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7 Steps to Build a Personal Brand and Online Presence in 2022

Building a Personal Brand and Online Presence takes time. Let's get that out of the way first. Yes, you may create some things overnight. Some things may happen overnight too. Others, will take time.

I have learned that Transformation is Required to Create a Life and Business You Love. Your Transformation from the Inside Out will surprise you. No matter where you are in your journey, celebrate every single step. Every one person in your community matters deeply. No step is small. Celebrate it all.

At a glance, I have created my personal brand and online presence since 2014. Over time, I have created a website, blog with >500 posts, show with >500 posts, >12 freebies, >7 courses, worked with >15,000 influencers and entrepreneurs, and served brands like Airbnb, WeWork, Simple Truth and more.

I have learned the 7 Steps to Build a Personal Brand and Online Presence include vision, visuals, media kits, website, blogs/shows, social media, courses, offers.


1. Vision

Let's talk about the vision in creating your personal brand and online presence. In the vision, you think about three different things: you think about who you are today, what you bring to the table, and who you want to be. My Vision in 2022 has given me a direction.

You may have a corporate background, or maybe you've worked in branding, or maybe you worked in finance or strategy or maybe you're passionate about learning some of these new areas. Some of your vision will be clear now but some of it will unfold as you create.

Where do you want your vision to take you? What does that look like for your brand?

When I started thinking about my mission and vision, I started thinking about the feeling and how I want people to feel. This translated to my brand colors,

I choose the following colors: pink means passion, blue aligns with purpose and green aligns with abundance and wealth. These are the colors I absolutely love. I love having a white background or backdrop, which you all can see through my website. You can see it in the things that I wear, the things that I surround myself with, my apartment, my suitcase, and the colors I choose to surround me.

When you think about your colors, what are the colors you gravitate to and how could you integrate that into your personal brand and online presence?

If you love this, you will love freebies library and my webinar and course on

2. Visuals

Let's talk about visuals for your personal brand and online presence. With visuals, think of what your personal brand and online presence looks like on social media channels, website, and courses.

Some examples include the Freebies Library, Lifestyle Brand Webinar, and Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss Course. Your visuals may start with your media kit, website, or Social Media. You choose where you #createit first.

As an added example, take a look at my Instagram. It gives you ideas on how to authentically integrate and align those things and introduce your audience to those colors.

3. Media Kit

If you don't know about incredible business tools to create a life and business you love yet like Canva, you are missing out! It is an incredible tool that helps you with branding for your Media Kits, Facebook and Instagram Posts, YouTube Banners and Thumbnails, presentations and more.

The About Page and Media Kit you create to share with others is a great way to present yourself and show how you serve others. You may see great examples via my About Page, as well as in Influencer Marketing Like a Boss. My intention is for people to feel transformation and inspiration limitlessly.

Keep in mind that anytime you create visuals or your media kit, you want to be true to yourself, show what is important to you, and showcases you from a visual branding standpoint. How you show up online may be the first impression someone has of you. We know what they say about first impressions.

What kinds of feelings do you want people to think of when they get connected to you? For me, words that center around is CREATE, TRANSFORM, INSPIRE, and LIMITLESSNESS.

So what is that for you?

4. Website/Blog

Let's talk about Websites and Blogs. Feel free to explore all over the site including blogs on websites via the theme Website Wonder on the blog.

When you think about your website and your blog, consider your visuals and the theme of your blog. For me, I looked at a number of different templates on WIX, and a number of different creators.

I knew I want a white background with a sharp contrast of pink, blue, and green.

For you, that may be a minimalist approach, or white and beige, or showcasing fashion. Whatever lights up your soul is perfect.

With your website and blog, you want to consider a Newsletter to regularly connect with your community. At the bottom of our website, you will find an option to sign up for My Newsletter CREATEIT Creations. When you receive it, you will see right away how it connects and fits into the theme into the color and the visuals of the website with the white, the pink, the blue and the green.

So what is that for you?

5. Social Media

Social Media is an incredible free way we get to share our personal brand and online presence. Think about what platform you want to focus on first. For example, I invest the most time right now on creating on Instagram. However, that is changing because now I'm filming longer form videos for YouTube that I'm repurposing for Instagram. I will continue to create incredible Instagram Reels to integrate for my personal brand.

I am huge on time, location, expression and freedom. I constantly think of automate and scale like a boss every step of the way. Think about how you want to free up your time. Some of the ways I do that is with transformation tools to create like Social Curators and IFTTT. Delegation helps free up time by assigning tasks that are important but not the best use of our time like uploading to Facebook Groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

6. Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to take what you offer and scale online. This will help you free up your time by leveraging with incredible tools to create like Kajabi.

A great way to start to get ideas for your online presence includes resources in my freebies transformation library including How Passion + Purpose = Profits, and How to Create an Online Course in a Week or Less.

7. Offers

Last, but absolutely not least, are your offers overall. We all get to make money and there are all these different ways to make money, right? If you're creating a personal brand and an online presence, deciding on your offers is important. So there are so many different ways and things you can offer.

You may offer 1:1 consulting, ongoing brand engagements, sponsored brand deals, and negotiating ongoing multi-month and multiyear deals.

Build a Personal Brand and Online Presence

By now you are buzzing on ways to build your personal brand and online presence. Whether you start with visuals or social media or offers, it is the perfect next step for you.

No matter where you are in your personal brand and online business, start now.

What spoke to you the most on the 7 Steps to Build a Personal Brand and Online Presence?

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