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Virtual Events: Content Creators and Collaborations

Are you in love with transforming and inspiring globally? You love to create, connect, and cultivate with people in real-life. At the same time, you are being and doing your best with virtual events, meetings, and travels globally now.

You love to connect with community online and with women in travel. You aren't alone in a desire for inspiring travel now and in the future. Whether you are home alone like me, or surrounded by family, 2020 has impacted humanity in ways we never imagined. From a global pandemic to millions unemployed to racial riots, humanity and our hearts hurt.

Maybe, you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur and traveler already? Or, you find yourself focusing on your side-hustle now more than ever with a focus to be full-time? Maybe you are a traveler who desires to expand your press, online business, and global travels? Or, maybe you are a travel brand wanting to connect and create virtual travels and press now?

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial and global travel journey now, it looks dramatically different than 2019 like all of ours. You find yourself craving virtual events, meetings, and community more than ever.

You may have heard of travel communities, a friend of yours may be part of She's Wanderful, a global community of women in travel, content creators, and collaborations. I originally was attending the Women in Travel Summit in Kansas City to help in social media. Beth, Marissa and the team shifted amazingly to an online summit in May 2020 and online virtual meeting day.

In May 2020, I attended their Creator-Brands Virtual Meetings Day. Every content creator and traveler, I connected with had such a beautiful heart of service in various ways. From connecting on travel impacts to content creation to the global pandemic, while connecting on content creation and collaborations, my heart and soul felt full with every connection.

There are many ways for you to create a community online now with virtual events with content creators and collaborations with travel. Join me as I highlight my virtual meeting day with Wanderful.

Via our Cuba Retreat Photo Credit I Love Weddings Cuban Photographers - Alex

Pictured Left to Right - @katrinajuliafit @heyashleyrenne @postcardstoseattle

Insights into Creating Communities

As a multi-passionate creator, educator, and traveler, I am constantly creating, connecting, and cultivating with communities from an influencer, entrepreneur and brand side. Connecting with a like-minded community impacts us all.

That's why when She's Wanderful announced their next way to pivot online with virtual meeting days after their virtual global travels summit, I jumped onboard. If you are new here, I love to travel in every way. From exploring solo to family travel to hosting retreats and aiding entrepreneurs and brands, sign me up!

I was conceived in Bulgaria, born in Poland, lived in a refugee camp in Italy for six months, and in four countries and the USA by the time I was two years old. I am also fluent in Polish, Bulgarian and Spanish. I have traveled to 27+ countries and have a deep love of travel largely due to my mom.

Would you love to transform and travel with the community globally? You may start with online experiences in communities globally like virtual meeting days with She's Wanderful. Immediately after their last virtual global travel summit, I implemented more ways for inspiring travel now and in the future. You will too!

Virtual Meeting Day Highlights

On the heels of Women in Travel Summit Online, Wanderful hosted a virtual meeting day between creators and brands who want to collaborate in travel. During previous years, these meetings are held in person and resemble speed networking. I participated in one with TBEX during previous travel blogger conferences,

If you have never heard of it, Women in Travel Summit (WITS) is the premier event for travel's top marketing talent. Creative entrepreneurs, influencers, DMOs, and industry come together to discuss future innovations, build dynamic collaborations, and change travel worldwide, all while supporting and empowering a diverse community of women.

WITS is organized by Wanderful. Now 40,000 strong, Wanderful is an international community of women who travel.

Beth is the Founder and CEO of Wanderful and creator of the Women in Travel Summit.

She is a thought leader on women's travel, an avid community builder, and a voice for women creators and entrepreneurs.


WITS Virtual Meeting Day

You have a choice to sign up for the virtual meeting days as a creator or as a brand. Although I function as both in various situations and circumstances, I decided to sign-up as a brand to attract content creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who would love to create and collaborate with us.

I want to extend massive gratitude to Beth, Marissa, Karisma, and her community for the inclusivity, diversity, and compassion during this time. I am, and we are walking through impacts financially in various ways. In the process, we are pursuing purpose and potential. It is not without pain along the path.

