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7 Ways to Create an Online Community You Love in 2020

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

No matter where you are in the world now, you are likely looking for more ways to create an online community you love in 2020. As a result, being intentional with your actions daily is more important than ever.

Side note: Isn't it surreal that is 2020 and what this moment in time looks like? None of us saw this coming, and it definitely reminded us all of our humanity, love, and priorities.

You may be looking to connect and create with an online community for yourself, and/or for your business. I'll be sharing insights for both, and communities I am a part of online now. We are all human and crave connection in many ways. If you have read the blog, or tuned in to the show before, you may have read or heard all about my 90 day plans.

If you haven't yet, they relate to seven steps to success for all areas of your life from the spiritual to the financial. I believe we crave growth in all areas, and in some seasons we have a focus area. At the same time, whether we acknowledge it or not, every day we are taking action in each area. However, your beliefs and behaviors may not be aligned with what you want.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger, or work in corporate at home now, you will love the 7 Ways to Create an Online Community You Love in 2020.