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7 Steps to Create a Retreat in Costa Rica and the Pura Vida

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Do you love to travel? Does travel set your soul on fire? Have you thought about transforming and traveling at the same time? Are you considering taking or creating a retreat?

There are many ways to transform and travel. Travel and retreats help us transform into new versions of ourselves. Maybe you love to travel alone? Or maybe you are thinking about traveling with a group or a transformation retreat?

Each and every time you travel, challenge yourself to experience something differently besides the city or country. Are you dreaming about traveling to Costa Rica? Costa Rica is an incredible country. Recently, in 2016, I created an entrepreneur and lifestyle transformation retreat in Costa Rica.

There is a good chance I may go again, and we may host a lifestyle transformation retreat in Costa Rica again. Costa Rica has something for everyone. You may experience culture, beaches and adventure to start. Pura Vida is felt everywhere you go.

 It’s time to transform and travel.  Get your journal out to make a plan. It feels great to dream about traveling to Costa Rica. Putting pen to paper and taking action wins every time.

You want to transform and travel to Costa Rica, but you don't want to break the bank doing it? 7 Steps to Create a Retreat in Costa Rica and the Pura Vida will help you cast a vision for your life. Whether you travel to Costa Rica, or create a retreat, you will learn travel and retreat tips to help you.