• Katrina Julia

One Day in Antigua, Guatemala: Itinerary to Transform and Travel

From the time you even see the photos of Antigua, Guatemala to the moment when you step foot in the cultural and colonial city, you will fall in love! I know I did!

Antigua was founded in the early 16th century and built about 1,500 meters above sea level in an earthquake prone region. In 1773, parts of the city were destroyed by an earthquake. However, many parts of Antigua remain preserved as ruins. Antigua was one of the first cities in the New World to use a Spanish grid system for its streets. The ancient colonial city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

That's one of the reasons why I decided to spend not just One Day in Antigua or in Guatemala, but about one and a half months! am spending about two weeks in Antigua, Guatemala.

If you don't know where to start with your time in Antigua, Guatemala. I am here to help you #createit! Traveling helps you transform in more ways than one when you travel globally.

While there is plenty to experience one day in Antigua, Guatemala to transform and travel whether you come solo, with family, or with a group, you will definitely want to consider staying longer.

Follow this One Day in Antigua, Guatemala Itinerary to Transform and Travel. It will help you make your travels transformational even it's a short trip. These are my recommendations for the top experiences for your one day in Antigua, Guatemala!

Soy Chilero!

(Guatemalan saying means "I'm cool!"

Santa Catalina Arch

My Experiences with Antigua, Guatemala

This is my first time in Antigua, Guatemala. Thanks to Guatemala and my Airbnb at 36 Los Pasos, it may not be my last!

There is so much to experience in and near Antigua, Guatemala including the historical, cultural and experiential with walks, nature, and food!

Although I am staying in Guatemala for about a month and a half,. I love to create adventure days to share for myself and others whether you are somewhere short or long-term and want to create adventure days too. That's why I created One Day Travel guides.

At Soy Chilero by Cafe Cafe Guatemala near Guatex in Antigua, Guatemala

Put Guatex for Antigua in your GPS and you will find this a few doors down!

They just opened on Good Friday in 2021!