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  • Katrina Julia

3 Ways to Create Transformational Retreats (And Types Best for You)

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

You love to travel and have new experiences. You have experiences across the globe. Everything from adventure to relaxing stays in resorts. You are in love with travel and who you get to become as you explore yourself and the world. Yet, something inside of you is itching to not only get away, but to recharge, stay healthy, create, and connect with a. community while traveling

You want to create a life and business you love. You want a community to connect, create, and cultivate with. You want to transform and travel.

It's easy to see why the Global Wellness economy is a. $4.2 Trillion industry and why it continues to grow. Traveling helps you release stress, reinvent yourself, increase happiness, and enhance creativity. You want lifestyle, experiences, and community.

You may want to create transformational retreats, or you may want to know what retreat types are best for you to attend. Whether you have led or attended a retreat yet or not, keep in mind there are numerous ways to evolve yourself, or as an entrepreneur. I've grown exponentially traveling to over 27 countries since conception.

That's why I passionate about our community online and live to help you create a life and business you love anywhere in the world, whether you create retreats or not. Whether you choose to attend transformational retreats, already host retreats, or may create retreats in the future, travel helps you grow.

3 Ways to Create Transformational Retreats
3 Ways to Create Transformational Retreats

3 Ways to Create Transformational Retreats

When you take a leap of faith to create retreats nationally or globally, or attend them, you emerge as a new leader. As you step into your power creating, you give access to other creators that are waiting for you and how you uniquely serve.

Creating or attending retreats requires us to get aligned with passion and purpose, increase creativity, and create a community. Retreats are not like your transformational events. They welcome an intimate experience to connect with yourself and others due to their experiences, size, and growth.

3 Ways to Create Transformational Retreats
3 Ways to Create Transformational Retreats

My Experiences With Travel, Events, and Retreats

I have traveled since I was in. the womb literally. I was conceived in Bulgaria, born in Poland, lived in a refuge camp in Italy before I was 1, and traveled to 4+ countries by the time I was two. We ended up in the United States just before I was two years old.

Here I am on the footsteps of the Basilica in Rome. My mom and dad told me I ran all over the place like it was my playground LOL.

And not much has changed with my playful spirit.... that I've recaptured these last 7+ years in my transformational journey.

Travel is in my blood. I love to explore and immerse myself in cultures and languages. I have traveled to over 27 countries, planned trips and itineraries since I was eight years old. My mom's love of travel greatly inspired me.

I speak four languages fluently (English, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian) and dabble in a few others e.g. know a few words. I will be learning Portuguese in 2020 before our Transform and Travel: Brazil Retreat.

The Rock of Gibraltar
The Rock of Gibraltar with Mom

I hosted retreats in college, planned events for 10,000+ people since college, and created new organizations still in existence today. I've created and led events and training for multi-million dollar to billion-for >7 industries since college to now ranging from workshops to 1,000s to 30,000+ people all in all.

Including Travel in the Business

I knew when creating FIT Life Creation, I would include travel and transformational retreats early-on. I've created retreats in Atlanta, Spain, Costa Rica, Cuba, and London since 2013.

I knew I wanted to be surrounded by a like-minded creative and transformational community. I love to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about creating a life and business they love with time, location, and financial freedom.

When I started creating with FIT Life Creation n 2016, Costa Rica and Cuba were on my radar to visit. As a result, those two countries were my top two choices. I knew I wanted to create events and retreats domestically as well, Atlanta events and retreats started in 2015.

I believe we all have unique passion, purpose, and perspective on life due to our experiences. As a result of my travel, education, and experiences. I began to think of what makes experiences stand out. I thought about what helps people overcome fears and apply them immediately.

Some of my experiences include undergrad to grad school; > 7 industries and creating corporate team buildings, and entrepreneurship trainings from a variety of sources, How I want to help creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs impacts our retreats, as well as my own story, and the causes that are important to me and others.

Step by step, the concept of all in one lifestyle, entrepreneur, and transformation retreats was born. I took all the past experiences and applied them to make every retreat we have hands on with health, wealth, and business.

I care deeply about helping you apply and get results. That's why I and we set up tips, tools, and technology for each online and live experience to make it easier. As you think about what retreats to attend or create, consider your passions, purpose, and community.

Transform and Travel (And Retreats Types Best for You)

It's important to get clear on who you are and what you offer. When it comes to lifestyle transformation retreats, or any events, this will help you identify what types of experiences resonate with you (or what you want to create).

Your passions and purpose will help you identify themes you might love like food, adventure, and/or entrepreneurship retreats. The clearer you are on you, the clearer you will be on your community.

1) Know Your Passion and Purpose

If you want to create retreats, it is important to get to know yourself even better. You want to dig deep on what you love, your value, and all you have to offer.

Ask yourself what do you love? What have you overcome? What are your gifts, talents, and abilities? How may you serve? Who would you love to connect community with? Make a list and journal this out. You may want to take the free video series on How Passion + Purpose = Profits

For example, I am crystal clear I love our creator, health, wealth, business, travel, and the beach.