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Top 10 Honduras Things to Do

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Honduras is more than a destination with its history, culture, and coast. Similar to the surprise of El Salvador I experienced this year, I didn't imagine travel to Honduras in 2021.

Does anyone else feel like 2021 is the year where you pitch your business like a boss? During my 3+ months in Tulum, Mexico, I came across an opportunity in Honduras. The opportunity involved Hotel Sandoval and Turicentro Water Park in Ocotepeque, Honduras. Years ago, I would look at pictures of Honduras and imagine swimming in the Meso-American Barrier Reef.

While I never imagined such an authentic Honduran experience in Ocotepeque, I embraced it wholeheartedly. I am so grateful I did!

After spending two weeks in Ocotepeque, I set out for the northern part of Honduras to visit the Bay Islands. Originally, I thought I would stop by San Pedro Sula's recycled containers for a short trip before my travel to Roatan, Honduras. I spent four days in Roatan immersed in sunshine and ocean with kayaking, snorkeling, and freediving in Honduras. Talk about the best birthday ever!

I ended up returning to San Pedro Sula to work with VeGa Community on business consulting and digital marketing for a month!

From the moment I arrived in Honduras, I knew I made the right decision! I love how diverse the country is with nature, adventure, and culture.

My Top 10 Honduras Things to Do includes Roatan, West Bay, Snorkeling, Free Diving, Recycled Container Stays, Cayaguanca Hike, Ocotepeque, Lake Yojoa, Day Trips to El Salvador and Guatemala, and Baleadas.

Top 10 Things to Do in Honduras
Top 10 Things to Do in Honduras


Travel to Honduras is easier than you think. Depending on where you travel from, there are options to travel to Honduras. Honduras offers four international airports and travel by land with the bordering countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Honduras offers more than the Jewel of the Caribbean with the Meso American Barrier, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Honduras offers destinations beyond the Bay Islands and rich biodiversity with over 700 species of birds and plants.

I share fun facts, travel, and logistics in One Day in Ocotepeque, Honduras and One Day in Roatan, Honduras.

Roatan, Honduras West End

Honduras Stays

I visited Honduras from September 16 to November 8, 2021. During my time in Honduras, I stayed at Hotel Sandoval in Ocotepeque for a sponsored trip, VeGa Community Recycled Containers and Tiny House in San Pedro Sula via Airbnb and sponsored trip, and Posada Arco Iris in Roatan via Airbnb.

I felt like surrounded in awe and wonder. I never imagined I would learn so much about sustainable architecture and our impact to the planet during my travels.

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini or via Airbnb.

Honduras in Under 60 Seconds

Yes, I spent almost two months in Honduras. At the same time, I may still condense the experience in under 60 seconds!

You are welcome!

Top 10 Honduras Things to Do

You will find so many things to do in Honduras. I experienced a lot during approximately two months in Honduras.

I loved everything from experiencing Ocotepeque, Cayahuanca Hike, Recycled Container Stay in San Pedro Sula, snorkeling and kayaking in Roatan, freediving for my birthday in Roatan, exploring West Bay Beach, visiting Lake Yojoa, trip to El Salvador, working on business consulting and digital marketing for travel brands, and Baleada foodie favorites!

I am sharing what I experienced, logistics to consider in planning your visit, and insider information to save you time and money!

In putting together the Top 10 Things to Do in Honduras, I considered how I would experience travels knowing what I know now to make it easy, efficient and enjoyable for you!

1 Ocotepeque, Honduras

Ocotepeque is a charming town near the border with El Salvador. It is a great place to start your visit with an undiscovered and authentic experience in the western part of Honduras.

You may decide to travel to Ocotepeque by car from El Salvador. It has a beautiful park in the town center, street art, markets, tilapia farms, and incredible hikes close by. I enjoyed my time in Ocotepeque and Hotel Sandoval. I know you will too!

Ocotepeque, Honduras

Whether you spend One Day in Ocotepeque, Honduras or One Day in Roatan, Honduras or longer, sunrises and sunsets are a must!


2 Hiking to Cayaguanca Rock

Where are my fellow adventure lovers at? One of my favorite things I did in Honduras and Central America is hiking to Cayaguanca Rock! Manuel with Hotel Sandoval recommended it. I am so glad I ended up going with Gustavo from Ocotepeque.

The hike is over 1,200 meters or over 4,600+ feet. The adventure and workout is more than worth it!


3 Recycled Containers in San Pedro Sula

While in the Honduras, I recommend you visit VeGa Community for their sustainable stays with recycled containers and tiny house, experiences, and nature. I got to stay over a month!

