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75+ Tools & Resources to Create a Life and Business You Love

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Jump Start Your Transformation: Faith, Wellness, Marketing, Business and Travel Tools & Resources

Are you on your way to create a life and business you love? Did 2020 caused you to rethink well, everything?

Have you started creating in some areas, but you have no idea how to make money and build a business? I so relate to you. I was you. I have questioned myself more times than I can count on this journey of entrepreneurship.

I have served in 7+ industries, and held jobs with Victoria's Secret, ConocoPhillips, Fortune 500 companies, consulting and more. No matter how much external success I had, I felt empty and unfulfilled. Internally, life didn't feel how I imagined as a little girl.

I didn't feel aligned to my passion and purpose. I didn't know what it was when I first started as a full-time entrepreneur in 2011. I craved creating, transforming and inspiring in more ways than one.

All I know is we spend more time working than anything else. I wanted to wake up every day filled with passion and purpose for how I serve people on the planet. I desired to help others create a life and business they love with health, wealth and business.

After countless failures and self-doubt, I knew I had to walk the journey out in faith and #CREATEIT.

Like many of us, I had no roadmap, blueprint for success, or any extra money laying around.

Sure, I walked in with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from poor choices in spending and student loans, but if other people could create it, so could I.

One thing I have learned - I will always bet on me - and my God Given dreams, passion and purpose.

Fast Forward to now.

Originally written in 2021... and seven years into full-time entrepreneurship.

Last Update: January 2023

My name is Katrina Julia, I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, and creator. I created an all-in-one lifestyle platform - FIT Life Creation - with experiences, influencers, and fundraisers.

Awards & Features have included the NBC Apprentice TV show (while I was a side-hustler),

NPC Top 5, & working with communities like Google, Airbnb, AICPA, Victoria's Secret, ConocoPhillips, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and WeWork.

I have walked from Pain to Purpose and continue to. My transformation has included walking from Fear to Faith, Devaluing to Purity, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, Lies to Love, and Bondage to Freedom.

Along the way, I have lost over 55 lbs. and kept it off 7+ years. I am an avid wellness aficionado and alcohol-free 7+ years. Through the journey, I have transformed experiences in 7+ industries, countless companies that all served to increase my alignment to passion & purpose with our Creator's guidance.

My money mindset and actions have radically transformed into abundance and limitless opportunities with God's help. (love Proverbs!).

The pain, path, and purpose are limitlessly worth it. We've connected & created with a community of 100,000+ and continue to grow through our community, creators, and creatives globally online and live. In 2020, we ended up growing >300+ million in reach across communities!

I relate to what tips, tools, and tech will make it easier for me.

Maybe you are starting over or you are done with wasting your time on things you don't love?

Get clear on why you want to create a life and business you love, and what you want to start.

Once you are clear on that, there are limitless tools to help you create a life and business you love that I am sharing in wellness, business, travel, and more. This list is years in the making that I have put together.

Whether you are a side hustler, entrepreneur, firm, and/or brand, these tools will help you create a life and business you love. You will see clearly how they help you automate and delegate more than you ever imagined with your online business.

(And if you don’t yet have that clarity, we can help you #CREATEIT for sure!

Whether its our
14 Day Challenge,

you will love creating with us!

If you are ready to #CREATEIT - use our 75+ Resources with Tips, Tools & Tech List Now!

Like anything else, some of these tools and resources will resonate with you and some won't.

I'm sharing what has helped me and our community in countless ways.

*These are all tools I have either used in the past or use ongoing all the time. Most of the tools, I have used for 7+ years. You will find some links are referral links and/our own community resources too!


Faith Focus

One thing I have learned is with firm faith and mindset, everything changes. These are the resources that have helped me strengthen from the inside out. I know they will help you too!

  • Lifeway: Your trusted source for Bible Studies, Books, and Bibles. I've done countless studies written by Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and Jackie Hill Perry.

  • Mount Paran Church Giving the world hope in Christ. Dr. David Cooper shares messages like The Cradle, the Cross and Crown, Bible Study Ministries, Women Events with Barbie Cooper and her team, Mens Events, Children Ministries, and more! When I first moved to Atlanta in 2000-2003, this was my home church and I served in middle school ministry.

