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Honduras: Hotel Sandoval Stay in Ocotepeque

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Travel to Honduras was not in the plan when I left Atlanta, GA the end of 2020 for 2+ years to travel to 7 Continents. It's funny how the best things in life are often unplanned!

If you have followed the journey, you know I haven't stayed at a hotel in a while. Years ago, I took great pride in having silver and platinum status with Hilton and Marriott. Over the last several years, I have come to love personal stays that show the culture of a city and country.

When I discovered Hotel Sandoval in Ocotepeque, I knew I would love exploring the city and the country of Honduras. My adventures with Honduras started with connecting on digital marketing and a press trip to Honduras, and the surprise of El Salvador.

Starting travel to Honduras with a Hotel Sandoval Stay in Ocotepeque is a great choice! The more I learned about Hotel Sandoval and Ocotepeque, the more convinced I became it is the best way to start travel to Honduras coming from El Salvador.

What is amazing is my stay in Ocotepeque, Honduras at Hotel Sandoval isn't just one thing, it is the beautiful pool, patio and co-working space, great WiFI, comfortable rooms, and walking distance to almost everything.

Not only that, but the hotel has an adjacent restaurant El Padrino, Turicentro Sandoval Water Park closely, and driving distance to Piedra Cayaguana, Guisayote Reserve, and driving distance to Mayan Ruins in Copan. With all of these features AND great Google Reviews, they had me at hello!

Whether you are traveling solo for pleasure or business, a digital nomad, traveling with family and friends, the Hotel Sandoval is perfect for you!

I couldn't have imagined a more relaxing and productive time with my Hotel Sandoval Stay in Honduras in Ocotepeque. I know you will agree too!

Honduras Stay

Honduras: Hotel Sandoval

Although tourism is impacted globally, Hotel Sandoval operating in the western part of Honduras lives and breathes comfort, tranquility, and tourism.

Whether you are looking to visit the west of Honduras for business and/or adventure, Hotel Sandoval has you covered. The spacious suites and rooms, restaurant, and pool area offer the best of both worlds. The restaurant on-site, open-air pool area and patio, and fast WiFI provide a great place to co-work, host meetings, and get work done.

On top of that, Hotel Sandoval offers breakfast, air conditioning, internet, cable TV, private bathroom, hot water, private parking, security onsite for your comfort!

Hotel Sandoval Highlights

Through Hotel Sandoval and Turicentro Sandoval Water Park, Manuel Sandoval, his family, and his team have operated in tourism for over 40 years. Safety is a priority at both the hotel and waterpark with sanitation and masks required. The team is 100% vaccinated as well.

Whether you are looking for business, adventure, or a mixture of both, Hotel Sandoval and Turicentro Water Park have you covered.

- Over 40 Years of Tourism Experience

- Operating in the Western part of Honduras

- Specializing in Business and Professional Travel

From my first interaction with Manuel, the alignment felt easy and clear. Manuel responded quickly and easily in everything. The information on the logistics, stay, and city of Ocotepeque handled.

I loved spending time at the pool, enjoying the breakfast, co-working outside, and sleeping in the comfy beds! I felt 100% safe walking all around town to explore and errands.

Ocotepeque and Nearby Attractions

Hotel Sandoval is located within walking distance to all of Nueva Ocotepeque's attractions including the city park with Ocotepeque letters, San Jose Parish Church, markets, and shopping.

For the adventurous traveler, you will love hanging out at the pool, visiting the family-owned Turicentro Sandoval Water Park, San Miguel, Cascada de Llano Largo, and Pozo Azul in a reserve nearby.

Ocotepeque may not be in the Top 10 in Honduras yet, but it is primed for growth with being hours from El Salvador, as well as destinations in Honduras including the Mayan Ruins in Copan, Tegucigalpa, and Roatan, Honduras.


Honduras: Hotel Sandoval Stay

Honduras, more than a destination, is calling your name. Want to explore more of Central America? #dontskipelsalvador and travel to Ocotepeque, Honduras to Hotel Sandoval within <3 hours.

You will love the peaceful stay, beautiful outdoor space, and accessibility to nearby attractions. Staying at Hotel Sandoval will help make your Honduras travels priceless!

With numerous places to stay in Honduras and globally, start your travel to Honduras in Ocotepeque.


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