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  • Katrina Julia

Top 7 Global Destinations for Wellness and Business Retreats

When I first started creating global transformational retreats, I researched the best global destinations for wellness retreats. While I and we have hosted transformational wellness and business retreats in Costa Rica, Cuba, London, and Barcelona, there are global destinations I have yet to explore for retreats!

Whether your dream is to travel to 7 Continents, attend and/or host retreats, or increase your adventures around the world, it takes a vision, faith, and action. By the time I reached 2 years old, I had traveled to 4+ countries. In 2017, I reached traveling to 27 countries ranging from Greece to countries in Central America like Costa Rica and everything in between including hosting global transformational retreats.

In 2014, while I started to pray, envision and write down traveling to 7 Continents, I developed a desire for community online and live as well. As Ie transformed from the inside out step by step, I shifted how I created a life and business I love long before 2020 and the pandemic.

In 2016, I started with creating transformational retreats to Costa Rica with community. In 2017 and 2018, this grew to Cuba, Barcelona, and London. At the same time, I could not deny the wonder of a vision of creating retreats in Bali, Egypt and Australia.

In creating and hosting global transformational retreats, I am constantly learning about locations and logistics. Based on my insights and experiences so far, here are the Top 7 Global Destinations for Wellness and Business Retreats.

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Cuba Retreat

Global Retreats

I love faith, wellness, business, marketing and travel. First place in my life is faith. Years ago, I felt led by God to create communities online and live. Traveling globally both solo and with communities for countless reasons is near and dear to my heart.

With each and every adventure globally, as well as every transformation retreat I have created and hosted, I became a new person with new insights & mindset.

I remember taking a leap of faith to plan Costa Rica retreat in 2016, Cuba Transform & Travel Retreats in 2017 for two retreats, and Barcelona and London for masterminds.

The journey continues with our upcoming retreat in Costa Rica in August 2021.

Along the way, there are top global destinations for wellness and business retreats that stand out.


1 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is rated as one of the top destinations for wellness and business retreats for more reasons than one. Whether it's on Harper's Bazaar as one of the top destinations for global retreats, or numerous others, it is no surprise Costa Rica is high on the list for a top pick for retreats.

Likely, you are not surprised it is my #1 on this article with my first FIT Life Creation experience in Playa Del Cocos, Costa Rica near Liberia and with my near 3+ month travel in Costa Rica early in 2021.

Whether you are looking to integrate faith, wellness, marketing, business and/or travel, Costa Rica for retreats will exceed your expectations with adventures, wildlife and beaches at every turn.

With ease in selecting Instagrammable spots for your retreat, incredible weather, and excellent WiFi, it is a great location for creating a life and business you love as a wellness entrepreneur, digital nomad, and content creator.

While our Costa Rica Retreat in 2016 hosted in Playa Del Cocos was amazing, I decided for our next global transformational retreat is in La Fortuna, Costa Rica at Dragon Fly Hideaway with wellness, workshops and wonder!

Dragon Fly Hideaway

Dragon Fly Hideaway

Costa Rica Retreat

Manuel Antonio National Park

Hanging Bridges Monteverde, Costa Rica

Playa Matapalo Horseback Riding

Surfing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica