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Costa Rica Adventure: Canyoning in the Lost Canyon with Desafio

Calling All My Adventure Lovers to Costa Rica. I am no stranger to adventure and adrenaline.

In fact, I find as the years go by, my love of adventure increases.

My adventures have included skydiving in Houston, scuba diving in Cozumel, Egypt, Jamaica, white water rafting in North Carolina (and near death experience!), surfing in California, ocean view zip lining in Costa Rica, and cliff diving in Jamaica to name just a few.

Before my travel to Costa Rica, I knew I wanted to experience Arenal Volcano, Fortuna Waterfall, Rio Celeste, Horseback Riding on the Beach, Surfing, and Night Tours. I knew I either wanted to do something new and/or a prior adventure in a new environment in Costa Rica. I researched different experiences with hanging bridges, nature walks, and adventure online as well.

Desafio Adventure Company came up several times including being highly recommended by my Airbnb: Dragon Fly Hideaway. I reached out to Desafio Adventure Company and heard back from Christine - wife of Suresh (the Founder & Pioneer of Adventure), Co-owner, and Community Collaborator! I shared options I would love to do including Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Lake Arenal, Cooking Class, and Canyoning in Lost Canyon.

Before I knew it, the day to experience yet another Costa Rica Adventure: Canyoning in the Lost Canyon with Desafio arrived!

Canyoning with Desafio Adventure Company
Canyoning with Desafio Adventure Company

Desafio Adventure Company

Suresh Krishnam, the Pioneer of Adventure, started Desafio Adventure Company over 27 years ago after falling in love with the Arenal region's many rivers. He chose the name "Desafio" because it means challenge (and he was up for it!)