Wanderful opened up contributions for what you may give, as well as media. I proposed extensive media, as well as a minimum of 10% from ay results we get from aligned creators and brand results due to their community.

In advance of the Virtual Meeting Day, we received awesome instructions and videos from Beth and Marissa. Since I previously used BloggerBridge for meeting days and have been involved in them, I knew more or less what to expect. However, I still learned more ways to refine my approach to increase connecting and return on investment.

As a result of the preparation videos for the Women in Travel Virtual Meeting Day with Wanderful, I outlined a quick agenda to share with creators and set us up for success. I'm sharing so this may help you as a brand and/or creator.

Agenda for Virtual Meeting Day

1 -3 Min Quick Hi & Meet & Greet & How Are You & Fam

3 min on what I loved on you as creator & chance further for them to connect on who

they are & why you wanted to meet :) Glanced through your info & bio & more already!

3 min on me & my story & visuals - & about

3 min on biz & who we are & visuals (screen share) &

3 min collabs from media to management

Questions You / Our 2 Questions

Links for our collabs for influencers, brands & travel & next steps!!!

Learn more & apply:

Relationship & Community

collabs from media e.g. IG Lives, Blog, Podcast >290 episodes

to online courses & helping you create to hands-on press trips & retreat leadership

to brand placements ongoing & management

>7 inf platforms & >700 min reach & press trips Cuba, Costa Rica & more & worked with >15K influencers & quick voice over via site :)

3 Min Our Goals on Our Collabs from

1 Media to

2 Online to

3 Inspiring Travel Now & In Future from

Virtual to Ongoing Media for Brands & with Creators &

7 Continents Trip in 21-22 & Retreats

& >100 Influencers & Brands in 90 days or less & increase community double & reach &

$10k-$100k & donate min 10% to WITS from these collabs!!! (We are focusing on numerous angles & pivots massively)

3 Min Q & A Beyond Anything Not Covered :)

Links for our collabs for influencers, brands & travel & next steps!!!

Learn more & apply:

(and includes info for brands & ways for you to co-pitch brands/

have us do it & reward you & set up long term campaigns mutually!)

Right away, when BloggerBridge opened for creators to sign-up with us, I was blown away by the caliber of creators.

Speaking of the entrepreneurs, content creators, and travelers we connected with globally online, I would love to share a spotlight on their stories, why they travel, and create.



Alexandra was the first one to sign-up for a session with us. Not only was she the first, but her humility and gratitude shined from the start. She displayed an openness and love of creation and travel at all times.

In every way, her spirit and soul shined in a desire to help others in all the ways she uses her passion, purpose and platforms. We flip flopped between English and Spanish. She shared a genuine desire to create with us in various ways, and followed up in <3 days.

She opened up on how she loves to empower women believe in their dreams and travel through her eyes . She shared passionately how she loves to create with love, passion, and over deliver.

Photocredit via @alexaolavarria

Alexandra Olavarria

TVHost / Content Creator & Brand Ambassador

Best Travel Content Creator 2019🏆🇺🇸#LasAventurasDeAlexa💃🏻✈️



From the moment Monica came on, her relatability and vulnerability shined through.

Loved connecting with her on ways to create collaborations in our community online and live.

We laughed about the time zones with the virtual meeting day, access, and confusions from

3 am EST to 8pm EST globally!

Monica shared how she loves helping women "push out of their comfort zone, and it doesn't have to be extreme. She shared heartfelt how if she may create it, so can you.

Monica Ortega *

On-Camera Host

💃🏻Travel Show Host/Producer

🎥 Video/Blog Content Creator

🌎 Features:@matadornetwork,@10best

📍LA Bunker



Right, when Valerie came on our Zoom appointment, I could feel her authenticity and vulnerability with herself and others. When I asked if she and her family were okay during this time, she shared vulnerably how she ended up being impacted with our global pandemic.

Our twenty minutes as we connected on the pandemic, community, and collaborations flew by faster than ever. What I loved about each creator during Virtual Meetings Day with Wanderful is regardless of whether we create and collaborate is the respect and honor for one another and our dreams.

