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One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: La Fortuna and Monteverde, Costa Rica: Week 4

Creating a life and business I love while traveling globally continues to leave me in awe. There are many moments I feel surreal, yet at home all at the same time. If you have transitioned from having a home base and traveling to traveling full-time, you likely know exactly how I feel. If you haven't maybe you have imagined the feeling of limitless global travel.

The first few weeks in La Fortuna, Costa Rica flew by. I think this resulted from a 180 degree turn from what life I experienced Oct-Dec 2020 in Atlanta, GA. My second week in Costa Rica increased in creating and scaling, while having less adventure compared to my first week in Costa Rica. While creating, scaling and traveling through the 7 Continents with Central and South America in 2021, I am adjusting my days and weeks.

In Week 4, I transitioned to my second Airbnb in Monteverde, Costa Rica by jeep-boat-jeep from La Fortuna, Costa Rica. My pace here in Monteverde, Costa Rica has shifted as well. There is an increase in time in nature, being present, and a decrease in temperature. Creating a Life and Business I love feels and looks different here in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Shot at my Dragon Fly Hideaway Airbnb in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Creating and Scaling a Life and Business You Love

Whether you work a 9-5, are a side hustler, creating a life and business you love full-time, and/or traveling the world, I hope this series encourages and inspires you to take leaps of faith in every area of your life.

If you are seeking freedom in your time, location, expression, community, and ultimately financial freedom, let's #createit. I am right here with you on a path of prupose to freedom (Gal 5:1).

There are ways to transform your wellness, online, media and travel. Whether you are work for a brand, have a side hustle with a vision for being a full-time entrepreneur, and/or offer consulting for long-term projects, I love helping you create & scale a life and business you love.

Whether it is creating online courses, growing influencer marketing, and/or ways to automate and scale your business like a boss, let's #createit.

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: La Fortuna and Monteverde, Costa Rica: Week 4 to create and scale a life, business, and community you love will help you create, transform, and inspire.

These are ways I created and scaled during my fourth week in Costa Rica, and an insider look at One Week of Creating and Scaling a Life and Business I Love in La Fortuna and Monteverde, Costa Rica: Week 4.

Pura Vida!

Ceviche and Fresh Fruit Juice at Tierra Mia on Monday, January 25th, 2021.

Transitions from La Fortuna to Monteverde, Costa Rica

If you have followed my Creating a Life and Business You Love series, you know I spent my first month in Costa Rica at Dragon Fly Hideaway. From the start, I knew it is the perfect spot with the colorful homes, pool and kitchen, and incredible WiFi.

Week 1 in Costa Rica, I shared insights into my three months in Costa Rica and stays.

My first week in Costa Rica blew me away with my one week adventure and creating a life and business I love. In week 2, I spent more time at my Pink House at Dragon Fly Hideaway creating and scaling. In week 3 in Costa Rica, I continued creating and scaling, while enjoying Sloth Tour, Rio Chollin, Baldi Hot Springs, and El Salto too!

In comparison, in Week 4, I experienced transition and transformation from the inside out. I moved locations from La Fortuna to Monteverde, Costa Rica mid-week. As a result, the first part of my week involved wrapping things up and packing, and the end of my week included shifts and exploring in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

No matter where you are in the world, how you start your day is powerful in every way.

My Sacred 7 Morning with I Am's, Prayer, Positive Music, Bible Reading, Message, Journaling, and Movement sets me up for success.

My daily routine includes shake, tea and tabs with Herbalife Global Nutrition for 5+ years and counting. I lost over 55+ lbs and choose to be alcohol free 5+ years ago. I compete in fitness shows in National Physique Committee Bikini. Disclaimer: Average person loses .5 to 1lb a week with healthy active lifestyle.


All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini.

Week 4 Outline: Creating a Life & Business I Love in Costa Rica

Every week, I outline my week and days, and continue to align actions to my vision. There are often exponential shifts especially when I adjust my environment.

I outline my Create 7 to help me align actions. Create 7 includes launches, community, scale, clear, media, series, and projects. I practice self-accountability with tools like Click-Up and Focus Matrix.. I am active in online communities as well.

All along the way, I envision and assess results in community, creators, and creatives.

Walking into the week, I envisioned:

1 Community Creation & Focus

2 Creator Focus on Videos & Reels

3 Clearing Emails, Team & Media Items

4 Submitting Proposals & Pitches

5 Summit Shares & Updates

6 Scaling New Tasks

7 Assessing Daily & Weekly Results

Super Focus

I am creating a life, business and community I love. I am receiving $3,000 - $25,000 daily-weekly-monthly easily for wellness, media, online & travel with incredible community consistently by March 1. I am DAP, Supervisor and World Team with Herbalife before March 1.

