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One Day In Monteverde, Costa Rica Itinerary to Transform and Travel

You want a whole new experience compared to last year. I am right there with you. That's why I am here in Costa Rica. Who doesn't love an overflow of the Pura Vida with a side of sunshine, nature and adventure!

That's one of the reasons why I decided to spend not just One Day in Monteverde or in Costa Rica, but about three months! After being here over a month, I feel like a new woman all the time!

You want to experience the Pura Vida in Monteverde, Costa Rica and you aren't sure where to start?

Let me help you #createit! Traveling helps you transform in more ways than one when you travel to Costa Rica. No matter what your Costa Rica adventure is in Monteverde, you will love it!

After being in Monteverde, Costa Rica for 3 incredible weeks at Casa Balbi that flew by, I reflected on what I would recommend for One Day in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

While there is plenty to experience one day in Monteverde, Costa Rica to transform and travel whether you come solo, with family, or with a group, you will definitely want to consider staying longer.

Follow this One Day in Monteverde, Costa Rica Itinerary to Transform and Travel. It will help you make your travels transformational even it's a short trip. These are my recommendations for the top experiences for your one day in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

Stellas in Monteverde, Costa Rica

My Experiences With Monteverde, Costa Rica

This is my first time in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Thanks to Costa Rica and Casa Balbi, it may not be my last!

This is my second time to Costa Rica since 2016 when I hosted our transformation and travel retreat in Costa Rica in Playa Del Coco. I love the Pura Vida!

Although I am staying in Costa Rica for close to three months, I love to create adventure days to share for myself and others whether you are somewhere short or long-term and want to create adventure days too. That's why I created One Day Travel guides.

Costa Rica Retreat in 2016 near Liberia in Playa Del Coco

My travels in Costa Rica include a focus on nature, adventure and healthy travel experiences. If you didn't know, I haven't drunk alcohol for over 5 years now. I feel healthier than High School.

For my second stay in Costa Rica in or near Monteverde, Costa Rica, I chose Casa Balbi, which is about 5 minutes from Santa Elena downtown, and about 10 minutes from downtown Monteverde, and about 10 minutes from local adventure companies.

Casa Balbi offers four beautiful apartments and/or tiny houses where you are engulfed in peace and tranquilty.

IG Casa Balbi

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini.

Fun Facts About Monteverde, Costa Rica

Travel fills me up. New people, adventures, and experiences are something I love. My story includes being conceived in Bulgaria, born in Poland, and in 4 countries by the time I was 2 (including a refugee camp in Italy.)

I love visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica for many reasons. Monteverde is a popular yet peaceful spot in Costa Rica with less than 5,000 people leaving at the Green Mountain.

It all started in the 1950's when pacifist Quakers moved to Monteverde. The 11 Quaker families moved to Monteverde and began farming. They ended up coming to Monteverde to avoid being drafted in the United States for the Korean War.

Due to the remarkable biodiversity, scientists began moving to Monteverde in the 1960's. Speaking of the biodiversity, George Powell, a student of Tropical Science Center in San Jose was living in Monteverde to do research in 1972. He bought 328 hectares for 1 colon (less than $1 USD). This ended up being the start of Monteverde Cloud Reserve Forest.

When scientists initially started visiting Monteverde, no lodging existed. Now, over 70,000 people usually visit the Cloud Reserve every year*. *Pandemic figures since Q12020 are unknown.

Something else I love about Monteverde is that nowhere else in the world may you find as many orchids.

As you walk around the towns of Santa Elena or Monteverde, you will love the small town charm.

Monteverde is a great choice to visit after La Fortuna before heading down to the beach!

One Day in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Let's explore the experiences I recommend for one day in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Depending on when you arrive in the city, and where you stay, feel free to modify your experiences!

I'm sharing here a full 24 hours for your one day in Monteverde from morning to night! I'll be sharing Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio. I'm giving you many reasons you will want to stay longer in Costa Rica!

Even when I travel, I stay healthy, bring Herbalife Nutrition and workout daily in different ways.

In Monteverde, I made countless shakes, shakes and oats, and protein pancakes.

Stella's Monteverde

Stella's Monteverde is an incredible spot for bird-watching and breakfast. I learned about this place from my Airbnb: Casa Balbi. Within my first hour being there, I spotted 2+ Mot Mot's, Toucansillos, and a Coati! The place is incredibly peaceful and no