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Costa Rica Adventure: Children's Eternal Rainforest in Monteverde, Costa Rica

There are many reasons for you to consider Monteverde, Costa Rica. Whether you visit for a day, a week, or 3 weeks+ like I did, the fairy tale cloud forest reserves and adventures in Monteverde, Costa Rica will amaze you!

I chose to visit Monteverde for about 3 weeks as my second city in Costa Rica because of all the nature and the cloud forest reserves and rainforests in the area. Every time you step in a cloud forest reserve or rainforest, you feel like you are walking in a fairy tale.

You may be curious about cloud forest reserve and rainforests. I first heard about cloud forest reserves before coming to Monteverde, Costa Rica. Cloud forest reserves like Santa Elena and Monteverde take the form of fog, low-hanging clouds hovering around the upper canopy of the forest before the leaves of trees and plants condensed down below!

In comparison, rainforests like Children's Eternal Rainforest are located at lower elevations and tend to be warmer. As a result, the plant and animal life differ as well.

There are several cloud forest reserves and rainforests in Monteverde including Monteverde, Santa Elena, and Children's Eternal Rainforest. I visited Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve my first week in Monteverde followed by the Children's Eternal Rainforest my second week.

Children's Eternal Rainforest, Bosque Eterno de Los Ninos, history starts with Swedish students who decided to raise money to save rainforests. Although, they initially raised money to purchase six hectares of rainforest bordering what had already been purchased by Monteverde Conservation League, over the years over 44 countries have joined together raising money in creative ways for the rainforest. By 2020. Children's Eternal Rainforest has grown to over 23,000 hectares including 200+ properties over 3 provinces (Puntarenas, Guanacaste, and Alajuela).