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Influencer Management: Influencer + Brand Results, Cash Flow, + Profits

(and Plan, Priorities, and Profits for Influencer Marketing)

Whether you are a side-hustler, entrepreneur, or brand, influencer marketing like a boss must be on your mind in 2022 and beyond. According to Research and Markets, Influencer Marketing is estimated to reach $11.2 Billion by the end of 2022.

The industry of influencer marketing is here to stay and is not going away.

Influencer marketing uses content creators across online platforms for campaigns to increase brand awareness, engagement, and profits. With over 125 million users on Instagram alone, over 70% of influencer marketing collaborations are focused on Instagram. If you haven't started with Instagram Reels Like a Boss yet, you are missing out. At the same time, don't leave blogging, podcasting, courses, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn out of influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing involves influencers and brands creating campaigns including pitch your business like a boss, listing on platforms, campaigns, and metrics.

Like with any modern marketing, influencer marketing reaches the highest returns when influencers and brands have a common mission and vision long-term.

In 2013, I witnessed the power of influencer marketing on Facebook. It started with reaching sales of 25X without any ads in less than one year in 2013-2014. Immediately, I thought imagine if we created a community of influencers, bloggers, and social media gurus across online platforms?

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, creator and CEO, I've worked with > 15,000 influencers, >15 platforms, created an influencer marketing platform, reached >200 million in reach monthly, >3000% ROI, and awards like Top 4 Integrative Marketing Campaigns.

Influencer Management is an emerging industry birthed out of influencer marketing that takes creators, campaigns, and communities to a new level. Influencer Management is matchmaking influencers and brands together to plan, prioritize and profit.

Whether you are an influencer or a brand, Influencer Management will help you increase results, cash flow, and profits.

Influencer Management

Influencer Management

In my journey with influencer marketing, I've learned Influencer Management includes identifying opportunities, platforms and pitching perfectly, media and management, negotiation and contracting, and tracking results.

As I increased working with influencer marketing as an influencer, as well as a brand, I recognized the need to help plan, prioritize, and profit for both influencers and brands. I saw influencers with tens to hundreds of thousands of followers with incredible media presence struggle with cash flow AND brands with million-dollar budgets get no profits or positive return on investments with influencer marketing. I knew something had to change and created Influencer Management.

By combining my background from 7+ industries in strategy, finance, and operations including executive and board of director experiences, I implemented plans resulting in 11 to 25x when influencers and brands are aligned long-term. And we have worked with online and live platforms including brands like Simple Truth, Kroger, Airbnb, and WeWork.

While some influencers and brands may focus on working with campaigns occasionally, I've discovered how combining a plan, priorities, and profits to focus on aligned vision and a long-term approach has more benefits and results than you ever imagined with influencer management.

Not only that, but you get to create content, scale the influencer management approach, and be first in line with paid influencer marketing deals online and live with events and retreats like our CREATEIT Summit and Transformational Retreats globally.

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Identifying Influencer Marketing Opportunities

Influencer Marketing provides part and full-time opportunities for entrepreneurs. Whether you are a micro or macro-influencers, content creators may create a full-time income with influencer marketing.

Increasing clarity as an influencer or a brand will help you identify opportunities easier. If you want to take your influencer marketing to the next level, determine what type of campaigns and partners you want to work with first.

As a brand, the more specific you are on the type of influencers you want to work with, it makes it easier to identify who is a great fit for campaigns. As an influencer, when you know the types of brands you work with, and what types of services or products they offer, you know what campaigns you will apply for. As a result, you don't even entertain who or which brands don't fit because it is easy to know.

As a result, whether you are pitching like a boss or listing your campaigns on platforms, it helps increase your results.

In 2015, I started pitching brands locally in Atlanta and globally for long-term collaborations and paid work. Influencer marketing and management work come from referrals, pitching brands, campaign sites, and influencer marketing platforms.

For example, within the last 90 days, we have signed over two long-term business-to-business deals, received over 80% engagement rates on our Influencer Management e-mail marketing campaigns, and have over six figures in pending projects.

Identifying opportunities with influencer marketing for your business will help you stay focused on the results you want. Not to mention, influencers align easier and translate to long-term results.

The goal is to create communities with the mission and vision-based brands and influencers sharing wellness, business, and travel long-term with results of 5-6 figures per influencer and brand annually.

