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3 Steps to Host Events and Retreats (Behind the Scenes with Spain)

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Are you an entrepreneur, coach and/or blogger who loves your online community? Yet, you find yourself feeling like something just might be missing. You are missing the creative community connecting in person. There is nothing like a heart to heart connection.

You love to attend or speak at events. Perhaps, you've attended retreats or considered creating retreats? Creating a life and business you love with time and location freedom sounds incredible. It is! If I am and we are creating it, so can you.

Everything from 1 day masterminds, multiple day and weeks are possible for you to create. Whether you want to collaborate with boutique hotels, teach people how to do social media, and/or combine the two, it's all possible.

You love to travel and teach. Yet, you don't know where to even begin to host your own masterminds, events, or retreats. Creating a life and business you love is speaking to your soul with masterminds, retreats, and a community.

I completely understand. From traveling to >27 countries, being a keynote, and creating retreats, I love transforming and traveling. My word for 2018 was Faith. The year involved numerous leaps of faith like hosting a mastermind in Spain at an Airbnb. If I created it, so can you.

Make a choice to take action to host events and retreats. No matter what is next for you, take the step. Each step leads to the next step. Before you know it, you'll be hosting events and retreats, too!

3 Steps to Host Events and Retreats (Behind the Scenes with Spain)

Rising up to new levels to host events and retreats, or scale them, requires you to get uncomfortable. I experienced this in many ways with hosting events in Atlanta, Cuba, and Spain.

I love Barcelona and felt the pull to go back in 2018. The city, culture, and experiences offer something for everyone. Barcelona is bucket list worthy in every way.

If you want to create a community of creators in innovative ways, you will feel the fear. As you breakthrough, it will help you feel invincible. You may imagine hosting events and creating retreats overseas brought up different things for me. However, I chose to focus on the mission, vision, and purpose.

For some, attending events or traveling overseas is a massive breakthrough. Keep this in mind as you and your community grow. We are all at different levels depending on the vision and legacy.

Early in 2018, I decided to travel to Europe to see family and host 1 day events in London and Barcelona. My mom experienced health challenges with her back and hips in 2018-2019. It felt like a very uncomfortable and scary time for us. My heart wanted to spend extra time with family.

In alignment with living in authenticity with creating a life and business I love, I knew this required a new me to show up and take action.

I decided to fly from Atlanta to London and host my first event there at a WeWork or Airbnb. Then, I decided to visit my family in Vienna and in Bulgaria (and work in the evenings).

After leaving my family in Bulgaria, I knew I wanted to host a 1-day event in Spain. I started taking action in March for the September events.

The faith, feeling and focus alignment is essential to having things flow step by step. Be aware of what comes up for you as you step into hosting events and retreats.

Hosting Events and Creating Retreats

Congratulations on desiring to connect and create a community online and live. Our mental and physical wellbeing thrives on creating a community. Yes, having a community online is amazing.

Having a community online AND live? Life-changing.

Choosing to create a community that no one else but you can create - priceless. I know it's scary. At times, you will feel like you are stumbling around in the dark. Everyone and I mean everyone, will think you are completely insane. "Welcome to being a creator, entrepreneur and visionary". To the life of chasing your dreams.

It may look crazy. The time may seem like it's off. Take a step. In the words of Marie Forleo, "Everything is Figureoutable" (As I type this, I am listening to Chapter 1: The Tropicana Orange!)

I love to simplify health, wealth and business so you create a life and business you love simpler and faster than you thought possible. My education and experiences led to including step by step tips, tools and tech hands-on in every experience so you may implement what's next.

With hosting events and creating retreats, identify the types of events or retreats you want to host or create. Once you figure that out, align the vibe with the venue. Sometimes, you will get inspired by a venue or city or country you've visited or seen online.

Let yourself flow freely between these steps with what makes sense for you. Outline your event, who and what you want to include. This will help you connect and create a community.

1) Identify the Type of Event or Retreat

Identifying the type of event or retreat you want to create will help get you started. Do you want to host a 1 day event in your city to start? Are you a huge risk-taker like me and ready to create a retreat?

Perhaps, hosting a live event or retreat wasn't on your radar but now your online community keeps asking you to do it. You may be a travel, lifestyle or social media influencer with an incredible online community ready or craving to create live.

Do you feel like a 1, 2, or 3 day event makes more sense right now? Maybe, you've hosted events before and you are ready to create a domestic retreat?

Have you hosted a domestic retreat before and now you are ready to create an international transformational retreat?

What do you love creating? Where do you like to travel? Who is your community? It's great to write down some ideas yourself and then ask your community. Something simple you could do to take action would be to use Instagram Stories Polls.

f you want some help, visit our freebies for the free retreat guide.

Instagram Stories Examples
Instagram Stories Examples

Instagram Stories Examples