This is my focus until I hit it not only once but consistent 3+ months. I will adjust after the third month of consistency to align to annual and legacy goals.

Top Three Priorities

1 Community: Sources and Scaling

2 Creators: Courses, Management

3 Creatives: Media, Series, and Books

I focus consistently on creating and scaling a business I love & helping others. This is done by integrating faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel. Not only that, every online course & live experience includes tips, tools & technology for health, wealth, and business hands-on.

Week 4: Creating and Scaling in La Fortuna and Monteverde, Costa Rica.

The outline below will help you see how I created and scaled this week, as well as how it aligned to my passion, purpose, potential, people & profits.


This includes areas with launches, community, media, series, projects, scaling, and clearing.

Depending on priorities and the day, I may focus on 1, 3 and/or all 7 areas in a day.

1 Launches

1 Community Platforms & Pitches with FreeUp, Bucketlist Bombshells, Destinations, and more!

2 CREATEIT Mastermind shared this week on Social & Platforms.

3 CREATEIT Summit speaker opportunities shared on platforms for April.

4 Aligned media to Summit & Mastermind & Tools for Health, Wealth & Business.

5 Pre-Launch Lifestyle Brand via 75 Tools & Resources & Platform & Communities

2 Community

1 Cleared 200+ emails this week

2 Completed & Loaded 5+ Videos for YouTube & Mastermind

3 Created 7+ Reels on Wellness, Marketing, Business & Travel

4 Submitted 5+ Platforms & Proposals for Ongoing Projects

5 Updated All Click-Up Project Management Sprints & Items

6 Cleared All Camera & Phone Items to DropBox

7 Increased Scaling Items to Virtual Assistant Services

3 Media

1 One Week Blog & Show Series

2 WattPad updates & scaling

3 5+ Videos & 10+ Reels IG

4 This Blog & Show

5 Updated New Book: There is World Inside Me & You (and 7 Continents Travel)

6 Growth in Media on ALL Channels

a Reached 1,000 +Reach on One Reel

b Instagram Growth 400+% on Reach & Accounts

c Over 100 Subscribers YouTube

On social, I shared 7+ reels, 2+ IGTVS, and 50+ stories easily. This included sharing everything from stories to videos on wellness, marketing, business & travel.

4 Clear

I cleared 90% from both my Cameras this week, and uploaded all videos for the mastermind to DropBox. I cleared over 75% of my phone. I have it down to <75 pictures and videos.

5 Series

I adjusted the series for blog and show for 75+ Tools to Create a Life and Business You Love, Top 10 La Fortuna, Costa Rica, One Week, and outlined posts coming up for the Santa Elena Cloud Reserve, Airbnb in Monteverde, 7 Continents and Retreat Blogs and Shows. I completed the blog and two related podcast episodes.

Weekly, I will continue the creating and scaling posts as well.

6 Scaling

Over 75% of the business is automated via tools like Kajabi, Task Virtual, and Efficise. In Automate and Scale Your Business Like a Boss, I share insights with automation and delegation including finding opportunities, social media, and business development.

I teach this hands-on in our online courses and retreats too. I regularly assess tasks to increase service, free up my time, and teach others to do the same. I outline tasks in 3-5 steps to automate and delegate.

I added scaling tasks this week with clearing content, newsletter, and email. Keep in mind when you delegate tasks there is a transition and clarity period before the process is flowing fully.

7 Projects

This week I shared the CREATEIT Summit for creators to spotlight with pre-recorded sessions on wellness, faith, marketing, business and travel on several platforms & communities.

The FREE 14 Day Challenge preview to the Creation Club: Online Mastermind with Health, Wealth & Business including Tips, Tools & Tech hands-on is open!

I set up the pre-launch for Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss connecting 75 Tools & Resources to Create a Life & Business You Love and continued to share it.

I decided to adjust retreats to focusing on a Costa Rica: Transform & Travel Retreats in August.

This week my adventures included relaxing on Sunday, visiting the gym and my favorite place for Ceviche on Monday, wrapping up key things on Monday and Tuesday, taking a jeep-boat-jeep tour from La Fortuna to Monteverde, Costa Rica, hiking the Santa Elena Cloud Reserve and Eco Park next to my Airbnb, and enjoying delicious food at ChocoCafe in Monteverde, Costa Rica.


This week, I continued to increase my focus on nutrition with Herbalife Nutrition shakes and snacks, as well as workouts on my own and via the Peloton App. I reached 1,000 minutes in workouts and sessions on Peloton App this week too!