During my time there, I experienced a sustainable architecture tour, reserve experience, and cacao plantation tour!

You will gain an appreciation for sustainability, architecture, and community!

I highly recommend VeGa Community when you visit San Pedro Sula, whether you stop on your way to Bay Islands, or decide to stay longer like I did!


4 Visiting Roatan in the Bay Islands

Visiting Roatan is a dream come true. Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands in Honduras, is known for its mesmerizing waters, and world famous barrier reef. It is no wonder the Roatan Islands is referred to as the Jewel of the Caribbean due to the beautiful beaches, clear waters, diving, culture, and friendly residents.

My time in Roatan is one of the jewels of my travels in 2021. Walking along the beautiful sand, swimming in the clear waters, and the water activities are incredible in Roatan. I enjoyed a snorkeling trip around Sandy Bay and West End. I watched in awe of what my eyes could see in the water.

Posada Arco Iris, where I stayed offers free kayaking at West End. I loved kayaking through West End.


5 Freediving in Roatan

If you didn't know, I am a water baby. I love all things of water including the ocean, Cenotes, and lakes! One of the reasons I spent over a month at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and over three months in Tulum, Mexico in the summer in 2021.

During my time in Tulum, Mexico, I came across Freediving with @roamtobewild and @lisahomsy. I decided I would do freediving in 2021.

In 2001, I got certified in scuba diving and have dived all around the world including Cozumel, Jamaica, and Egypt. Although in. many ways I love scuba, I don't love carrying the equipment and the dehydration I feel from the compressed air. Afterwards, I developed a horrible headache . Keep in mind, I made sure to drink lots of water and electrolytes before, during and after.

Freediving in Honduras for my birthday in 2021 was a dream come true in every way.

Freediving in Honduras


6 West Bay Beach Adventures

West Bay Beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for great reason. One of the top things to do in Roatan is to take a water taxi from West End to West Bay or vice versa. Its a great way to experience the water, and an incredible beach to visit.

The same day I went freediving I ended up taking a water taxi from West End to West Bay Beach. I spent hours at the very end of West Bay Beach by the reef.

Water Taxi Roatan


7 Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa is about 1 hour away from San Pedro Sula in the north of Honduras. It is great to visit for a day or longer. I ended up going for a day visit with Gabriel and Veronica from San Pedro Sula.

Lake Yojoa in Honduras


8 Digital Marketing and Press Trips in Hospitality

A great way to experience travel is with a press trip, digital marketing, and/or a business consulting.

On my travel to Honduras, I started off with digital marketing project and press trip in Honduras with Hotel Sandoval in Ocotepeque, Honduras. I created content with photos, videos, blogs, shows, press release, and social media.

I ended up with a second business consulting and digital marketing project in Honduras with VeGa Community. The travel brand project consisted of business plan and financials, website launch, press trip, influencer marketing, retreats, social media strategy, and 90 Day plan for a month!

Press Trip in Honduras

Brand Project in Honduras


9 Trips to El Salvador and Guatemala

When you travel to Honduras, it may be possible to include trips to El Salvador, Guatemala, and/or Nicaragua. When I found out I would fly into El Salvador to go to Ocotepeque, I decided to spend a week in El Salvador in El Tunco and San Salvador. The drive from San Salvador, El Salvador to Ocotepeque, Honduras is about 2-3 hours.

El Salvador surprised me in many ways! Let it surprise you too!

El Salvador at a Glance

Earlier in 2021, I visited Antigua and Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.


10 Foodie Favorites in Honduras

My favorite food in Honduras included Baleadas which are tortillas made of wheat stuffed with a bean base, plantains, avocado (my plant-based version!)

Since, I typically cook at my stay over 90% of the time, I choose what locals, bloggers, and TripAdvisor highly recommend.

Top 10 Things to Do: Honduras

Honduras is more than a destination in every way. I felt surrounded by awe and wonder all along my journey in Honduras with Ocotepeque, San Pedro Sula and Roatan of the Bay Islands.

Whether you travel to Honduras to visit Roatan and the Bay Islands, immerse yourself in nature with a sustainability community in San Pedro Sula, and/or visit Ocotepeque, you will love discovering Honduras.

For my adventure lovers, you will love hiking Cayaguanca Rock, snorkeling, and maybe even freediving in Roatan! If you are looking for ways to travel for less, you will love exploring digital marketing and going on a press trip to Honduras.

What activities interests you to do for Top 10 Honduras Things to Do.

If the digital nomad life has you curious, you will love 4 Steps to Use Digital Marketing to travel.


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