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5 Healthy Recipes You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less Like a Boss

Many of us are familiar with fast food. After all, it's fast and easy. What about healthy food that is fast too? It's possible to simplify getting healthy.

When I first started getting healthier, I started changing my health habits. This included changing and replacing everything in my life and home that didn't align with my goals step by step. It involved using incredible transformation tools like Herbalife Nutrition and 6 Pack Bags.

The two most transformational changes in losing >55 lbs in a year and a half and keeping it off, involved simplifying my meals with the nutrients we need, as well as batching meal preparation.

*Disclaimer average person who uses Herbalife Nutrition loses .05 to 1 lbs a week with healthy active lifestyle.

The simpler you make it the likelier your success will be. I started asking "what would it take to fix my meals in 5 min or less 80% of the time"? The other question I started asking and applying included "how can I be more efficient in saving time with meal prepping?"

When I first started meal prepping, I would dedicate about 2 hours on Sundays to cook Turkey, Chicken, and Fish. I would buy the veggies you may microwave in a bag like sweet potatoes. I created simple ways to eat what I needed like blending asparagus with herbs.

It took 10+ years of failing forward before I finally figured it out. Don't quit.

Healthy Recipes Like a Boss

Why do you want to change your health? How will your life improve by changes in your lifestyle? Who will you impact by your transformation? Do you have a community to help you get healthier? How will you get healthier by using transformation tools?

You will love these 5 Healthy Recipes you can make in 5 minutes or less.