  • Passion City Church Pastor Louie Giglio and Shelley Giglio have a heart for the church showing it throughout Atlanta, services, Passion City Grove, Passion City Conference. I learned about Passion City through Jessica, a friend in wellness who invited me to the Grove - a gathering for women in Atlanta. The love, joy, and value shown to us all drew me in, and I have since attended 10+ Groves + served, attend live service sometimes at the 5pm, and served at Passion City Conference.

  • Transformation Church Pastor Michael Todd and Natalie Todd lead the church to Represent God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ. I first discovered Transformation Church in 2018 via the Crazy Faith Series. Each and every message and series has radically transformed me especially Crazy Faith and Relationship Goals. It is my online home church, I serve on the Transformation Live Team on YouTube, and am a part of B-Groups (Belong).

  • Prayer Journal: 52 Weeks of Scripture, Devotions, and Prayer. I did the journal 2020-2021.

  • LIIV Atlanta Founders Mayo and Kai Sowell started A Church From Atlanta, For Atlanta in 2022. I love their acronym Love, Integrity, Influence, and Victory. I learned about them via Leticia Gardner on Instagram. I attended a social at Alon Bakery in Fall 2022 and immediately felt so welcome in every way. When I visited the Christmas Experience, I felt so seen, known and heard in the natural with everyone remembering and recognizing me despite not going to a service or event since the social.

Rio Celeste Costa Rica

Massive leaps of faith in my journey in every area of life. Years of full-time travel starting with travel to Costa Rica is one of many leaps!



Wellness Wonder

If you have visited my blog or show regularly, you know I regularly share how I lost 55+ lbs in 2013-2014, and have kept it off. I did this with the help of tips, tools and technology every step. Not only that, the community that surrounds me at every turn continues to encourage me to transform and help you!

  • Herbalife Global Nutrition #1 Global Nutritional Brand for Inner and Outer Nutrition. #1 Meal Replacement. Partnerships with Athletes like Cristiano Renaldo and Other Top Athletes. The simplicity + integration of Herbalife into my life helped me lose >55 lbs in 2013-2014 + keep the weight off + complete athletic events e.g. triathlons, century rides, and bikini bodybuilding. Incredible Events, Community, Income Opportunities, and Global Business in 90+ Countries. Register for Free Wellness Profile, Meal & Workout Plan, and Supplement Guide. All of our online courses & live experiences include tips, tools & tech too! I've used Herbalife since 2013 daily.

  • Instacart: Grocery Delivery Service in the USA. Helps you control what you order & stay safe. I have used Instacart for years + love how much time it saves me!

  • 6 Pack Meal Bags: Meal & Supplement Bags to Keep Food Chilled. Great for competitors. I learned about 6 Pack Meal Bags from Team Edge in 2014, and have used them for years!

  • Peloton App: 1000's workouts online, challenges, & online community. 30 Days FREE! Like millions of others, I discovered Peloton in 2020. In 2020, I used the app solely in Atlanta, and then took it with me on travels all around the world. In 2022, I completed >20,000 min!

  • ClassPass: gives you worldwide access to thousands of top-rated gyms, fitness studios, salons, and spas! I have used them in and outside of Atlanta since around 2014.

  • Creation Club: Online Mastermind to Create a Life & Business You Love with Health, Wealth & Business & Tips, Tools & Tech. FREE 14-Day Challenge.

  • CREATEIT Summit: Hands-on online runs every quarter /semi-annually / annually hands-on with Wellness, Faith, Marketing, Business and Travel with Creators, Brands, and Communities including FREE Options, Summit & Challenge, Summit & Mastermind & VIP Options.

  • Brand Solutions: for Online Wellness with Tips, Tools & Tech including Preventative Care Automated.

*Disclaimer: Average person who uses Herbalife Nutrition with a healthy active lifestyle loses 0.5 to 1 lb. a week.

Fitness Competitions & PhotoShoots: Photo Credit: Brett Seeley

A vision I had of one of the shots I would take when I lost weight. I cried when I saw these shots!



