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Top 10 Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Things to Do

Whether you will be spending One Day at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala or a month like I did, you will fall in love with what Lonely Planet named Eden on Earth.

When I glanced at pictures on Instagram of Lake Atitlan, or learned via resources like Adventurous Kate, I knew I wanted to stay at Lake Atitlan for a month during my travel to 7 Continents.

From the moment I arrived for Glamping by Lake Atitlan, I was blown away with the surrounding pristine beauty and once in a lifetime experiences.

My Top 10 Lake Atitlan Guatemala Things to Do includes water activities, village exploration, nature discovery, cultural experiences, visiting the most magical hotel in Guatemala. and foodie favorites!

Casa Flor Ixcaco Weaving Experience in San Juan La Laguna

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Stays & Transportation

For my second stay in Guatemala, I went glamping by Lake Atitlan for four days in San Marcos La Laguna. For my third stay in Guatemala, I stayed at an Airbnb Digital Nomad Chalet in San Pedro La Laguna for a month!