• Katrina Julia

Self Hate to Love: Bible Study and Series on Fighting for Freedom

Many of us, believers and non-believers struggle with self-hate. This shows up in many ways, shapes and forms from internal thoughts to external behaviors in life. I know I did for years in my faith, purity, love, calling, purpose, and freedom. This showed up in countless ways from the inside out.

The greatest two commandments are Love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength; and Love our neighbor as ourselves. In my own life, I have seen first hand the more I love God and receive His love, the more He teaches me to love myself and love others.

In 2019, I received divine downloads for sharing studies in a 7 part series aligned to my testimony and story. In February, I finished my Bible Study series, Fear to Faith sharing my journey. In April, I finished my Bible Study series, Devaluing to Purity. I finished this study, Self Hate to Love, in August.

My Fear to Faith series is one of my most listened to series in 2020. Many of us are learning to shift from fear to faith. Many of us struggle with accepting how God loves, His mercy, His grace, and His forgiveness. Until I fully got into His word and dedicated time with Him first things first faithfully starting in 2019 consistently, my journey with self love was obstructed.

The more I prioritize Him, and create space and time, the more He has poured into me. I am blown away at how He multiples my time, impact of our community, and gives me margin for rest abundantly.

Not only that, but If you would have told me last month, last week, seven years ago, that I would be writing bible studies and devotionals, I would have told you that you are crazy. God does not do things like man. He doesn't judge like man. He uses imperfect people in countless ways. When you read the Bible, you immediately see that, as well as the love stories.

And yet, here I am sharing my third one with you. Self Hate to Love is part 3 of a 7 part series.

Sneak Peek to Self Hate to Love:

Fighting for Freedom: a 40 Day Devotional

A series of messes to a message. A series of tests to testimonies.

Fighting for freedom in all ways, all things and all forms.

What I have learned is this, friend. God is unpredictable.

So, is our time and lives on the planet.

This year more than ever, I have learned I am not in control. I have learned I never was. I am a co-creator and co-pilot. I may be given dreams and desires, yet the how, way, and timing isn't up to me 100%. I seek guidance and do my part continuously.

Whether you have joined me on this journey before, tuned in to the Fear to Faith or Devaluing to Purity series, completed the studies, or you are joining me for the first time - Welcome.

I pray that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit lead You. I pray you walk in faith, purity and love towards your passion and purpose with joy and abundance.

As they have spoken to me through countless teachers from the womb until now. Be clear, friend.

I have zero degrees in Biblical studies or seminary. Yet, here I am. I have countless experiences with God and in life.

God has pursued me deeply and profoundly at each and every turn. I am truly like the 1 sheep he leaves the 99 for, repeatedly. From childhood studies in Catholic Church Education to Vacation Bible Schools to Church Camps to speaking to me in every way and every teacher to studies with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Louie Giglio, Pastor Michael Todd, Natasha and Jamal Miller, and so many more.

I am loved with an everlasting love. What I know is this. I am grateful for each and every co-creator that shared their story & voice. I am grateful for every creation, transformation, and inspiration.

I know some of you may have found me or this site because of wellness, lifestyle, media, and/or travel. Perhaps you found us via an article on social media, smoothies, or scaling?