Money Matters

My money mindset, intention and actions have radically transformed over the past 5+ years as well. For years, I consistently helped 7+ industries generate 6-8 figures regularly both in creating opportunities, as well as savings with fraud, waste, and abuse. At the same time, I have experienced scarcity, poverty, entitlement, greed, debt, materialism in my own wealth.

My transformation with money matters and freedom in all forms continues to evolve. I continue to transform pain to purpose. I am right here with you walking through money matters.

  • Mint Experience a fresh way to manage money. I have used Mint since 2010!

  • QuickBooks: Run your whole business from inventory + invoices to projects + people. I have used QB since 2006.

  • LivePlan: Plan, fund and grow your business. Easily write a business plan, secure funding, and get insights to help you reach your goals. I have used LivePlan on my own business and others since 2006 + written How to Build a Boss Brand to help business owners.

  • TD Ameritrade: Set up automatic deposits, learn about stocks, and invest in companies. I have used TD Ameritrade since ±2005!

  • Acorns: Invest, grow, earn, spend, later automatically week by week and round-ups to whole dollars from your spending.

  • Financial Peace University: Step by Step with Dave Ramsey and his team on Finance Peace to put money back in your pocket. I have used, applied, and coordinated classes with FPU since 2011!

  • Clever Girl Finance: Empowering women to ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth. 30+ Free courses, best-selling books, and lives weekly with Founder Bola and the team! I learned about Clever Girl Finance in 2022 + have completed 4+ courses + applying challenges now!

  • Paro: Unlock the Future of Finance and Accounting. Paro is a network with talent and tools to take your business beyond. I joined as an expert in 2021 and started referring brands in 2023.

  • Rakuten Shop and get cash back with outlets form InstaCart to Nike? Sign. Me. Up. With a focus on financial flow and freedom, I discovered this website late in 2022 and from regular groceries, Blue Apron, and sharing the app, I already racked up $60+! It definitely pays off!

  • Sweatcoin Walk and get wealthy? Yes please! This app tracks your steps and awards you non-cash currency to use for promo deals and giving to charities! I discovered them in May 2022!

  • TurboTax: Americas #1 Tax Software. I have used TurboTax since ±2000.

  • Money Maker Course: 5 Steps with Overview, Mindset, 6 Pack of Wealth, Creation, and Tips & Tools!

Photo Credit: Brett Seeley


Marketing Madness

Oh me, oh my. There are so many ways to take your side-hustle, online business, and brand to the next level in today's online world. One thing I have learned is the more I learn, the more there IS to learn! I'm sharing ALL the tools that have helped me and our community #CREATEIT.

  • Canva: Free templates for everything from social media posts to presentations to make your business look like a million dollars!

  • Social Curators: incredible social media tool, platform, and community. It will help you save save time and create and grow your business with an incredible community.

  • WeMeetWednesdays I found We Meet Wednesdays magically somehow via a FB group. Sam, the Founder is so heartfelt in her mission. The value of the community is unfathomable including a weekly Hopin (virtual meetings), educational sessions, coffee chats, business tips, and options to pitch your offers via offer showcases.

  • IFTTT: Helps every thing work together better. Do more things with what you love automated!

  • Restream: Your Go-To Live Streaming Tool. Create professional live streams directly from your browser to stream to 30+ platforms. You may even use pre-recorded videos to share!

  • Bitly: Short links, Big results for your blogs, shows, courses and more!

  • Later: World's Favorite Instagram Marketing Platform. Later allows you to plan, schedule, publish and measure results of Instagram and social media posts.

  • Unsplash: Internet's source of freely usable images. Powered by creators everywhere-could be you!

  • Anchor: Easiest way to make a podcast. Everything you need 100% FREE!

  • TubeBuddy: Everything you need to manage, optimize and grow your YouTube Channel.

  • Generate rich notes for meetings, blogs, lectures and other important conversations with your AI assistant.

  • Kajabi: All the Tools You Need to Build a Successful Online Business! FREE 30 Day Trial!

  • Perlu: Influencer Marketing Platform for Influencers and Brands. Our communities here include reach of over 300+ million alone.

