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Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020: Where I am Headed, What I Will Be Doing, and for How Long

No matter where you look, 2020 has brought us surprise after surprise in many ways in our own personal lives, our cities and countries, and all across the world. I am no different and walking right along side you.

In March - June of this year, I found myself resiliently walking through both my own challenges and the worlds. I increased content creation, online launches and courses, communities, and launched Inspiring Travel Now and in the Future. This also included over 20 episodes on the show: Create with Katrina Julia in April alone.

In June, I experienced a moment of impact, migraine, and feelings of heaviness. It felt like all of what is going on hit me literally and figuratively. I took spiritual and practical action. I increased both prayer and studies, and online communities and accountability.

While focusing on mission, and vision and leaps of faith with automating and scaling like a boss,

I increased my presence, contentment, and joy. I evaluated current circumstances in my own life, business, and expenses. I considered short=term and long-term goals with momentum and paying off debt. I glanced at the pulse of the world and estimates of potential vaccine process and readiness.

As a global traveler to over 25 countries and a retreat host, I previously envisioned increasing travel 21-22 with 7 Continent Retreats, Camps & Months. At the same time, my friend Silvana and I had a pivotal conversation at the park about adventure, travel and freedom in July of this year.

The seed was planted. I began to explore possibilities of leaving Atlanta, GA this year. I knew my lease was coming up in January 2021 and inquired about options to end the lease early. I imagined being surrounded by sunshine and adventure, and how it would impact my spirit. I decided to stay until December knowing the cold was coming and would likely impact me with increased time indoors.

I explored destinations like Bermuda offering travel benefits for digital nomads and travelers. I dove into nearby destinations like Nicaragua, and Costa Rica with lower cost of living. I began to create a completely different 2021. I knew my strength came from our Creator this year more than ever. I understood that I would not be able to handle 2021 in the same way with the same circumstances being mostly alone in Atlanta, GA.

I am taking off from Atlanta, GA in 2020. First Stop: Destination Central America - Costa Rica.

What my life will look like in the coming year will be radically different than 2020.

I am embracing the life of an Accidental Nomad and Limitless Wonder Woman.

Let's Take Off as I share Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020:

Where I am Headed, What I Will Be Doing, and For How Long!


Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020

2020 hasn't been the easiest year. For me, it has been filled with stretching and growth at every turn. While I have fought for faith, freedom, and joy, I have recognized the impacts of isolation in person, as well as the environment all around me.

I love Atlanta, GA. I moved here in 2010, and have shared from the start about Atlanta, GA "it was love at first sight, and then we got married". At the same time, the decrease in co-working, communities in person, being apart from family, and four seasons impact me.

As a result, I am leaving Atlanta, GA temporarily because of spiritual and practical reasons like sunshine daily, ability to have adventure outdoors often, and cost of living in Central America and other travel destinations.

In addition, I imagine the ways I will grow towards freedom, the incredible people I will meet, and what I will create from this new state.


Where I Am Going: First Stop: Destination Central America

I chose Costa Rica as my first destination because of the Pura Vida I experienced myself in 2016. I enjoyed Costa Rica incredibly when I hosted one of our Transformational Retreats there.

From an added practical standpoint, the cost of living impacts my decisions as well. I am considering the cost of living as well from both my own experiences and research. For example, I have found wonderful Airbnb's for less than $1000 monthly, an immediate minimum savings of $600-$800 compared to Atlanta, GA.

2020 is teaching us more than ever to embrace the unknown, possible and tentative. I am walking through the same mindset shifts and breakthroughs like many of us, and embracing it all. Trusting God in the process step by step, and what I am gaining in character, refinement, and purpose.

My current tentative plans include:

Costa Rica December - February

Nicaragua: February - May

Mexico: May - July or later

South America: September

Africa: December

I love to travel. If you didn't know, I am conceived in Bulgaria, born in Poland, experienced a refugee camp in Italy, and immigrated to USA by the time I was two years old. I have traveled to 27+ countries, and hosed retreats in 4+ countries.

Like millions of others, my being and choosing to be grounded all of 2020 was a radical departure from my usual travel of 25-35% annually to say the least. Not only that, being at home over 75-95% of the time added to the isolation impact from every direction.

Other than a local woman's retreat within driving distance, a friends birthday, a rooftop gathering, grocery store, and walks in the park, I stayed in Atlanta, GA and chose to self-quarantine the majority of the time

To give you some insights into impacts for my decisions in 2020, my parents live in Bulgaria, and my brother and his family in Austria, and early on in 2020 I personally knew two people who passed away from CoVid, as well as two others who were infected right away with a horrid experience. In comparison, in September I met more people who did contract CoVid with minor symptoms.

Photo Credit: Leo Parias


Why I Chose Delta Airlines for Flying in 2020

As 2020 continued on with the global pandemic, racial unrest, economic instability, and political debates, my mindset on traveling sooner rather than later shifted. Additionally, as more factors of CoVid and prevention became known, I shifted my risk threshold.

