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Experiencing Costa Rica + Pura Vida

Over the past few months, I've been working on Influencer Retreats starting with Costa Rica last week + Pura Vida (Pure Life) leading to Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, and Egypt into 2018.

Last week, we just experienced our first Influence2Inspire: Influencer Retreats in Costa Rica.

I encourage you to check out Part I on the last blog on creating the retreats and more.

As I introduced the strategy and vision of the brand and how the retreats integrate,

I've gotten questions on the following:

How did I set up these retreats on my own?

What is the agenda for each retreat?

What did you do for Costa Rica?

I. How did I set up these retreats on my own?

I started with determining the locations of which countries I wanted to visit within the next year.

The list I created for 2016-2017 include Costa Rica, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, and Egypt. I am a firm believer in creating a limitless life you love yourself.

I was in Costa Rica from 10/12 to 10/17 with Marissa Pedersen and Mandee Flanders.

After integrating and interviewing various influencers for the past two months, I selected these two entrepreneurs as a result of purpose, positivity and future potential growth.

The three of us got to spend time on creating a life and business we love together in Costa Rica. The healthy lifestyle immersion retreat experience included:

Private villa stay

Healthy chefs

Herbalife nutrition supplements, Six Pack Bag Meal Bags (all part of our programs)

Workshop peaks into academies from Purpose to Profits to Billions in Our Brains and more

Adventure with zip lining and snorkeling at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

This provided an opportunity for each person to personally experience creating a life + business they love, while also experiencing an immersion experience with our brand.

So what did each day look like?

Immersive. Out of the Box. Creative.

Here's an example of a Creating Retreats workshop the FLC way.

Here is an example of our photoshoot with Leo Parias.

Day 1: Wednesday, 10/12/2016

The first day I arrived as the leader with our photographer from the U.S. to make sure that all was set up with the villa, grocery shopping was done, and any final details were taken care of. The transportation with our private driver was right on time, and the visit to the grocery store seamless.

I loved being able to practice my Spanish the entire time with the driver, chef, and staff. They were all super sweet!

I set up things for the influencers, unpacked, and chilled by the beautiful pool at our incredible villa.

Day 2: Thursday, 10/13/2016

I woke up super excited in the amazing master suite with accompanying outdoor shower peacefully. I loved the sound of the howling monkeys and birds all around us in our sanctuary. We stayed right outside Playa Del Coco near Liberia.

I later got a surprise with a family emergency with the photographer who ended up having to leave back to the U.S. as the influencers arrived. What is life without something to truly test your release of control and peace? That is how you know it exists within.

The influencers arrived without a hitch and we brought them back to the villa.

Their welcome consisted of a dinner, swag bag, and binder. Their swag bag included a Six pack meal bag, Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition meal replacement, bars, athletic performance, energy drinks, and skin care samples, and a business building binder.

The first day, and every day, we had incredible Costa Rican Cuisine with a health focus of tilapia, rice and beans, pico de gallo, and fresh fruit juices.

We then had workshops on Purpose 2 Profits and Space Creating. These covered pulling out what you love, passions, gifts, talents, abilities and more while creating space. We all shared about setting boundaries and creating space in life whether with stuff, space, sanity, technology, and relationships.

Day 3: Friday, 10/14/2016

In the morning, we had another incredible Costa Rican meal along with a smoothie bowl I created. I used gluten free certified Banana Caramel and Vanilla with Herbalife. (Items are all part of our programs)

We then had a workshop on Fly By Nutrition. We covered healthy habits, grocery shopping, meal prep, tips and tools. Here are some freebies.

Everyone provided their input, feedback and insight on progressing step by step with health while having wealth impacts.

We then moved on to an awesome workshop on Creating Retreats by the pool. Now, I don't know about you, but I believe workshops and conferences should also involve forms of Vitamin D. It is essential for us!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the locations where we hosted workshops. We had Fly By Nutrition, Purpose2Profits, 6 Pack of Wealth, Billions in Our Brains, Creating Retreats, and Creating Limitless. We covered transformation from health to business and multiple collaborative opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as for clients who want to attend.

Marisa shared already that some groups she is involved in would be a great tie-in and resource! In addition, she shared she is interested in co-leading Brazil! I am blown away by so much happening!

With what we are creating with FIT Life Creation

Follow Love in All We Do

Impact People

Transform the Mind

and developing non profits, integrating service and donating 10% of our sales is extremely important and non-negotiable in all we do.