  • Activate: End to End Influencer Technology with Discovery, Workflow, Management and 150,000+ influencers.

  • The Plug: Invite Only Professional Network of Creatives for entrepreneurs, creatives and brands.

  • Intellifluence: Work with Trusted Influencers & Partners to Promote Your Products and Services.

  • Tribe: Connecting brands with creators on lifestyle, business and travel content.

  • Leading influencer agency for worlds iconic brands like Google and Ulta.

  • Influencer Management: For influencers with >25K on Instagram/extensive media on platforms and/or brands to prioritize campaigns and collaborations, identify influencers, create & grow campaigns, negotiate & contract short - long term deals, press opportunities, and track return on investment. Includes flat rates & % of new deals won.

  • Brand Solutions: for Ongoing Multi-Month to Year Projects with Blogs, Shows, Features, Online Courses, and Community. Integrated Options for consulting, implementing, and scaling your teams in wellness, marketing, business and travel.

Desafio Adventure Company Lost Canyon

Costa Rica Adventures: Lost Canyon with Desafio Adventure Company



Business Like a Boss

By now, I imagine your brain is blowing up with limitless possibilities! I want you to feel excited and take things one step at a time. Keep in mind this is YEARS in the making from experience in 7+ industries, 10+ years as an entrepreneur "figuring it out', and 5+ years with FIT Life Creation.

Let me blow up your brain some more with how you may create limitlessly.

  • Passion Planner Live more intentionally beyond the business. Find the Perfect Planner.

  • ClickUp #1 Rated Project Management Tool. One App to Replace Them All.

  • Subkit: An incredible platform to combine your content, courses, community AND collabs!

  • HoneyBook Manage your proposals, contracting, scheduling, workflow, invoicing and integrations. End to End client management. Get 50% OFF One Year!

  • BrainTrust: First User Owned Talent Network with Global brands for you to find 6+ figure opportunities and build your team!

  • Dynamite Jobs: Find remote jobs you actually want including gig, part and full-time work!

  • Efficise Virtual Assistant Monthly Services for Scheduling, Social Media, Business Development, and Research. Ability to set tasks as reoccurring.

  • OkayRelax Virtual Assistant Services including calling, research and scheduling tasks.

  • Perssist Virtual Assistant Services including short to ongoing tasks.

  • 1Password: Share your passwords protected anonymously with ease for delegation!

  • GoogleDocs: FREE with Gmail for Documents, Spreadsheets and Storage!

  • Small PDF Decrease Size of Your PDF Docs e.g. Media Kits & Presentations.

  • Google My Business Interact with customers on Google for free. Share your blog, show, and special offers.

  • Google Analytics Set up Google Analytics and Goals for FREE. Get to know your customer behaviors.

  • Google Hangouts great way to host videos for meetings with contacts and clients for FREE!

  • CREATEIT Summit: Hands-on online runs every quarter /semi-annually / annually hands-on with Wellness, Faith, Marketing, Business and Travel with Creators, Brands, and Communities including FREE Option, Summit & Challenge, Summit & Mastermind & VIP Option.

  • Lifestyle Brand Like a BOSS: Be the FIRST to know when we release the next open enrollment for the course including foundation, stability and growth AND strategy, structure and system AND tips, tools and tech to create an all in one Lifestyle Brand...Like a Boss!

  • Retreats: Transform and Travel with our Global Retreats, Camps and Months. Includes stay, transportation, travel insurance, AND Health, Wealth and Business Hands-on, Workshops, Adventure, Community Service, Social Media, Videos, Course Creation and MUCH MORE!

  • Brand Solutions: for Ongoing Multi-Month to Year Projects with Creating and Scaling Online Courses & Community. Options for consulting, implementing, and scaling your teams in wellness, marketing, business and travel.



Travel Time

I love to travel. It sets my soul on fire. I am conceived in Bulgaria to a Polish mom and Bulgarian dad, born in Poland, in a refugee camp in Italy at 6 months old, and in the USA before the age of 2.

What an adventure from the start, right?

I have traveled now to 35+ countries including my limitless global girl journey in 2020-2022 traveling full-time, as well as transformational retreats around the world to CREATEIT. I love to inspire travel now and in the future!

