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How to Create Content Like a Boss

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

What do your favorite blogs, podcasts, and social media gurus all have in common? I'm betting that the media you consume the most helps you with lifestyle transformation whether in wellness, business, and/or travel.

Better yet, the blogs and podcasts you love the most somehow tend to give you exactly what you want before you even realized you needed it. As I transitioned from Corporate America & Side Hustle Queen to full-time entrepreneurship, I recognized what skills would continue to serve me. You can too.

Ask yourself what do people always come to you for? Are you in wellness, media, or travel? Do you love traveling locally or globally and sharing with others? Is it easy for you to share how you create content and travel?

To create content people love, think about how, when and where could you share to reach people? What types of content do you love to create? How could you increase your skillset?

I get how you feel in every way.

2011: Left Corporate (Strategy & Finance Executive role ) barely on Social Media

2013: Start using Facebook for Story Telling and Wellness. Start my Instagram account.

2014: My Wellness & Herbalife business grows 25X on Facebook alone. (not typical, possible)

2015: I begin to figure out my style e.g. lifestyle, wellness, travel for the website & social media

2016: I set up strategy, structure & systems step by step & get training to create online courses.

2017: First round of online courses & social media automation across FB, IG and Pinterest set up.

2018: Set up 12 themes for blog, podcast, and social media & consistent posting.

2018: Launch influencer marketing for lifestyle transformation (>10,000 influencers + 2500% ROI).

2019: Tying all above to IGTV, videos, lives for launches of courses & events with tips, tools & tech

I am sharing this so. you know I am figuring it out step by step too. No matter where you are in creating content, this post will help you constantly create ideas of content with social media, blogs, and podcasts. It will help you align your free content to your freebies, online courses and events.

How to Create Content Like a Boss
How to Create Content Like a Boss

How to Create Content Like a Boss

No matter what industry you are in, combining what you love with value for others will help you win every time.

Wellness entrepreneurs may share workouts and recipes. Travel bloggers may share how to create content. Influencer marketing gurus may share media kits, platforms and courses. Lifestyle entrepreneurs may share insights into strategy, lifestyle and money.

If you are like us, you love all of this, and want to have creative and expressive freedom to share what you love too.

A great place to start is list out 3 to 12 things you love to share to create value and solve problems. The next step might involve brain storming names for your themes or listing your next few blog posts or podcast episodes. I've got some great examples with our Creation Club lifestyle transformation mastermind and the free #14daychallenge.

This helps you clear ideas in your mind and gets you excited. When we write things down, it helps us decrease the overwhelm by knowing what actions we are taking next. Once you figure out your content ideas, the next steps include increasing your exposure to reach more people easily.

In today's social media world, we all have access live to have our own commercials for free literally. The choice to create content like a hobby or like a boss is yours. Creating content may start with passion like a hobby. There comes a point when we transition to creating content like a boss.

When you choose to show up for your content, your business, and your dreams like a boss, life will show up for you.

The How to Create Content Like a Boss is what I practice all the time. I ask myself all the time - how may I simplify and amplify serving and reaching more people. I constantly learn ways to create content like a boss.

I expose myself to different ways people share on platforms. .I give myself the freedom to evolve consistently. I recommend you use ways that you love and experiment with new ways to create content too.

How to Create Content Like a Boss

I'm sharing how to create content like a boss. Content creation involves inspiration, planning, and platforms. At a more detailed level, content creation involves strategy, types, and repurposing.

I will share with you insights into inspiration, planning and platforms. You'll learn insights and behind the scenes into the tips, tools and technology I use to create content like a boss. I'm taking it a step further by giving you insight into an upcoming trip I have with Airbnb to Mexico and my own planning.


1. Inspiration to Create Content is Everywhere

The first thing I want to help you with is inspiration to create content. Inspiration to create content is literally everywhere. It's inside you and all around you. I want to encourage you to take time away from your computer and social. media to unplug as well.

Sometimes, when we put pressure on anything the inspiration may die. Years ago, when I was 55+ lbs heavier and worked >90 hours a week, I burned out many times. This is when you don't operate at your best self. Sure, sometimes more investment and time is required for your dreams.

However, when you make it a habit to consistently not take any time off, your inspiration and creativity will suffer (not to mention your health and relationships may suffer too).

Here is a helpful list to inspire you to create content

Quick tips for wellness, media, travel and business

How to's and step by step guides in an area

Themes focused on an area consistently

Series focused on a topic or area

These may include ideas such as:

When I am looking for inspiration to create content, I may Google or look at some of my favorite entrepreneurs or bloggers like Rachel Hollis or Aggie - Travel in Her Shoes.

I then think about what my passion, purpose and people are and what to share. I love creating a life and business I love and creating community. I love traveling the world. I love giving back. I make sure I tune in on what to share and where to share it.

I think about how to share content here on the blog and podcast. I consider ways to increase exposure to reach more people on platforms. I make a plan, and always stay flexible to how it unfolds. I often get inspired in the moment and along the way. Plus #life happens so I and we get to adjust.

Photo Credit: Wix

2 Make a Plan to Create Content Like a Boss (and stay flexible)

Let's take a. journey on my plan for my upcoming trip to Mexico including Pink Lakes.

