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Cuba Retreat: Lifestyle Transformation and Entrepreneurship Hands On: The Day by Day Itinerary

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

You love to travel and have new experiences. You have experiences across the globe. Everything from adventure to relaxing stays in resorts. You are in love with travel and who you get to become as you literally explore yourself and the world. Yet, something inside of you is itching to not only get away, but to recharge, stay healthy, create, and connect with a. community while traveling

You want to create a life and business you love. You want a community to connect, create, and cultivate with. You want to transform and travel.

It's easy to see why Global Wellness economy is a. $4.2 Trillion industry and why it continues to grow.. Traveling helps you release stress, reinvent yourself, increase happiness, and enhance creativity. You want fun, food, fitness, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and community.

You may want to know more about wellness retreats like our Cuba Retreat: Lifestyle Transformation and Entrepreneurship Hands On: The Day by Day Itinerary, or you may want to know what retreat types are best for you to attend.

There's plenty of ways to create retreats and to transform and travel whether you create retreats, or attend one. After you read this, you will be clear on our retreat experiences with hands-on lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship.

Cuba Retreat: Lifestyle Transformation and Entrepreneurship Hands On: The Day by Day Itinerary

Over the past few months, I started working on retreats starting with Costa Rica in July. I've previously traveled to over 26 countries, planned trips, retreats, and events occasionally.

I've always loved creating experiences - so I thought why not combine Getting Healthy, Making Money, and Building a Brand while helping others around the globe?

Yes. Please!

I just wrapped up two retreats from 2/15 - 2/20 and 2/23-2/27.

I'll focus on what we experienced in Week one in this article, and upcoming articles will spotlight Week two and what I've implemented and/or are implementing in my own life.

Cuba Retreat: The Day by Day Itinerary

As I introduced the strategy and vision of the brand and how the retreats integrate to creating an experience, I've gotten questions on the following:

How did I set up these retreats on my own?

What is the agenda for each retreat?

What did you do for Cuba?

I. How did I set up these retreats on my own?

I started with determining the locations of which countries I wanted to visit within the next year.

The list I came up with for 2017 includes Cuba, Brazil, and Atlanta. At first, I was trying to do five with a group! I realized I should focus more on creating the concept + making it the best it may be! I am a firm believer in creating a limitless life you love yourself.

We were in Cuba 2/15-2/20 with Marissa Pedersen and Ashley Renne.

After integrating and interviewing various influencers for the past several months, I selected these two entrepreneurs as a result of purpose, positivity and future potential growth. We did have two others for week 1, but due to energy and wifi concerns it was mutually decided to not continue with participating.

The three of us got to spend time on creating a life and business we love together in Cuba.

The wellness retreat experience included:

Healthy chefs

Herbalife nutrition supplements + swag bag (all part of our programs)

Workshop peaks into academies from Purpose to Profits to Billions in Our Brains and more

Convertible Car Tour around Havana

Beach Day at Santa Maria

This provided an opportunity for each person to personally experience creating a life + business they love, while also experiencing an immersion experience with our brand.

So what did each day look like?

Immersive. Out of the Box. Creative.

Here's an example of a Creating Retreats workshop the FLC way.

Here is an example of our photoshoot with Alex and his team.

Day 1: Wednesday, 2/15/2017

The first day I arrived with Ashley Renne on the same flight! We leave Atlanta without a hitch to find out in Ft Lauderdale our flight isn't equipped to go to Havana LOL! No problem, we are an hour or so delayed and arrive safely.

Marissa ends up waiting for us for about two hours! The transportation with our private driver, Yansel was right on time, and the visit to the villa seamless for an amazing Cuban dinner.

I highly recommend using Yansel for your driving needs! He was super friendly and professional!! You may reach him at 537-691-7262!

I loved being able to practice my Spanish the entire time with the driver, chef, and staff. They were all super sweet!

I set up things for the influencers, unpacked, and we all chilled after dinner.

Day 2: Thursday, 2/16/2017

We explored the streets of Havana and saw amazing sites!! We got hustled by a bicitaxi! Lol what's travel without being hustled?! We asked how much it was for everyone and they said $5 CUC and after they said 5CUC per person! Ask before two or three times to be 1000% clear! One of two hustles that was attempted during the two weeks #notbad.

