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7 Ways Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Make Money

Multi-passionate entrepreneurs are a unique breed of individuals who refuse to be confined to a single passion or industry. Instead, we harness the power of our passions and purpose with people and profits to create multiple income streams.

I am sharing seven ways multi-passionate entrepreneurs make money. From working with brands to influencer marketing to retreats to coaching to content creation and social media, I am spilling the tea on being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and creating a lifestyle brand.

If you're a multi-passionate entrepreneur looking for inspiration on how to monetize your message and mission, this one is for you!

7 Ways Multi-Passionate Creators and CEOs Make Money
7 Ways Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Make Money

Consulting and Coaching

Long before digital nomad life became popular, I worked in Corporate as a Consultant and Coach in various industries and roles. You may make money offering consulting and coaching in your areas of expertise ranging from wellness to marketing to business and travel.

There are limitless ways to make money with brands in ongoing consulting, coaching, and monthly to annual retainers and/or group coaching online.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

I started public speaking in elementary school. I constantly learn from public speaking both online and live. As a public speaker, I've been a Keynote and speaker with NBC, Fitness MBA, Airbnb, ConocoPhillips, Victoria's Secret, and more.

I've created a unique speaking and workshop style with speaking, hands-on, and interactive experiences with wellness, marketing, business, and travel. My experiences include pre and post event activities, tips, tools, and tech.

Speaking platforms you may want to explore include and Speaker Hub.

Freelancing and Contract Work

A great way to make money along the way includes freelancing and contract work. This helps you test new opportunities and brands too.

Some ideas include freelancing services including, but not limited to, graphic design, writing, social media, and automation. These are typically contract-based projects paid upfront, in milestones, and/or upon completion

One of the ways I made money in 2023 with Google included influencer marketing.

Content Creation and Influencer Marketing

Building an Online Presence takes intention, vision, and action. Whether you want to create content like a boss, influencer marketing and management, and/or Content Done for You via Fractional CMO services and global retreats, there are limitless ways to make money with brands and creators.

Depending on what you are open to as a creator and/or brand, you may pitch brands for paid, ongoing, and trade work. I've learned a lot in 10x Social Media, finding over $500,000 daily in opportunities, and losing millions of dollars in proposals.

I use incredible tools including AI, IO, and Automation tools you will find in. my 75+ Tools to Create a Life and Business You Love!

Digital Products and Online Courses

Creating Educational Resources and products is a must for a multi-passionate entrepreneur. The possibilities are limitless including freebies, e-books, online courses, and summits.

Product Development and E-commerce

Designing and Selling Physical Products involves creating and selling products related to your passions through e-commerce platforms. I have created a freebies library of 25+ resources and use Kajabi for automation.

Beyond E-commerce, you may create hand-crafted and unique goods including artisanal goods and NFTs. I am in the process of creating my NFT platform and art work now. Stay tuned more to come in 2023!

Licensing and Royalties

Licensing help creators license creative works including music, art, and designs for commercial use.

Think Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

Royalties are paid for products, book sales, and digital media for creators and entrepreneurs.

Making Money as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Multi-passionate entrepreneurs have discovered the art of turning their passions into profit. Whether through consulting, freelancing, speaking engagements, digital products, content creation, product development, or licensing and royalties, these entrepreneurs have mastered the art of monetizing their mission and vision.

If you're a multi-passionate entrepreneur, explore innovative ways to combine your passions with purpose, people and profits. The possibilities are limitless when you dare to follow your multi-passionate purpose path.



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