• Katrina Julia

Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020: Where I am Headed, What I Will Be Doing, and for How Long

No matter where you look, 2020 has brought us surprise after surprise in many ways in our own personal lives, our cities and countries, and all across the world. I am no different and walking right along side you.

In March - June of this year, I found myself resiliently walking through both my own challenges and the worlds. I increased content creation, online launches and courses, communities, and launched Inspiring Travel Now and in the Future. This also included over 20 episodes on the show: Create with Katrina Julia in April alone.

In June, I experienced a moment of impact, migraine, and feelings of heaviness. It felt like all of what is going on hit me literally and figuratively. I took spiritual and practical action. I increased both prayer and studies, and online communities and accountability.

While focusing on mission, and vision and leaps of faith with automating and scaling like a boss,

I increased my presence, contentment, and joy. I evaluated current circumstances in my own life, business, and expenses. I considered short=term and long-term goals with momentum and paying off debt. I glanced at the pulse of the world and estimates of potential vaccine process and readiness.

As a global traveler to over 25 countries and a retreat host, I previously envisioned increasing travel 21-22 with 7 Continent Retreats, Camps & Months. At the same time, my friend Silvana and I had a pivotal conversation at the park about adventure, travel and freedom in July of this year.

The seed was planted. I began to explore possibilities of leaving Atlanta, GA this year. I knew my lease was coming up in January 2021 and inquired about options to end the lease early. I imagined being surrounded by sunshine and adventure, and how it would impact my spirit. I decided to stay until December knowing the cold was coming and would likely impact me with increased time indoors.

I explored destinations like Bermuda offering travel benefits for digital nomads and travelers. I dove into nearby destinations like Nicaragua, and Costa Rica with lower cost of living. I began to create a completely different 2021. I knew my strength came from our Creator this year more than ever. I understood that I would not be able to handle 2021 in the same way with the same circumstances being mostly alone in Atlanta, GA.

I am taking off from Atlanta, GA in 2020. First Stop: Destination Central America - Costa Rica.

What my life will look like in the coming year will be radically different than 2020.

I am embracing the life of an Accidental Nomad and Limitless Wonder Woman.

Let's Take Off as I share Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020:

Where I am Headed, What I Will Be Doing, and For How Long!

Photo by Chad Peltola on Unsplash