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Top 7 Global Destinations for Wellness and Business Retreats

When I first started creating global transformational retreats, I researched the best global destinations for wellness retreats. While I and we have hosted transformational wellness and business retreats in Costa Rica, Cuba, London, and Barcelona, there are global destinations I have yet to explore for retreats!

Whether your dream is to travel to 7 Continents, attend and/or host retreats, or increase your adventures around the world, it takes a vision, faith, and action. By the time I reached 2 years old, I had traveled to 4+ countries. In 2017, I reached traveling to 27 countries ranging from Greece to countries in Central America like Costa Rica and everything in between including hosting global transformational retreats.

In 2014, while I started to pray, envision and write down traveling to 7 Continents, I developed a desire for community online and live as well. As Ie transformed from the inside out step by step, I shifted how I created a life and business I love long before 2020 and the pandemic.

In 2016, I started with creating transformational retreats to Costa Rica with community. In 2017 and 2018, this grew to Cuba, Barcelona, and London. At the same time, I could not deny the wonder of a vision of creating retreats in Bali, Egypt and Australia.

In creating and hosting global transformational retreats, I am constantly learning about locations and logistics. Based on my insights and experiences so far, here are the Top 7 Global Destinations for Wellness and Business Retreats.

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