This will be my third time to Mexico and first time to Pink Lakes. I got to go to Cancun my first year in college by myself as a reward from my parents.

I went a second time to Cozumel with my friend Lorena and my parents. Lorena and I got certified in Scuba diving before we went so we could have a whole new experience in Cozumel too. The last time I went was 20+ years ago so this will be a whole new adventure!

When you want to create content, it's important to think about what you want to experience first. As you think about the experience, consider ways to share it before, during, and after.

I did this recently with a trip to New Orleans. I do this each time I lead retreats as well. With Mexico, I will likely be going Nov 29-Dec 3. I am working out some final details out currently. To give you some highlights, I am also a Community Manager volunteer with Airbnb in Atlanta. They recently surprised many of us with this incredible gift of an adventure with Airbnb! #butGod super grateful!

Here I share on how applying, volunteering and serving led completely unexpectedly to this incredible blessing of an adventure in Mexico with Pink Lakes. This is crossing off a bucket list item for me!

I'n treating the Mexico trip similar to a press trip or media engagement with a client to provide value for Airbnb. In addition, it helps serve as value for people like you reading or listening. It so important to show humility, diligence and excellence no matter what. The content shows potential clients what I and we may do with media, lifestyle and travel too.

My Plan to Create Content Like a Boss:

1) Outline pre-event content (like this post)

2) Consider the experiences I want (Scuba Diving, Photoshoot, Healthy Experiences)

3) Deciding to go a day to two days before experience starts

4) Researching scenic highlights

5) Googling healthy food experiences

6) Choosing an unique experience to share

7) Reviewing the experience in Mexico

Content Piece Ideas for Blogs:

1) This one that you are reading!

2) How Travel Sets Your Soul On Fire

3) 5 Ways to Transform and Travel in Mexico

4) One Day in Mexico: Transform + Travel in Mexico

5) 7 Ways to Create a Life and Business You Love

6) Content You Want to Create When You Travel to Mexico

7) The Best Tips for Group Travel for International Retreats

Content Ideas to Integrate Before to After Travel:

1) Share IG Stories + Lives + Posts

2) Film Videos for Use for IGTV, YouTube, and Blog

3) Add Videos in Blog Posts + Repurposed Posts

4) Repurpose for Facebook + Instagram = Other Channels

6) Outreach to Tourism Bureaus for Added Collaborations

7) Tie into Courses & Events & Retreats

I decided I wanted to go on an early flight the day before we start. The experience starts at noon and the first flight has me landing at noon. So, if anything happens travel wise, I will be late. I rather have peace and an extra day in Cancun. I am looking up scuba diving and photoshoot experiences for that day currently. I will still take the super early flight and communicate with the host to set up the experience for several hours after I land.

I want to have a full day to explore the city. I have reached out to the tourism bureau already this week to potentially extend the collaboration. In addition, I have reached out to travel magazines for paid and unpaid articles for exposure #earlybirdgetstheworm.

The last time I went diving was in Jamaica in 2016 so I am definitely adding this to my list for Mexico! In our retreat in Cuba, some of us went diving. I went snorkeling because I was tired from both retreats. I didn't want to chance the being off in energy while I am diving. It is very fitting since my first time diving internationally ever was in Mexico in 2001! Wow! 18 years ago!

Photo Credit: Wix

By making a plan with creating content, it makes it easier! If you love this, you will love our free Social Media in a Day Webinar or posts on our blog on Smart Social.


3. Platforms for Content Like a Boss

Platforms for your content helps you feel like you have more than enough content. Even when I am in Atlanta daily, I think of platforms and ways to extend and repurpose content. For example, last week, I purposely took over 10 photos in the same area to have more than enough shots for Instagram and Facebook.

With the trip to Mexico, I will create and use platforms content like a boss by:

1) Sharing stories and lives as I go on Instagram & FB

2) Filming face to face and behind the scenes

3) Sharing a IGTV video daily

4) Repurposing the same video for YouTube

5) Integrating the video later in the Blog & Podcast

6) Planning my Feed & being spontaneous

7) Photos & Videos for Future Posts on Courses & Events & Retreats

You can see how this sets you up to create content like a boss.

Consider constantly new ways to post on platforms and use the same content. For example, I went to Spain, London, and Bulgaria last year. In expanding our content creation for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I thought of doing a One Day Guide for cities I visit consistently. I love to travel. I host retreats. It creates value and exposure for what I and we do.

The final tip in platforms is share your content over and over. It takes people on average 5-12 times to see something and take action in our media saturated world.

Think about how you want to create content like a boss next. Is it with inspiration? How about planning? What about platforms and repurposing? Before you know it, you will be creating content like a boss.

Create Content Like a Boss

Creating content is a journey, not a destination. Every single time I create content, I learn new ways to create content. I learn how to be more effective and efficient in many ways. What spoke to you the most on inspiration, planning and platforms with creating content like a boss?

How are you inspired to create content?

What content will you plan next?

Did you consider new platforms?

Take the actions to walk towards creating what you want towards creating content like a boss.

If you love this post, you'll love 3 tools to build a blog for free (and repurpose your content).

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.



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