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Travel to Costa Rica in 2021: What You Want to Know

You love adventure, outdoors, and travel and want to experience the Pura Vida in Costa Rica. You aren't exactly sure about traveling in 2021 during the pandemic. At the same time, you have zero desire to have the same experience you had last year in 2021. You are ready to transform and live and think outside the box.

I understand there are many reasons I left Atlanta, GA in 2020 on the last day of year for 1-2 years.

You may be considering getting away short or long term for an adventure to create and life and business you love globally. After all, you can work from home anywhere.

I considered destinations globally within one flight. I hosted a retreat in Costa Rica in 2016, and loved the Pura Vida life in every way.

Before I decided to travel to Costa Rica in 2021, I did some research with Costa Rican approach to the pandemic, total and daily cases, and requirements to travel. In addition, I reviewed the safety protocols of the airlines, Airbnb stays, and public places in Costa Rica.

Travel to Costa Rica includes country requirements and considerations, as well as traveler preparations before you jump on the plane.

Costa Rica 2016 Retreat in Playa Del Coco in Guanacaste near Liberia

Photo Credit: Leo Parias

Travel to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica in 2021 is easier than you think. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with nature, wildlife, and beaches. I loved my time here in 2016 for our Costa Rica Retreat. I want to shoutout Two Weeks in Costa Rica and My Tan Feet for providing lots of information on destinations in C