When we got back, we focused on a workshop "6 Pack of Wealth". This workshop encompasses all the aspects of money - spiritual, mental, strategic and technical.

The six pack consists of giving, creating, spending, investing, saving, and leverage and we covered all these segments with group and individual sharing

Day 4: Saturday, 10/15/2016

Initially, we were going to do our adventure day Sunday. However, with changing up our photography with a local photographer that was recommended by our villa owner - Kattya, we ended up switching Diamante Eco Adventure Park to Saturday.

After our usual incredible Costa Rican Breakfast + Smoothie Bowls with Herbalife (#1 Global Nutrition) and fruit, we headed out the park. I was a bit concerned with my foot but figured it would all work out. It was incredible!!!! We arrived and had breathtaking ocean views immediately! We also ended up renting a go-pro!! I can't wait to see the footage!

We headed out snorkeling and apparently got stung by invisible jelly fish. The stings went away quickly! It was the weirdest thing! We got loads of underwater shots with colorful fish.

We then headed out to have an incredible lunch.

Then headed off to zip lining. They were all super sweet and took extra care of me! We started off with a baby zip line, and then progressed to the most breathtaking one I've ever seen "Superman"! I flew through the trees in something like a wrap with the ocean view the entire time! This one was definitely my favorite one. My second favorite one was the Tarzan swing! I felt like I was in middle school again!!

After we got back, we covered the purpose for the photoshoot tomorrow for each person and helped them create outfits and intentions for focused areas in their business. With this in mind, I also incorporated easily my outfits and looks. I also integrated social + web + retreat + guide content from the content we are creating.

We then stopped for yet another incredible dinner prepared by our chef Priscilla. We started our Billions in Our Brains workshop + jumped into vision creating. After eating, and sharing visions for our lives we finished up the day. We were all pretty pooped.

Day 5: Sunday, 10/16/2016

We woke up to an early breakfast with a smoothie bowl with the Herbalife banana caramel with avocado mixed into the blender for added healthy fats and texture.

He gave us an awesome surprise by taking us to Playa Hermosa!! I had also wanted to visit this beach! We started off with group shots in our initial outfit, and each person then had their own individual shots. We changed into two more outfits on the beach for more shots, and then headed to the Villa to finish up shooting.

At the villa, we got more shots with a focus on business building with computers incorporated, binders, and more. We also took super fun group shots in the pool playing to capture the spirit and culture of the retreat!!

After he headed out we had lunch, and some free time until 3pm lounging in the pool and napping. The girls told me they needed more down time so here we went. I realized I needed more relaxing time, even with everything being so amazing!!

At 3pm, we did interviews on snapchat with each influencer on what they were excited about, their perspectives on social media, and what transformation and inspiration means to them. They shared their insights and wisdom from Marissa working with travel + tourism + outdoor brands to Mandee working with Olympics + Liberty Mutual + touring.

Mandee then had a great idea to do an on the spot interview with me as the CEO of the brand and share my vision. You could see her energy and passion really went to another level and will be shared soon!

We then jumped back into Billions in Our Brains and finished up! Marissa also shared how it was great to get confirmation that she was on track with several things, so many new ideas and insight. Mandee had another epihany about time and space with creating a tour nationally and internationally and incorporating retreats with athletes she has relationships with!! It was so cool to see and feel the energy flowing!!

We then wrapped up with Creating Limitless which ties in the structure presented in Billions in Our Brains + Next Steps. We wrapped up with Lessons Learned + Insight.

We had our last dinner with Priscilla which as always was incredible!! We then had a spajama glow party where we did facials and masks and wore glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets!! The skin care line we used was Herbalife as well.

Day 6: Monday, 10/17/2016

The day of departure! It came so fast, but then it always does! We had down time to relax and have breakfast and pack. We chatted about some final aspects from the week, and headed out for the airport at right around 9:30 am with no travel delays for anyone! By the way, did I mention since I am still in my boot and weening off I traveled with it to + from Costa Rica. Mandee pushed me to my gate, and she also has my same birthday 10/7 as well as other common aspects we share!

As an added bonus, you may also follow IG + blogs @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation @postcardstoseattle @thetourwife with some of the influencers for this retreat as they share.

For more details on retreats, click here.

Keep Creating Limitless because that is what YOU are.

Transform + Inspire.


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