Valerie Joy Wilson 🌍 Traveler

🙋🏻‍♀️I Help Make Travel Better for YOU

🎥Content Creator, Host

🖊Seen In:@condenast @forbes @cnn

It's obvious how as @TrustedTravelGirl, Valerie shares travels and creations through her eyes with her community.



Ashley and I connected deeply on being multi-passionate entrepreneurs, our journeys, and creations. I love how she is a writer, creator, and traveler and pursuing her passions, purpose and potential.

Ashley shared how she always feels a need to travel and wants to see everything! Who else resonates?

She loves showing others how they may travel and make positive impact now more than ever. Ashley shares how she creates because she always felt need to do her own thing in every way.

Ashley ⇞ Books Beans & Botany

⁂ infj ⁂ type 4 ⁂ ravenclaw ⁂ she/her⁣

❝ books 🌿plants ☕️coffee⁣

📖read in 2020: 30/100⁣ 📍nashville⁣



Kaila is a breath of fresh air in connecting and creating and so many ways she does it. From creating with travel to videos to TikTok and more, it's easy to see how on fire she is for traveling and inspiring others!

We connected on experiences in Los Angeles, and being a multi-passionate entrepreneur among much more! Kaila shared how she loves authentic food experiences which are her passion. She loves getting flavor in daily life!

Kaila Yu

✍ Award Winning Travel/Food Writer: VICE, Skyscanner, Extra Crispy, Fodors

🍏 Founder@nylonpink 📍LA

⬇ TikTok:@kaila.yu

Kaila creates to inspire women to break out of their shell so they know they don't have to live a life defined by society or parent rules.



Kim and I previously connected via Wanderful's online community and social media. She shared on her love of family, travel, and being an advocate for baby boomer's travel and more. I got to meet her son as well via our Zoom chat!

Kim lives in Texas (I grew up in Houston!) and serves the Fort Worth Chapter of

Wanderful as well!

Kim Croisant

Wellness, Green, Adventures, Travel, & a DIYer#selfcare#roadtrips#adventures


🐶Dog Mom



Addie and I connected on numerous topics from wellness to marketing to podcasts and more. She recently graduated college and shared on her journey. She is inspiring woman from every angle, and it is amazing to watch!

Addie Gray | Travel Blogger

20-something on a mission to see the world & help others do it too

Host of the Girls Go Abroad Podcast

Addie shared how she travels to learn about herself, people, and the world. She loves experiencing beautiful places globally.

Addie shared "I create because I want to share those amazing places and how travel helps us a person"



Last, but definitely not last is Tia. She is your travel bestie and it's easy to see why. She is a content creator, expat expert, and lives in the UAE! Talk about taking on the world for real!

We connected via e-mail and messenger as Tia ended up having WiFi challenges overseas. I and we love what she is creating and would love to connect more! She shared one of the sweetest messages about my and our energy being electric.

I replied back it's easy to see why she felt that because her energy is electric too -

wouldn't you agree?

Tia 💞Your Travel Bestie💞

📸Content Creator

🇦🇪 Expat Expert

📍Abu Dhabi, UAE 🇦🇪

✈️Inspiring travel

📚PE Teacher


Virtual Meeting Day with Women in Travel

My virtual meeting day with Wanderful and Women in Travel Summit helped us connect and create community limitlessly. The day filled my spirit with love, community, and inspiration in a time where it's more needed than ever.

Each and every creator brought a sense and spirit of gratitude in every way. Their passion for travel and creating shined bright in each and every session. So much happened in a day that it felt like a lifetime!

From all the candid conversation with content creators to connecting on collaborations online and live, the day was filled with joy.

What are some of the ways you create community? How are you creating what you love online and live now with community? Which ways are collaborating virtually, with online courses and with travel now?

Create, transform and inspire. Write down ways and/or connect with communities (even if online only) you would love to experience collaborations with in 2020-22 to start.

If you love this, you'll love our influencer marketing like a boss series.


If you post on social media, please tag us

@katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation



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