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Years of Full-Time Travel 2020-2022

Where I Went, What I Learned, and Returning to Atlanta, GA

After the year 2020 and years of full-time travel from 2020-22, it feels surreal to be back in Atlanta, GA. When I decided to leave Atlanta, GA in 2020, I made a tentative travel plan that came out different. Although I didn't know exactly when I would return to the USA, I knew Atlanta, GA would be home again. In late 2021, I was surprised to start craving stability sooner than I thought.

When I first left at the end of 2020, I felt like I broke out of a cage. My first three months of 2021 included travel to Costa Rica. Costa Rica came to mind from hosting retreats in 2016.

Travel plans soon started to change due to destination desires, COVID restrictions, and civil unrest.

Fast forward 1.5 years later, 10 countries and 3 Continents

After the year 2020 and years of full-time travel from 2020-22, it feels surreal to be back in Atlanta.

My global travels are now at 35+ countries and 5 Continents and counting. After Costa Rica, I found myself exploring Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Panama, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey.

More than ever, I have become more present, adventurous, and flexible. 2010 - I feel like home is where I am. At the same time, I recognized where travels may pull me from purpose, priorities and people.

After years of full-time travel and adventure, I craved stability.

Late 2021, I found myself desiring a home base sooner than I thought. It wasn't time yet.

I am and always will be the Limitless Global Girl and Wonder Woman.

Let's land together as I share Years of Full-Time Travel:

Where I Went, What I Learned, and Returning to Atlanta, GA


Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia


Full Time Travel in 2020-22: Where I Went

My original travel plans from 2020 ended up very different. Overall, I traveled to 10 countries and three continents during 1.5 years of full-time travel.

My goal was to stay in each place a month on average. I adjusted my travels depending on things to do in a destination, travel logistics, and my desire for stability.

Travel Destinations by Country 2020-22:

  1. Costa Rica - January - March 2021

  2. Guatemala - March - May 2021

  3. Mexico - May - August 2021

  4. Costa Rica - August - September 2021

  5. El Salvador - September 2021

  6. Honduras - September - November 2021

  7. Mexico- November 2021

  8. USA - November 2021 - January 2022

  9. Mexico - January 2022

  10. Colombia - January - February 2022

  11. Panama - February - March 2022

  12. USA - March 2022

  13. Portugal - March - April 2022

  14. Bulgaria - April - May 2022

  15. Turkey - May 2022

The ones in bold are repeat countries. I landed back in Houston for a dental appointment on May 8, 2022, and returned to Atlanta on May 10, 2022.

First row: Left to Right: Canyoning in Costa Rica in Osa Peninsula, Sunset in Bocas del Toro in Panama on Loma Partida Island, with Palenqueras in Cartagena, Colombia

Second row: Gabriel and Veronica with VeGa Community in Honduras, , Street Art in Medellin, Colombia, Freediving in Roatan on my Birthday.

Third row: Hike to Cayaguanca Rock near Ocotepeque, Honduras overlooking El Salvador, Treehouse Stay in El Salvador at El Tunco Beach, Rainbow Slide in El Salvador near San Salvador.

Travel Destinations by City and Country 2020-22