The welcome consisted of a dinner, swag bag, and binder. Their swag bag included a Herbalife swag bag, Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition meal replacement, bars, athletic performance, energy drinks, and skin care samples, and a business building binder.

The first day, and every day, we had incredible Cuban Cuisine with a health focus of tilapia, rice and beans, and fresh fruit juices.

We then had workshops on Purpose 2 Profits, Space Creating, Taming Time, and Seven Steps to Success.

These covered pulling out what you love, passions, gifts, talents, abilities and more while creating space. We all shared about setting boundaries and creating space in life whether with stuff, space, sanity, technology, and relationships.

We then headed to share our stories and donate both time + money at a local photography school set up by our Airbnb coordinator, Jose Rey, with Rentas Monicas!!!

With what we are creating with FIT Life Creation

Follow Love in All We Do

Impact People

Transform the Mind

and developing non profits, integrating service and donating 10% of our sales is extremely important and non-negotiable in all we do.

I encourage you to click below in Ashley's vlog to see behind the scenes!!

Day 3: Friday, 2/17/2017

In the morning, we had another incredible Cuban meal along with a smoothies I created. I used gluten free certified Banana Caramel and Vanilla with Herbalife. (Items are all part of our programs)

We then had a workshop on Fly By Nutrition. We covered healthy habits, grocery shopping, meal prep, tips and tools. Here are some freebies.

Everyone provided their input, feedback and insight on progressing step by step with health while having wealth impacts.

We then moved on to head to our incredible photoshoot with Alex and his team + a convertible tour all around Havana!!! We had so much fun + highly recommend this as one of the most fun ways to see the city!!!

For those curious, we had the pink one two times in a row during week 1 and 2 !! hehe! #girlsrule

When we got back, we rested before dinner, and later had our 6 Pack of Wealth on the roof!!

This workshop encompasses all the aspects of money - spiritual, mental, strategic and technical.

The six pack consists of giving, creating, spending, investing, saving, and leverage and we covered all these segments with group and individual sharing

Day 4: Saturday, 2/18/2017

We ended up arranging a photo safari experience with the photography school near the Malecon (boulevard on the water).

Another amazing photographer I learned about in Cuba was Jose Rey. I learned about him after we had already booked with Alex! Highly recommend him as well!!

We then headed to Santa Maria beach to eat, chill and do our Creating Retreats workshops!

Ashley also presented her workshop on the beach on tips + tools for filming videos + equipment that was super helpful!! Follow her and keep watch for her upcoming courses!

Watching her also super inspired me to simply start! Start and learn! Rinse and repeat!!

We also got a surprise with the company we arranged snorkeling and diving with - they tried to triple our prices! So we ended up having workshops Sunday morning and more chill time at the beach!!

Tip: Get Yansel to drive you to Playa Larga + as of 2/27 (our second group) snorkeling was 5 CUC and scuba 25 CUC over half less!!!

Some behind the scenes input from our bloggers and influencers on our retreat!

Day 5: Sunday, 2/19/2017

We started our day off right with an incredible breakfast as usual!

We then jumped back into Billions in Our Brains and finished up! Marissa also shared how it was great to get confirmation that she was on track with several things, so many new ideas and insight. I got such inspiration from her sharing about Hootsuite, Tailwind, and more ways to optimize social media! I've already implemented them both!! It shows on average I will save over 15 days of my life a year!!! Whooo whooo!!!

We then wrapped up with Creating Limitless which ties in the structure presented in Billions in Our Brains + Next Steps. We wrapped up with a 90 Day Plan + then headed to Santa Maria to relax!

We had our last dinner with Angel which as always was incredible!! We then had a spajama glow party where we did facials and masks and had mini tea candles!!

The skin care line we used was Herbalife as well.

Day 6: Monday, 2/20/2017

The day of departure! It came so fast, but then it always does! We had down time to relax and have breakfast and pack. We chatted about some final aspects from the week, and headed out for the airport at right around 9:30 am with no travel delays for anyone!

Always a win!! I'll share more in the upcoming blogs about my time in between group I and II, my 90 day plan, and Group II and Lessons Learned!

As an added bonus, you may also follow IG + blogs @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation @postcardstoseattle @travellushes with some of the influencers for this retreat as they share.

Upcoming experiences with Programs, Atlanta and Brazil, click here.

Keep Creating Limitless because that is what YOU are.

Transform + Inspire.


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