I decided to take a risk to fly on short flights within distances of <5 hours and one flight at a time. With this in mind, I became hyperaware of airlines sensitive to the current environment.

The key factors in considering airlines for my travels in 2020 and beyond include listening and honoring people's perspectives with available flight routes, pulse on industry, no change fees, and increasing safety measures with both cleanliness and social distancing.

Living in Atlanta, GA for 10+ years and leaving from Atlanta, GA, Delta Airlines stood out in every way. I'm not the only one who thinks so. According to Forbes, COVID Report: The Best And Worst Airlines During Coronavirus, Delta Airlines stood out as #1 Overall, as well as being top ranked for cleaning and ticketing.

What I love is Delta has implemented a new DeltaCare Standard. We all know our world, and travel looks different now. Some ways that Delta has implemented this includes cleaner air & surfaces (HEPA Filters & Lysol Partnerships), safer service & care (requiring masks onboard),

Additionally, as of Nov 18, 2020, Delta Airlines is the only US airline to block middle seats, limit onboard capacity through March 30, 2021. Blocking seats into spring 2021 provides added confidence and reassurance for customers booking future travel plans.

This impacted my decision as well from every level. I am mindful of my spiritual and practical journey at every level, as well as risks I am willing to take.

It didn't hurt that I surprisingly learned I had over 12,000 points with Delta Airlines I have no idea where they originally came from!


What I'll Be Doing While Traveling:

Creating & Scaling Locally, Nationally, & Globally

This year I increased online communities and collaborations in multiple ways with wellness, marketing, business and travel. We continued to increase our online courses and communities reaching over 300+ million, I launched Inspiring Travel Now and in the Future with online and future live aspects. I grew the show exponentially on 8+ platforms with 300+ episodes. Finally, we are wrapping up this year into the New Year with CREATEIT Summit Online.

Like millions of others this year, all my work has been from home. So, the same focus on wellness, marketing, business and travel will continue online from Central America. The same focus will continue along with new content strategy and creation with Costa Rica to start.

The same things will continue like creating and sharing a blog or show, launching an online summit or courses, collaborating with creators, pitching brands, and scaling with a team. Pitching Like a Boss will continue all along the way locally, nationally, and globally with content and community.

The content themes focus on wellness, marketing, business and travel will continue with different country, backdrop, and influences along the way. You will see me continuing to create and scale a life and business I love in Costa Rica, and how you may too anywhere in the world..

In 2021, I will likely spend the majority of the year between Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico unless some surprises and blessings come up along the way.

Photo Credit: Leo Parias in Costa Rica


Creating Communities Globally

Creator Camps, Retreats & Months

In 2020, more than ever I recognized a need for communities online and live. Our online communities grew in every direction. I launched Creator Camps and Creation Months coming up in 2021 in Nicaragua and other destinations.

Our Transformational Retreats with Creator Camps and Creation Months include hands-on education in wellness, marketing, business and travel including giving back and creating online courses.

In addition, one of my travel dreams is to visit 7 Continents in 7 Months in 21-22. I am taking leaps of faith and our travels the end of 2021 into 2022 includes 7 Retreats in 7 Continents in 7 Months including solo-travel, meet-ups, press trips, brand integrations and collaborations.

Of course, many things are shifting day by day. As a result, we have an ongoing survey for bloggers, creators and brands with 100s of responses already. As things develop, we will continue to identify the best approach, integrations and shifts for safety and community.

As a result, you may see likely I will be gone from December 2020-July 2022. I am looking forward to how I will transform in every way from the inside out. In the past, I have always had a home base vs. during this time I will be a digital nomad.

Consider what leaps of faith you may take, future travel ideas and innovation you may create, and or get involved in communities with!

Photo Credit: Leo Parias

Our Cuba Retreat... dreaming of travel globally, community high vibes, and our future retreats

Pictured @jenmorilla @light.travels shot by @ps.iloveweddings Preston Olsen


Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020:

Where I am Headed, What I Will Be Doing, and or How Long

You may have read my writing or heard me on the show saying, Create, Transform & Inspire

You Are Born To. One of my core values is to live out that freedom at every level. It's easy to see how I have walked through transformation this year, and continue to at every level even before I go.

Why I am Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020: Where I am Headed, What I Will Be Doing, and or How Long isn't solely about me at all. It is about giving you inspiration about what is possible and to think outside the box. I know both solo travelers doing this and creating communities like me, as well as families taking leaps of faith.

I am aware circumstances vary, and at the same time there are always ways to think different and challenge ourselves. The more I choose faith, love, joy, community, and freedom at every step, the more I shift my perspective and make different choices in life at every turn.

How is your 2020 ending? Where are you transforming in your life for 2021?

What will you do to #CREATEIT next?


If you post on social media, please tag us @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation



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