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2022 Vision: A Year Ahead

2021 feels like it flew by like a Boeing 747. Anyone else feel like that? I feel like I just woke up in Costa Rica on 1/1/2021 yesterday.

Since you found your way here, I will venture you are a side-hustler, creator, and/or online educator in wellness, media, business, and travel. Basically, I am convinced you love to #CREATEIT a life and business you love.

Spoiler Alert: 2021 Vision did not go exactly as planned.

It did blow my mind in every way from traveling full-time all year including travel to Costa Rica, living in Guatemala for over a month, experiencing different parts of Mexico for 3+ months, freediving in Honduras, and returning to USA the end of the year to see friends, visit Transformation Church, and fix my computer. At the same time, I did not meet several of my business and financial goals yet. However, I believe I am capable and they will happen.

You will love my 2022 Vision: A Year Ahead. My framework for vision and goal setting has increased in confidence and clarity. Primarily, this has to do with my faith in God.

Secondarily, in increased investments in time and money with live and online communities like Transformation Church, Lifeway Women, Herbalife Nutrition, Super Focus with Tommy Newberry, and She's Wanderful to name a few.

In 2021, the leaps of faith grew exponentially. I took massive leaps of faith in the midst of external chaos in our world, and some chaos in circumstances. I choose to create clarity every day. This year developed further beyond prior years and my transformation from the inside out from 2011-2020, My transformation includes the themes of fear to faith, self hate to love, devaluing to purity, corporate to calling, lies to love, pain to purpose, and bondage to freedom.

Someone pinch me. I. just. set my 2022 Vision after leading a Vision Workshop and 7 Day Challenge Jump Start with HeyGoLive! Not to mention, I learned so much from my year of travel in Central America!

You found the right community to #CREATEIT

You are here on purpose.

Let's #createit your 2022 Vision Ahead.