Week Schedule At a Glance






I spent most of my day at my Airbnb on media, community, clearing and scaling.

I finished 4 videos for YouTube and the Mastermind: Creation Club including topics on wellness, marketing, business and travel! I submitted a video for an ongoing project for Content Creation and Strategy with Bucketlist Bombshells! I transferred videos to DropBox, and responded to community messages.

I went to Arenal Fitness Gym in the afternoon, and to Tierra Mia Restaurant for Ceviche and fresh fruit juice (Mango and Papaya)!

I did laundry and started packing for my Jeep-Boat-Jeep trip from La Fortuna, Costa Rica to Monteverde, Costa Rica.







I reviewed all emails and cleared my inbox. I updated items on ClickUp, team and Virtual Assistants. I followed up with clients and a potential project. I finished packing and relaxed by the pool!



Wednesday I usually have in mind as a flex and fun day. I decided to make my moving day Wednesday for my next destination to Casa Balbi in Monteverde, Costa Rica!

The transportation I chose is definitely one of a kind by taking a jeep-boat-jeep tour. The shuttle picked me up at 7:30 a.m. directly from my Airbnb. After picking up the rest of the passengers, we went on a boat across Lake Arenal with breathtaking views of Arenal Volcano on our way to Monteverde, Costa Rica.. I loved making the move an adventure too! Priceless!

Not to mention, it is cheaper by half ($30) if you go via an Uber ($60).

Yes please!

This is the view right when you step out of the shuttle (weather dependent) & not sure if the dog will be there LOL!


After arriving at the Lake Arenal shore closer to Monteverde, Costa Rica, another shuttle picked us up to drop off us off directly at our hotels or Airbnbs. The road is quite hilly and you definitely need a 4X4 on many drives in and around Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica.

I arrived at Casa Balbi, my Airbnb in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The photos do not do it justice. It is truly a haven of peace surrounded by nature in every way.


IG: CasaBalbi

After arriving at my Airbnb: Casa Balbi in Monteverde, Costa, I walked to town to the grocery store. I spent about $20 for a weeks worth of groceries. It is important to note I love to to walk, and the town is close. However, the hilly road is filled with rocks and gravel. Despite my careful steps, I fell twice on my a**. I decided it is a better idea to get a taxi to and from town (about $6 round trip) to prevent any more injuries.

I unpacked and organized my Airbnb as well. I am staying at Casa Balbi in Monteverde, Costa Rica for right at about 3 weeks.




I spent the day clearing emails, reviewing platforms, and submitting proposals. In addition, I responded to community and team tasks and questions.

I talked to my mom and dad as well who are in Bulgaria. I connected with my friend Priscilla.

I took a walk around Eco Park nearby nature adjacent to the property here. I decided I would visit Santa Elena Cloud Reserve on Friday, and arranged transportation via Diego at my Airbnb with a shuttle locally for $12.


I woke up between 5-5:30 a.m. and got ready for my visit to Santa Elena Cloud Reserve. I arrived at the Santa Elena Cloud Reserve around 7:30 a.m. It is about 15 min driving from Casa Balbi. It turns out I literally was the first one to arrive in the morning.

It was rainy and chilly when I arrived at Santa Elena Cloud Reserve, which is typical for Monteverde, Costa Rica. I made sure I bundled up, and brought my rain coat. The Santa Elena Cloud Reserve resembles walking through a fairy tale. The photos cannot capture the essence of the experience. You may close your eyes and imagine. I spent three hours hiking the Youth, Del Bajo, Encantado trials.


Santa Elena Cloud Reserve

Santa Elena Cloud Reserve

The rest of the day I unplugged.


I spent the morning at my Airbnb addressing pending team items, as well as submitting proposals for online, wellness and travel projects.

I spent my mid-afternoon with Super Focus - a monthly online program - I am part of with Tommy Newberry.

At 3pm, I headed to town to visit Chococafe. I highly recommend this delicious place for breakfast and/or lunch! I enjoyed the Chicken Curry, Coffee Librazado, and Hot Chocolate later on. I spent my time there journaling and reviewing my week too!

Choco Cafe Monteverde, Costa Rica

There you have it.

My week at a glance, and the behind the scenes in La Fortuna, Costa Rica and starting off in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Week 4 in Costa Rica: La Fortuna and Monteverde

The creating, scaling, and traveling continue as I transition from La Fortuna to Monteverde, Costa Rica. Expect my adventures in Monteverde, Costa Rica to be slower paced and nature filled!

How are you creating while you work from home?

Are you traveling locally and/or globally and creating too?

You'll love 75 Tools & Resources to Create a Life & Business You Love!


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