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Costa Rica Adventure: Canyoning in the Lost Canyon with Desafio

Calling All My Adventure Lovers to Costa Rica. I am no stranger to adventure and adrenaline.

In fact, I find as the years go by, my love of adventure increases.

My adventures have included skydiving in Houston, scuba diving in Cozumel, Egypt, Jamaica, white water rafting in North Carolina (and near death experience!), surfing in California, ocean view zip lining in Costa Rica, and cliff diving in Jamaica to name just a few.

Before my travel to Costa Rica, I knew I wanted to experience Arenal Volcano, Fortuna Waterfall, Rio Celeste, Horseback Riding on the Beach, Surfing, and Night Tours. I knew I either wanted to do something new and/or a prior adventure in a new environment in Costa Rica. I researched different experiences with hanging bridges, nature walks, and adventure online as well.

Desafio Adventure Company came up several times including being highly recommended by my Airbnb: Dragon Fly Hideaway. I reached out to Desafio Adventure Company and heard back from Christine - wife of Suresh (the Founder & Pioneer of Adventure), Co-owner, and Community Collaborator! I shared options I would love to do including Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Lake Arenal, Cooking Class, and Canyoning in Lost Canyon.

Before I knew it, the day to experience yet another Costa Rica Adventure: Canyoning in the Lost Canyon with Desafio arrived!

Canyoning with Desafio Adventure Company
Canyoning with Desafio Adventure Company

Desafio Adventure Company

Suresh Krishnam, the Pioneer of Adventure, started Desafio Adventure Company over 27 years ago after falling in love with the Arenal region's many rivers. He chose the name "Desafio" because it means challenge (and he was up for it!)

Desafio Adventure Founder
Desafio Adventure Founder

27 years later, the company operates in destinations:

  • Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna

  • Guanacaste

  • Manuel Antonio Beach

  • Monteverde

  • Samara Beach

  • San Jose Airport (SJO)

Top adventures include:

  • Volcanoes

  • Beaches

  • Rainforests and Cloud Forests

  • National Parks

  • Rivers

  • Waterfalls

The adventurer is exposed to extensive options from cooking and dancing classes to stand up paddle boarding to canyoning/waterfall repelling and everything in between!

There is adventure for everyone!

They definitely had me at hello!

Desafio Adventure Tours
Desafio Adventure Tours

My Experiences With Desafio Adventure Company

This is my first time experiencing an adventure in Costa Rica with Desafio! Thanks to rave recommendations from my Airbnb in Costa Rica, connecting with Christine - Suresh's wife, Co-Owner, and Community Builder with Desafio, and the team Pablo, Luis, Ronny, Gustavo, and Joshua on my Canyoning in Lost Canyon Adventures, I already know it won't be my last.

Desafio Adventure Guides

From Left to Right: Desafio Adventure Guides: Joshua, Ronny, Luis & Gustavo!

Thank you for the safety first & adventure at every single step!

Desafio Adventure Company showcases service, safety, and adventure with every interaction.

I experienced this in my communication with Christine, as well as the entire day with Pablo picking me up early at my Airbnb, and with everything all day during the Canyoning in Lost Canyon Adventure with the guides.

Before my adventure, I reviewed information via the Desafio Adventure website.

It helped me get a glimpse of the breathtaking, pulse pounding, and death defying adventure I was about to embark on!

At the same time, nothing could fully prepare me for the non stop pulse pounding and adrenaline rush!

Canyoning in the Lost Canyon

Words do not do this adventure justice. I will attempt to share my awe, wonder, and joy through the words, photos, and videos of the Canyoning in Lost Canyon adventure.

I want you to feel the adventure as if you are living it.

After all the adventurers were picked up we headed to meet the 4X4 open air vehicle to go on an adventure ride on our way to the Canyon. I felt like I was in the movie clip from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - so cool, right?

Shot on my Canon EOSM100

In the Open Air Jeep / 4x4 Vehicle

We arrived at the center with time to have a safety briefing and set up our harnesses and helmets for the Lost Canyon Adventure. We were assisted by the guides to make sure our harnesses and helmets were well fitted. Every step of the way, the guides checked to make sure for adjustments. After all, the adventure included waterfalls from the baby to Big Momma, along with walking along the way, and water surprises!

Helmets via Desafio Adventure Company
Helmets via Desafio Adventure Company

Harnesses via Desafio Adventure Company
Harnesses via Desafio Adventure Company

Safety First

We then headed over for a quick group photo of the Lost Canyon Adventurers before our safety demonstration.

The Adventurers Canyoning in Lost Canyon Costa Rica
The Adventurers Canyoning in Lost Canyon Costa Rica

Adventure Awaits! We all experienced incredible vibes, conversations and of course - adventure!

At this point, my camera and phone were in my bag in the van to make sure nothing would be lost or broken. Christine shared with me in advance and the guides reminded us they would be taking photos and videos throughout the adventure. I highly recommend you get the photos and videos that capture your once in a life time moments.

We experienced a safety briefing with Gustavo on wide positioning of our legs to help balance our bodies as we rappel the waterfall, guidance on hand placements to safely rappel, and positioning of our upper body to prevent injury. Listening to a safety briefing is one thing, applying it -entirely another.

We hiked to our first waterfall rappelling experience -the baby.

Every moment the guides took amazing care of us including positioning, safety, and precautions.

They regularly explained tips all along the way whether on a particular waterfall or along the hike. I made sure to listen and take my time. I had zero desire to take home an extra "souvenir" anywhere on my body or during my experience (as they joyfully called any potential mishaps we may run into)

We started with baby steps at the baby waterfall - 10 ft tall to practice hands-on, we quickly graduated to two more rappelling experiences. Be prepared to get wet plenty of times! One of the reason why they mention bring a change of clothes!

This set us up for success to get ready for the Big Boy and/or Big Momma! 70 meters, or 200+ feet, DOUBLE the size of the La Fortuna Waterfall I went to go see earlier in the week!

Each and every time, I felt a mixture of exhilaration, adrenaline and calmness. I took my time every step of the way. I listened to what the guides said. Keep in mind in between each waterfall rappelling adventure, more adventure awaits with hiking on rocks, sink holes, and canon balling to name a few!

This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible adventures I have experienced.
It is easy to see why!

I cannot thank Christine and the Desafio team enough for this incredible adventure and way to start the year in 2021!

Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon
Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon

Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon
Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon

Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon
Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon

Desafio Adventure: Lost Canyon

Once we finished with Big Boy/Big Momma we hiked back up to the original center we arrived at with the harnesses and helmets. We took off our helmets, harnesses, and were able to dry off.

You may imagine at this point, we all worked out quite an appetite. Talk about a workout in every way! Any trace of my morning shake and two bananas for extra fuel was all gone!

We headed back to our 4X4 to Desafio Adventures. We enjoyed an absolutely delicious lunch at the Hunters and Gatherers restaurant.

Hunters & Gathers Restaurant

As always, 100% of opinions are my own!

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, and/or video integrated from Desafio Adventure Guides.

Adventure: Canyoning in Costa Rica with Desafio

What a way to start the New Year! I feel like I have lived more this last week than all of 2020 combined! Canyoning in Costa Rica and Waterfall Rappelling with Desafio has added to my priceless memories in Costa Rica in countless ways.

Whether you decide to choose Canyoning or not, Desafio has limitless options for all adventurers!

Pura Vida will have you fall in love with adventure and Costa Rica!

Have you experienced an adventure with Desafio?

Is it on your bucket list?

What will you try next?

Are you curious about Costa Rica and the Pura Vida?


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