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12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

What You Need to Transform Your Health, Wealth, Business

You may have heard the phrase lifestyle transformation or lifestyle brand. Or, maybe you clicked because you know you want to change and transform your life. To get ready for the 12 steps, I want you to think about what area of life do you most want to transform right now? What is the 1 area if you transformed would massively impact every area of your life, your family and your legacy?

Are you struggling mentally?

Do you feel unhappy with your health?

Is your financial situation keeping you up at night?

How do you connect with a like-minded community?

When you look backwards do you see growth today?

As you look to the future do you feel it shifting?

I get how you feel in every way.

Here, I will share What You Need to Transform Your Health, Wealth, Business with the

12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation.


Eight years ago, I "woke" up.

My transformation story continues to be written.

Over the last eight years, I went from:

Fear to Faith

Self Hate to Love

Corporate to Calling

Bondage to Freedom

Step by step, transforming my health, business, travel, time, and wealth. I lost over 55 lbs (with Herbalife Nutrition, competing in fitness shows and setting up tools), my business (integrating health, wealth, and biz with tips, tools and tech), and my wealth step by step including decreasing spending over 50%.

Most importantly, I transformed and continue to transform my mind which continues to result in inside out transformation. I feel more love and joy than ever.

Disclaimer: avg person who consumes Herbalife loses .5 to 1 a week with healthy active lifestyle.

Here's What You Need to Transform Your Health, Wealth, Business with the

12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation

In the 12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation, this is about transformation, inspiration and action. It is about awareness and bringing attention to areas of our lives to take action to reach our full potential. To live in faith and not fear.

When we don't take care of our minds and bodies, we don't have the energy to operate at the levels of high performance and human potential. Think about it. If your car didn't have gas, it would run out. So, why do we think for a second its okay to treat our bodies horribly, not feed them or put garbage in our mouths? Why on earth would we think those choices are not going to impact our minds, relationships, businesses, and money? Of course they are.

According to this CDC report, over 40% of women are overweight in the USA alone. The average annual income in. the USA is $59,000 vs. in the world the average income is $10,000. For the people in the back, that is 6x more than the average in the world. Yet, millions of Americans are one paycheck from poverty? In business, over 50% of people not loving what they do or where they work.

It is important to get clear on what we truly want in life and to go ALL in. What could your health be like if you started today a year from now? How about your wealth? And your business? Could you imagine time, location, and financial freedom? All of it possible with a vision, goals, and consistent aligned action over time.

The 12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation are what I practice daily personally, as well as with the community. I believe we never stop growing. I want to keep progressing and evolving. As a result, I follow these 12 Steps all the time to uncover new layers of transformation. Typically, transformation starts with an awareness. Next, making a choice to make an adjustment and turn it into a new habit.

These habits start from thought, align to feeling, tie to action. The more we tie all three of these together, the faster something becomes easier for us to maintain.

12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation

We're sharing 12 steps to lifestyle transformation. Lifestyle transformation includes health, wealth, and business. It involve your mindset and your time.

I will share with you tips, tools and technology as well as my own insights and results in different areas. These insights will help you dig deep to create new levels of awareness. The tools will help you get results to increase your confidence from the inside out.

These 12 steps to lifestyle transformation will transform and inspire you to take ownership for your life. This means recognizing you are the common denominator in each and every situation. You can have results or excuses, but not both.

Let's talk 12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation.


1. Jump Start

When you want to transform any area of your life, it's important to take massive action in that area to override past beliefs and actions. This could include getting up 30 minutes earlier for a workout and adding in supplements for example. (I use Herbalife Global Nutrition and we include it in all of our lifestyle transformation experiences), and meal prep 1-3x a week. You could see how this easily starts to set you up for success with 3 simple changes.

The key is you don't want to overwhelm yourself to do 10 new things right away. I've learned when we change and replace 1-3 behaviors monthly to jump start transformation this creates results over time. The same philosophy is applied to your wealth, time, and business.

For example, if you haven't looked at your money or what you spend in months or years, a first step would be looking at it all. A second step would be creating a budget. Make sense?

Some of my favorite tools to jump start include a meal and workout plan and fitness studio tool - ClassPass. I love to include money and business plan tools to jump start like Live Plan and Tailwind to name a few. We include freebies even when you join the Free 14 Day Challenge!

These tips, tools and tech will help empower you on how simple transformation