entrepreneur in 2011. I craved creating, transforming and inspiring in more ways than one.

All I know is we spend more time working than anything else. I wanted to wake up every day filled with passion and purpose for how I serve people on the planet. I desired to help others create a life and business they love with health, wealth and business.

After countless failures and self-doubt, I knew I had to walk the journey out in faith and #CREATEIT.

Like many of us, I had no roadmap, blueprint for success, or any extra money laying around.

Sure, I walked in with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from poor choices in spending and student loans, but if other people could create it, so could I.

One thing I have learned - I will always bet on me - and my God Given dreams, passion and purpose.