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Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

With my love of travel along with local experiences, Airbnb is a great fit for me. If you love an experience you won't get at a hotel with a private stay and supporting entrepreneurship, you will love Airbnb, Over the last four years, I have found my stays with Airbnb great for solo travel, unique experiences, as well as hosting global transformation retreats.

When I decided to travel to Costa Rica, I started researching both different parts of the country and stays on Airbnb. During my prior experiences in Costa Rica in 2016, I visited Liberia and Playa Del Coco for our transformational retreats. I knew I wanted to experience different parts of Costa Rica this time around.

I reviewed things to do in La Fortuna, Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio to name a few destinations in Costa Rica. I decided I wanted to experience La Fortuna with Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna Waterfall, and nearby Rio Celeste as my first stop in Costa Rica.

I thought about where I would love to stay after leaving Atlanta, GA, I knew I wanted a place near La Fortuna but not in town, with beautiful bright colors, high speed WiFI, and a pool as a bonus.

What is amazing is this Airbnb in Costa Rica isn't simply one home, it is currently four homes in a gated small community with beautiful landscaping, community kitchen, and a pool all in one.

Whether you are a solo lifestyle entrepreneur and/or digital nomad, traveling with family and friends, or creating retreats, this Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Hideaway is perfect for you.

I couldn't not have imagined a more magical stay and experience with my first Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway in 2021. It literally is a dream come to life. You can't tell me you don't agree.

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

Shot on my Sony A330

Airbnb in Costa Rica

In Travel to Costa Rica, I shared how I love staying at Airbnbs globally. I have experienced Airbnbs for solo trips, travel with family and friends, and hosting retreats since 2016. I have experienced the most magical moments from our Costa Rica Retreat in Playa Del Coco in 2016 to an Airbnb in Spain with a garden, pool, and nearby beach to Dragon Fly Hideaway in Costa Rica and everything in between.

No matter the adventure in Airbnbs it is life changing each and every time. I approach my stays with Airbnbs the same I do any other stay. I determine in advance what I am looking for and filter via the Airbnb platform. I review the listing, description, photos and reviews. I pay particularly close attention to the reviews about the accuracy of the listing, service of the host, amenities, and cleanliness.

Immediately, when I found Dragon Fly Hideaway, I knew I wanted to stay here. In case you didn't know my favorite colors are pink, blue and green. So, when I saw a place with houses that are incredible AND pink, blue, green and yellow, I said YES!

Another reason I love staying at an Airbnb, is it makes it easy to create content like a boss. As an entrepreneur, I could not have envisioned a more perfect place for photography, content creation, and online courses.

Dragon Fly Hideaway in Costa Rica

Dragon Fly Hideaway

From my first interaction with Shelly via the Airbnb platform, the alignment felt easy and clear. Shelly responded quickly. She went above and beyond with a question I had and service. This consistency continued on when I didn't have my passport yet the week before coming to Costa Rica. Every single step of the way, Shelly and the ladies go above and beyond. This has continued during my stay since 12/31 for about 2 weeks total.

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect place in every way with Dragon Fly Hideaway. The alignment is clear from the start. Dragon Fly Hideaway perfectly showcases the Pura Vida in Costa Rica with the beautiful layout and visuals, attention to detail, and the incredible story of Shelly and the ladies visiting La Fortuna for the first time years ago resulting in creating this magical place.

You absolutely feel the love and care through the photos. At the same time, the photos do not do the place justice. It is incredible. From the moment, I drove up with my Uber driver (side note: It is very safe, inexpensive and easy to take Ubers in Costa Rica other than maybe Sundays sometimes), I looked in awe.

The instructions provided are perfect and guide you step by step to get to the Airbnb, as well as experience all the Dragon Fly Hideaway has to offer. When you drive up, you see the Dragon Fly on the gate, and enter with ease with the self check-in lockboxes.

As you open the gate, you marvel at the landscaping including the Good Luck Plant, lime trees, coffee plants. Immediately, the small pink house that is the community kitchen with the outdoor eating/working space captures your gaze.

Dragon Fly Hideaway near La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Shot on my Canon EOS M100

The hammocks beckon to you to come lay and sleep or read in them. The pool screams jump in almost immediately. It is the perfect spot to create a vision for your year and life. Whether playing and/or working at the pool, I enjoyed it numerous times. It is a perfect way to start and/or end your day especially in Costa Rica with tropical climates.

Dragon Fly Hideaway near La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Shot on my Canon EOS M100

Dragon Fly Hideaway isn't simply one property. It has four beautiful homes including a pink, blue, green, and yellow house. The homes are just as beautiful inside as they are outside. They include modern furnishing, mosquito nets, work spaces, and cement floors.

I didn't get to experience only one home, but two of them. I stayed both in the Blue House in the front, as well as the Pink House for a longer stay.

The blue house is larger with two stories and a room on the other side of the house. I loved that it has a small kitchen and a large wooden bench to eat and work on. A family with children may stay here with the adorable loft style beds (or friends who don't mind low ceilings!)

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

I love how each house has a princess / mosquito net which is equally beautiful and practical.

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

I stayed at the Pink House as well for a longer stay. It faces the walk way with a huge window facing the pool. This makes for a beautiful view if you are working indoors which I am doing right now. It is a small house, and similar to a private room or casita with a bed, small desk, and bathroom. I adore it.

You may find more photos of the entire property and inside of the homes via IG @dragonflyhideaway and via their Airbnb listing.

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

Shot on my Canon EOS M100

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

The lush landscaping and peace and quiet invites you every step of the way. Throughout my stay here, I made new friends with people from Texas and California as well. Shelly is very responsive with any questions or assistance you may need via the Airbnb app or other methods of communication.

Pura Vida beckons with the breathtaking landscaping, community kitchen, outdoor eating / workspace, pool, and fast WiFI! Some days I went off on adventures like La Fortuna Waterfall or Arenal Volcano, and some days I spent creating and working in this beautiful place.

The Hideaway is crafted with love and is perfect for content creation for lifestyle entrepreneurs and bloggers. It is a dream come true for content creators, lifestyle entrepreneurs, and travel bloggers. it is perfect for short to long term stays whether you are here alone or with a group.

Like the ladies share on their IG and Airbnb,

"We are 4 friends that went to Costa Rica, fell in ❤️with the country and went back to build our vacation homes"

IG and Airbnb Link via Instagram @dragonflyhideaway

Follow along on my IG @katrinajuliafit with posts, reels, and highlights of Costa Rica along with behind the scenes. I share behind the scenes with Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway.

Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway

Pura Vida is calling you from Costa Rica at Dragon Fly. Whether you decide to travel near La Fortuna, Costa Rica soon or in the future, Dragon Fly Hideaway is where you will want to stay.

The serenity, nature and beautiful and bright surroundings will align to you in every way. The Airbnb owners and locals will make your moments magical in Costa Rica.

With numerous places to stay in Costa Rica and globally, you will find no other location will compare to the beauty, service, serenity, and amenities of Dragon Fly Hideaway near La Fortuna.

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