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2024 Vision: A Year Ahead

I feel like just yesterday I completed 2023 Vision: A Year Ahead. Anyone else?

There is no accident that you are here on this blog or show. I am sure you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, global traveler, Creator to CEO, and/or desire to be.

Spoiler Alert: 2023 Vision did not go exactly as planned.

However, a lot of the vision did come to pass showing progress in every area of life.

My phrase for 2023 was "I am divinely disciplined"

As a result, my alignment, discipline and worthiness elevated exponentially.

It did blow my mind in every way from stability and growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to traveling full-time for half the year including travel to Playa Del Carmen, bucket list adventures globally, Herbalife Leadership Development Weekend in Canada, experiences in Nice, France, meeting my mom in Sofia, Bulgaria, spending 2.5 months with my parents in Varna, and ending the year in Cyprus - my 37th country!

Although I met and exceeded goals in many areas, I did not meet several of my relational, community and financial goals. I believe insights are information when we slow down and pay attention.

You will love my 2024 Vision: A Year Ahead.

My framework for my Vision 2024: a Year Ahead changed in comparison to 2020-2023. Before I started to cast my vision for 2024, I set an intention to simplify to amplify my approach and framework.

I recognized in prior years, a lot of amazing things would happen. However, I would reach about 75% of my goals, my time and attention would be pulled in misaligned direction, and my intention and influence would not reach the impact I knew deep down I could make.

A lot of these revelations came from increasing my discipline both in being and doing in 2023. I increased my acceptance, love, and grace exponentially. The last quarter of 2023, I focused radically on tracking my time and asking if it was aligned with my deepest desires and discipline. I started to ruthlessly align my time with my Top 3 Priorities for Purpose and Profits.

You found the right community to #CREATEIT

You are here on purpose.

Let's #createit your 2024 Vision: A Year Ahead

Newsflash: I will help you simplify health, wealth, business so that you create a life and business you love simpler and faster than you thought possible.

Maybe you are used to learning from various teachers, coaches and guides like me. My post popular blog and show series is 75+ Tips, Tools and Tech to #CREATEIT

I am no stranger to learning. I've learned from Lifeway Women, Strategic Coach, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Garrain Jones, Michael Todd, Jasmine Star to name a few.

At the same time, I affirm and practice "I create 3x - 10x+ more than I consume"

Although, you will find my 2024 Vision Framework I am following simpler than ever, I am continuing to practice my Sacred 7 Morning and Night Routines, Create 7, and 7 Steps to Success. I am focusing on my Top 3 Priorities to align to purpose and profits daily that align to my 2024 Vision.

Since 2015, I have intentionally chosen to set prayerful time reflecting in gratitude, casting a vision for the upcoming year, and lining up to my life legacy. This year included 7 Things I Learned from a Year of Travel in 2021.

Every step helps align to create a vision for 2024.

To start the New Year, I completed a 2023 Wrap-Up Workshop with Social Curators - a community with Jasmine Star, Dominating Goals with CPA Academy, Yearly Goals Map with Marie Forleo, Marketing Plan for 2024, recorded my own video on Vision 2024, wrote this blog, completed a vision board, and a New Year Goal Setting with Brendon Burchard and Growth Day.

Proverbs 29:18 Without vision, people perish.

In 2023, I increased in alignment, worthiness and discipline in being and doing in countless ways.

2024 Vision: Top 3 Priorities

The last half of 2023, I found myself focusing on Top 3 Priorities daily to my financial goal of creating $300,000 - $1,000,000 annually. So, it did not surprise me when I found "The Vision Framework" by Surthrive when I Googled "Simple Vision Frameworks".

The framework focuses on "Big Three" aka what I call Top 3 Priorities. It takes the Top 3 Priorities into the Fantastic Four aka Each Quarter of the Year. The framework than breaks it down further by month. Last, but not least, into Strategy and Tactics.

It's time for you to create a 2023 Vision: A Year Ahead to create a life and business you love.

2024 Vision : A Year Ahead

If you love vision, creating, and community - you are in the right place!

I choose to align passion, purpose, people, and profits to daily, monthly quarterly, annual goals and my legacy.

I want you to get one thing. Nothing happens overnight.

Transformation Takes Time. The bigger your vision, the more obstacles and resistance you face. Your character, discipline, and accountability will transform like you never imagined. I know mine has and continues to. I am a totally different person in many ways and transforming daily.

On top of that, the current circumstances we have in areas of life may impact us too.

At the same time, we may sometimes speed up the process with simplicity and scaling.

My phrase for 2024 is I am worthy as I am. My word is worthy.

My Top 3 Priorities for 2024

1 I am creating annual aligned reoccuring revenue of $300,000 - $1,000,000 by Dec 31, 2024

2 I am creating and scaling 3x -10x+ our 1-1, live + online experiences, and media by Dec 31, 2024

3 I am traveling to 12+ countries in 2024

This increased alignment, attention, and action will undoubtedly domino into other goals and free up time.

This does not mean in any way, shape or form that I will be neglecting my health. I am still planning on doing a NPC Bikini Show and Dance Show in 2024. I have built solid habits in my health + Herbalife + training now for 7+ years I simply decided this is not in my Top 3 Goals. It is definitely a Top 5.

My heart is calling for community and love as well. As a result, within my #1 Goal is increasing creating community online and live and within my #3 Goal is participating in global communities live too. I am increasing my time in healing, love, and dating communities too in 2024. This is a Top 5 Goal too!

Let's get into the Vision for 2024 & Beyond.

2024 Vision Framework

With the simplified framework, I outlined by Fantastic Four by including my Top 3 Priorities including:

1 Creating quarterly aligned revenue of $75,000 to $250,000 in each qtr

2 Scaling 3 min items each qtr (already exceeding this for Q1)

3 Travel to 3 minimum countries (already at 1)

This, then gets divided by 3 for each month

1 Create $25,000 aligned revenue each month

2 Scale 1 min item monthly

3 Travel to 1 min country each month

i don't know about you friend, but this feels much much aligned and abundant.

Fave verses

Gal 5:1

Corinthians 13

Proverbs 31

Romans 12:2

Gal 5:22

Phil 4:8

Isa 61:3

Deut 8:18

Prov 10:22

My goals in 2024 include competing in a bikini show again (4x), doing a fitness model photoshoot, and a dance show.


Fave verses

Ruth - entire book

1 Cor 13:13

1 Cor 13:7

Prov 3:5

Eph 5:24

1 Pet 3:1


2024 Vision

What exactly the future holds, no one knows. What I do know, is I desire to live more in the here and now. Tomorrow is not promised.

It all is taking a different form for now as I am again a limitless global girl and a digital nomad with a time frame unknown.

Choose to create, transform and inspire.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on creating your 2021 vision?

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#CREATEIT for Creators to CEOs who crave creating, community and cash



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