• Katrina Julia

Experiencing Costa Rica + Pura Vida

Over the past few months, I've been working on Influencer Retreats starting with Costa Rica last week + Pura Vida (Pure Life) leading to Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, and Egypt into 2018.

Last week, we just experienced our first Influence2Inspire: Influencer Retreats in Costa Rica.

I encourage you to check out Part I on the last blog on creating the retreats and more.

As I introduced the strategy and vision of the brand and how the retreats integrate,

I've gotten questions on the following:

How did I set up these retreats on my own?

What is the agenda for each retreat?

What did you do for Costa Rica?

I. How did I set up these retreats on my own?

I started with determining the locations of which countries I wanted to visit within the next year.

The list I created for 2016-2017 include Costa Rica, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, and Egypt. I am a firm believer in creating a limitless life you love yourself.

I was in Costa Rica from 10/12 to 10/17 with Marissa Pedersen and Mandee Flanders.

After integrating and interviewing various influencers for the past two months, I selected these two entrepreneurs as a result of purpose, positivity and future potential growth.

The three of us got to spend time on creating a life and business we love together in Costa Rica. The healthy lifestyle immersion retreat experience included:

Private villa stay

Healthy chefs

Herbalife nutrition supplements, Six Pack Bag Meal Bags (all part of our programs)

Service visiting and donating with Las Pumas Rescue Center

Workshop peaks into academies from Purpose to Profits to Billions in Our Brains and more

Adventure with zip lining and snorkeling at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Glow Spa Party with Herbalife Skin Care

PLUS opportunities for future business building with creative and collaborative options.

This provided an opportunity for each person to personally experience creating a life + business they love, while also experiencing an immersion experience with our brand.

So what did each day look like?

Immersive. Out of the Box. Creative.