  • Travel Massive: Go to network for travel industry founders, leaders, and creators all around the world. Add your profile, join a chapter, submit an article, connect in the forum, host an event and more!

  • Matador Network Matador is a global media brand for modern adventurers. From city guides to original shows, we'll stoke your curiosity about the world.

  • World Nomads: Inspiration, opportunities & travel insurance to help you fuel your curiousity, find your journey, and travel bravely!

  • Workaway: Travel differently, connect globally. Leading community for cultural exchange, working holidays and volunteering in 170+ countries. How I Got Press Trips in 2021!

  • Retreats: Transform and Travel with our Global Retreats, Camps and Months. Includes stay, transportation, travel insurance, AND Health, Wealth and Business Hands-on, Workshops, Adventure, Community Service, Social Media, Videos, Course Creation and MUCH MORE!

  • Brand Solutions: for Ongoing Multi-Month to Year Projects with Creating and Scaling with Travel! Options for consulting, implementing, and scaling your teams in wellness, marketing, business and travel.


Creating Communities

I absolutely love creating communities and being a part of them! in 2020, I absolutely challenged myself to create communities online in more ways than one! I want to commend every creator, entrepreneur and BOSS who is creating communities and sharing love.

It is more important than ever! Some of my additional transformation teachers I didn't share earlier from 2011-2020 have included Strategic Coach, Dani Johnson, Herbalife Nutrition Leaders, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and more!

Here are some more communities that have impacted me along the way of my journey!

  • FIT Life Creation CREATEIT Like a Boss Community of course! Every single one of you who are aligning to create a life, business & community you love!

  • BossBabe: Supporting Women in Business! I actively participated and applied what I learned from the Societe 2019-2020. Loved the community & collaborations along the way!

  • B-School is an 6-week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more impact and sales from online presence led by Marie Forleo. I started regularly tuning in to Marie TV around 2015 ish, read her book Everything is Figureoutable 2+x, and decided to join B School in 2022. It has helped me prioritize, plan and profit step by step in exponential ways.

  • Unstoppable Year: Bethany Hamilton, her husband and countless guests for the year! I completed the year in 2020!

  • SuperFocus: Achieving Optimal in Every Area of Life with Tommy Newberry, New York Times Best Seller, group coaching every month now!

  • Social Curator helps you use your social accounts to build your dream business with done for. you resources and group coaching led by Jasmine Star. I started following Jasmine around 2018 or so, and decided to join Social Curator in 2022. I am loving her step by step social calendar and promotional plan. They are game changers.

  • Mike Michalowicz: Best Selling Author of ClockWork, Pumpkin Plan, Fix This Next, and Profit First. Recently listened to ClockWork, Fix This Next, and Pumpkin Plan twice & applied lessons.

  • The Cru is an intention based peer coaching program I discovered in 2021. I applied and became sponsored by UBS Entrepreneur. I have enjoyed focusing on setting intentions along with the connections and community in 2022.

  • Get Loved Up is a holistic health and vegan lifestyle membership led by Koya Webb. I first learned about Koya in about 2015, attended Wanderfest, and met her via an Acro Yoga class. I ended up joining Get Loved Up in 2022 and love the monthly live sessions especially.

  • Influencer Master Course led by Catarina Mello, @professionaltraveler is a comprehensive program to help you create a life with freedom with social media and Instagram. I started following Catarina around 2019, and decided to join her course in 2022. As of June, I am over half way through her course and seeing definite results e.g. 5x view increase on reels alone.


Wow! That's a lot to #CREATEIT - A Life & Business & Community YOU LOVE!!


75+ Tools to Help You Create Like a Boss

By now you are buzzing on ways to create it like a BOSS! Whether you start with faith, wellness, money, travel and/or community, you will feel like a boss once you #CREATEIT with our list!

No matter where you are in creating a life and business you love, #CREATEIT now.

Your life depends on it, and so does the impact you are HERE to CREATE!

If you love this post, you'll love all the ways to CREATEIT Like a BOSS.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.


FIT Life Creation: Lifestyle Brand: Health, Wealth, Biz in 1

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