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5 Faith Tools to Increase Your Faith

I love to help you create and scale a life and business you love with freedom. As my own faith grew, I began to share with the community. My own mind is blown with the fact that I. have written Bible Studies now.

The first step in my own transformation involved shifting from Fear to Faith. Most importantly, it involved committing fully to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. For years, I allowed different types of faiths to influence and impact me.

There came a point when both spiritually and practically I felt choosing and going all in would be the most important decision of my life. In my experience, it is. Anyone else?

If you have visited my blog or show regularly, you know I have transformed my faith and continue to. I believe faith is a relationship not a religion at all. I am not yet out of the forest on my way to freedom in all forms. I have made lots of progress. I believe our purpose comes out of our pain if we allow it to. For years, I helped others create a business they love, while I allowed myself to get detached from who I am.

Over the last 5+ years, not only did this lead to the tips and tools to create a life and business I love, but to helping others like you #CREATEIT.

So what are the 5 Faith Tools to Increase Your Faith?

Let's #createit

#1 Lifeway

Lifeway is one of the world's largest Christian resources. In 2010, I started using Lifeway with Bible Studies like Breaking Free by Beth Moore greatly impacting my transformation from the inside out.

I have taken countless studies both on my own and in community.

In addition, I love their live and virtual events. I have participated in live events with Priscilla Shirer at Mount Paran Church as well as virtual events on their platform like Lifeway Women Live. They are a phenomenal platform to increase your faith.

#2 Transformation Church

Transformation Church exists to Re-Present God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ. The multi-church is live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and online ever week. In 2019, I discovered Transformation Church via one of our weekly personal development calls with Herbalife Nutrition.

I am eternally grateful. I have tuned in to series like Crazy Faith, Relationship Goals, Fruitful, and countless others.

As a child, I attended Notredame Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. In 2010, when I moved to Atlanta, GA, I called Mount Paran Church (MPC) for 3+ years and served in the middle school ministry with the young women. Afterwards, I felt led to seek a new church home and be patient.

While I attended MPC, I attended Buckhead Church and Passion City and The Grove for Women as well. Each and every ministry has impacted and influenced me in countless ways.

With Transformation Church, I have found transformation teachers like Pastor Michael Todd and his wife Natalie, Pastor Charles, and countless others and guests lead by example by truly being humble, open and transparent. This has led to increased trust and transformation.

#3 Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal:with scripture, prayer, and reflections by Shannon Roberts is amazing. It includes 52 Weeks of Scripture, Devotions and Prayer. In 2020, I started looking for a new daily and weekly resource. This journal is amazing and has helped uplift my spirits in more ways than one.

Since getting it in June of 2020, I have gifted it to two other people too!

#4 Bible Study

Self Hate to Love: 40 Day Devotional by me! Plus more studies & guides. In 2020. I felt led to start sharing how Transformation is Required in Bible Studies too. I have noticed 7 Phases in my Transformation of Fear to Faith, Self Hate to Love, Devaluing to Purity, Corporate to Calling, Lies to Love, Pain to Purpose, and Bondage to Freedom.

#5 Online Summit

CREATEIT Summit: Hands-on online runs every quarter /semi-annually / annually hands-on with Wellness, Faith, Marketing, Business and Travel with Creators, Brands, and Communities including FREE Option, Summit & Challenge, Summit & Mastermind & VIP Option.

Plus, definitely visit the Series on Blog & Show: Transformation from Inside Out

Faith Tools

What faith tools have you used to increase your faith? Which ones will you use to create next? I have learned the more we create, transform, and inspire, the more things flow easily.

If you are loving this, you will love to create with our community 75+ Tools & Resources to Create a Life and Business You Love!



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