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Costa Rica Adventure: Hanging Bridges in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Long before I came to Monteverde, Costa Rica, I saw pictures of hanging bridges and envisioned walking across them one day. That day arrived in 2021 during a time I and we never would have imagined in our world. I dreamed it and real-lifed it.

So, what are hanging bridges? They are exactly how they sound! They are suspension bridges that get you up, close and personal with the forest canopy. Nature and wildlife abound all around you seamlessly as you walk through the cloud reserve. You walk in sync with the heights of the forest gliding along the upper canopy of the forest.

Before I visited Monteverde, Costa Rica, I decided I wanted to see the cloud reserve up close and personal first before visiting the hanging bridges. I loved visiting Santa Elena Cloud Reserve during my first week in Monteverde.

I reviewed various options for Hanging Bridges on Trip Advisor, Airbnb, and asked my Airbnb: Casa Balbi owner and host. From every direction, I found Hanging Bridges at Selvatura Park to be the best pick. I loved

The mystic and magic of the forest captures you as you glide through the treetop walkways tour at Selvatura Park consists of 1.9 miles of trails where you encounter eight bridges of various lengths soaring in the forest canopy ranging between 170 feet and 560 feet.

Hanging Bridges Monteverde, Costa Rica

Watch the video for highlights of my full experience to Hanging Bridges at Selvatura Park. Not only that, but you will love the monkey that got super close to me, and jumped to the second Hanging Bridge I walked across!! #notsponsored

Visiting Hanging Bridges

After reviewing the Hanging Bridge options in Monteverde, Costa Rica and choosing Selvatura Park, it became easy to set up. No matter what option you choose, I recommend going directly to the provider website and booking the Hanging Bridge tour with transportation included.