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Pitching Brands and Influencers

There are several ways to pitch brands and influencers. You may e-mail brands or influencers directly, respond to campaigns on influencer marketing platforms, and message on social media platforms directly.

Although some brands or influencers message directly on social media, it is not my favorite nor the favorite of many influencers or brands. You will find a larger percentage of the budgets for campaigns are managed on influencer marketing platforms like Activate, Tribe, and/or Aspire, or directly via e-mail with decision-makers with brands in influencer marketing.

I have run 100s of campaigns on platforms like Activate, Perlu, and Tribe, and responded to countless influencer marketing campaigns on platforms. I have pitched brands via e-mail and have grown the response rate to over 50% with education and execution.

With Influencer Management, we identify which brands to pitch directly and/or platforms to list influencers on to align influencers and brands. In the first month of our influencer management program, an influencer with over 25k followers on Instagram has a revised or new media kit, 90-day plan, and targeted pitches and platform listings. Typically, we find influencers get paid deals in month 1 with a high probability of long-term five to six-figure paid deals for the year closed or close to closure.

For brands, we identify the mission, vision, and campaigns to run in the first 90 days in our Influencer Management Program. In the first month, we focus on the campaigns, platforms, budget, and types of influencers. We execute the first campaign within months 1-2.

The strategy, structure, and systems are necessary for short and long-term results. In months 1-3, we continue to create and scale pitching brands and influencers with campaigns.

Imagine the results you may have with focused mission, vision and results driven pitching.


Content Creation in Campaigns

With numerous types of content to create in campaigns, it is helpful for the influencer to be aware of what they offer for what rates bundled, monthly, and/or annually. We help influencers identify your best content rates, bundles, and long-term rates upfront to help make negotiating easy.

With influencer management, we help brands execute campaigns with clear content deliverables. When influencers have an idea on content deliverables upfront, they may simply apply with content they offer, create faster, and generate the results the brand wants easily.

Influencer Management manages both influencers and brands' content ensuring all deliverables are taken care of via influencer marketing platforms (or your own that we will help you design!)

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Negotiating and Contracting

In Influencer Marketing, where some influencers and brands stop is negotiating and contracting. Whether it is the execution of the contract itself, bundled rates, or evergreen content, even knowing what some of this means may be overwhelming.

Like any industry, influencer marketing and management has a lot to offer. If you don't know what you are doing or don't have an influencer marketing expert on your team, you may lose or leave 100s to thousands to millions of dollars on the table.

From a brand perspective, creating a campaign that aligns with your goals, identifies the best creators showcasing creative content across platforms, and tracks results is essential. Any misstep may result in thousands to millions lost with no return on investment to report to your executive team or board of directors.

Influencers and entrepreneurs want to know they are valued with evergreen, white-listed, and exclusivity deals. They want to ensure estimates of their follower and engagement results are factored into multi-month and year deals. It is easy to see why negotiating and contracting may be a minefield for anyone in influencer marketing.

With our influencer management, we give influencers and brands industry suggested rates, adjusted for content execution and effort, factor in additional revenue opportunities, provide bundled rates, and long-term rates adjusted for growth.

In effect, we want both influencers and brands to be excited, grateful and appreciated without any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Who wants to talk about increased rates 3 months in due to follower increases that could have been estimated 3 months prior, exclusivity, or a new 3-month contract?


Metrics Management in Influencer Marketing

Last, but definitely not least, is metrics management. With any influencer marketing, you want to set goals and track results. Results include content assets, reach, engagement, clicks, time to sales, and sales.

I am amazed at the number of influencers with over 25,000 followers on Instagram who don't have a bio page or media kit to demonstrate results on campaigns to brands. On the brand side, I am in shock from an executive side of the lack of tracking of content assets, reach results, engagements, clicks, and sales. That isn't even taking into account the content repurposing that could be done.

The accountability from management, executives, board of directors from brands is already here and growing.

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Influencer Management

Influencer marketing is here to stay and it is not going away. Brands with budgets of over $100,000 to invest in influencer marketing and influencers with over 25,000 followers on Instagram will increase their results exponentially with influencer management.

Keep in mind, I didn't create this overnight. This was a vision I saw years ago, and started moving towards daily years ago. With tips, tools and technology, as well as partnering with people it will happen easier and faster than you think.

When it comes to influencer marketing and increasing your online presence, don't hold back, influencer management like a boss.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.




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