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  • Katrina Julia

7 Ways to Create an Online Community You Love in 2020

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

No matter where you are in the world now, you are likely looking for more ways to create an online community you love in 2020. As a result, being intentional with your actions daily is more important than ever.

Side note: Isn't it surreal that is 2020 and what this moment in time looks like? None of us saw this coming, and it definitely reminded us all of our humanity, love, and priorities.

You may be looking to connect and create with an online community for yourself, and/or for your business. I'll be sharing insights for both, and communities I am a part of online now. We are all human and crave connection in many ways. If you have read the blog, or tuned in to the show before, you may have read or heard all about my 90 day plans.

If you haven't yet, they relate to seven steps to success for all areas of your life from the spiritual to the financial. I believe we crave growth in all areas, and in some seasons we have a focus area. At the same time, whether we acknowledge it or not, every day we are taking action in each area. However, your beliefs and behaviors may not be aligned with what you want.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger, or work in corporate at home now, you will love the 7 Ways to Create an Online Community You Love in 2020.

Creating Community Highlights

Whether you are creating a community online or live like we have in Costa Rica above, Cuba, Atlanta, Spain and more, online to connect with family and friends, and/or want to grow your online community in your business, there are some things to keep in mind.

More than ever, express gratitude, joy and service. We all need and want more of it. Be the person who gives value no matter where you are and connect. Share your story and vulnerabilities with people.

Create communities online whether that is on social media channels, your own courses, collaborations online, and/or with brands. I am a huge believer of this, and you may see evidence of abundance, value and community everywhere.

When you do create community, aim to simplify, amplify, and scale often. I assess this daily and weekly. Like many creators and entrepreneurs, I started of as a solopreneur. In creating a community, we have grown not only with influencer marketing, but with our virtual assistants as well.

At the same time, years of yo-yoing between being an individual contributor in Corporate vs. managing teams of 100-1000+ have led to mindsets and habits I get to transform. Weekly, and often daily, I ask myself how may I automate, delegate and scale something? I ask how may I free up my time? These are so important to help you clear the clutter and reduce and eliminate overwhelm.

Today alone, I figured out how to scale our e-book and mastermind lifestyle transformation collabs further. Yesterday, I connected with a fellow Boss Babe in the Societe on having her refine, scale and automate my Pinterest further.

It is important to honor every area of you as a human. You are a human being, not a machine. That is why I regularly practice a 3 X 7 approach daily. This means I am tracking 3 actions in each area minimum daily. Of course, many overlap. At the same time, the area you are focused on requires more attention and focus. With time, previously hard areas get easy.

The main thing is spending time in silence with yourself and with God, or whatever you choose to believe. I have found that when I was unstable in my beliefs with God, I did not have peace or purpose or progression.

7 Ways to Create an Online Community

I'm sharing 7 ways to create an online community that aligns 100% to my 7 steps to success for a 90 day plan. You will learn how to think of online community now in every area of life. Perhaps, there is an area that requires more tender loving care right now.

That is what I find in each year of my life since 2010. My current focus is joy, while focusing on our community and online growth in our blogs, podcasts, courses, influencers, fundraisers, and brand consulting and engagements.

Maybe, you start with 1 action a day in each area. You choose. The same way this is my current approach and subject to change.

These 7 ways to create an online community will help you for creating a life and business you love.

1. Spiritual

I've learned that if my spiritual life isn't first in my life, many things start to misalign. I have learned in various seasons I require more time in silence, in prayer, and in nature. This is definitely one of those seasons for many reasons.

Since mid-2019, I have consistently:

Listened to praise & worship music (Hello Alexa!)

Prayed + meditated daily

Read the bible 2-4 times a day

Write Gratitude and Goals 2 times a day

Complete minimum 1 study each month

In the last month, I have added an increase of online communities both via YouTube and Zoom I plug into like Passion City Church, Transformation Church in Oklahoma, and Elevation Church.

In addition, I have volunteered to serve online in various ways. I believe it helps us all to always think of others too. I and we launched our IG Live: Create with Us Monthly series where we cover faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel with creators globally for an increase in connection.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Early am + right before bed

Align and create communities


2. Mental

Mental ties to being both the observer and participator in my mindset. I repeatedly ask am I focused on joy (Phil 4:8). I reflect and pray about the Fruits of the Spirit - Gal 5:22 - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control every single day.

Right now, peace is a priority for me daily. I've increased time in nature, prayer, and Bible reading. It helps me increase my peace in so many ways.

I am part of the Boss Babe societe as well where globally women are all encouraging one another. I love to see all the high vibes. We have calls regularly on mindset, co-working, and goals.

I am increasing ways to help others mentally with our freebies, courses, and collaborations too, especially in Facebook Groups and Influencer Marketing Platforms.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices to start

Invest time in prayer, meditation and reflection

Create ways to serve, add value, and give back


3. Emotional

We are human beings and we feel things. Sometimes we focus to our own emotional detriment on the negative, and what we cannot control.

One of my favorite verses is Romans 12:2 to be transformed by the renewing of my mind to test and approve God's good and pleasing perfect will.

One decision I made during this time is to continue to honor my habit of not watching the news now for 10+ years. I share in my 2020 Reflections as an Entrepreneur how I set discerning boundaries of reading 1-2 sources for <30 minutes two times a week about the pandemic. Keep in mind when you listen to something or someone that is fear-filled it is pouring into you.

In addition, I moderate and keep TV to a minimum. When I do watch TV, I ask is it feeding or hurting me. I give myself the freedom as well to unplug a half day or day a week to release any potential tension and create space.

Several times a week, right after I post and engage, I delete social media apps to remove temptations completely. I regularly and unapolegetically completely unplug from social media and e-mail. This is easy with our auto-responder and virtual assistants where I set a boundary of we will respond within 3 days or less, and outsourcing tasks.

For example, today is a writing day of 2+ posts and podcasting day. I did host an IG live earlier and share some stories, but my social is at a minimum today compared to yesterday. I have not checked e-mail today at all. Keep in mind our out of office answers 95% of questions and communicates our boundaries for responding to people.

In comparison, yesterday I shared numerous stories and IG lives via Instagram and Facebook. I actively contributed to over 15 Facebook Groups. I posted opportunities and collaborations via Facebook Groups and Influencer Marketing platforms including our own. By the end of the day and this morning, I felt drained.

Many people when they meet me think I am an extrovert. I used to think so. That mistake along with my desire to love and please people and lose myself cost me dearly many times. I discovered in 2012, I am an ambivert.

I love my alone time. I crave recharging time. I love connecting and creating a high vibe community. Afterwards, I definitely need some me time. I feel super charged now most of the time and connect with family via What's App several times a week. If you didn't know, my parents are in Bulgaria, my brother and family in Austria, and I have extended family everywhere.

Sometimes, I make time to send a quick message. I recently added fun lessons with my niece and nephew for 30 min to an hour. Today, we did a super fun scavenger hunt we all created together via What's App and each of them finding things around the house with clues from each of us. We added fun to the game by saying hot or cold. They loved it and I experienced so much joy!

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Increase time alone in silence

Decrease negative intake