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2020 Reflections from an Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2020, it is largely unlike anything we imagined in many ways. At the same time, a lot of 2020 is exactly how I or you imagined in some ways.

If you found your way here, you are a like an entrepreneur too, or perhaps recently became one. Regardless of what is happening, it's important to pause and reflect daily, as well as monthly on a deeper level. 2020 is no different in that sense. If you have visited here before, you've likely seen or heard my 90 day plans.

When I created my 2020 vision, I did so with a focus on seven areas of life as I regularly do now for >4 years. In my vision, I outlined seven audacious goals for the year to lifetime. I adjusted them to my 90 day plan for the first part of the year. A lot has changed to say the least.

As I saw many news networks, businesses and entrepreneurs sharing media on coronavirus, I reflected how I wanted to approach the conversation over several days. Some inputs include my faith, discipline, accountability that continues no matter where I am in the world, and regardless of a quarantine.

Other inputs on my heart and mind include the global pandemic and resources; impacts globally with illnesses, isolation, industries, and communities; forecasts to shifts to healthcare, travel, and finances; and the choice to adapt and choose gratitude, joy, and reinvention.

Here are my 2020 Reflections of an entrepreneur.

2020 Reflections

I am intentionally and prayerfully approaching this post as I do all of them. My intention is to inform, equip and excite you with a faith-filled heart and wisdom.

First, I want to start off with a firm foundation to illustrate several things that have not changed.

My faith is firm. I maintain my daily routine to start the day.

I highly recommend you set a structure to your day.

My 3 X 7 approach daily in alignment with my 90 day plan and annual goals are the same. I take a minimum of 3 actions daily in each area of life from spiritual to financial over 95% of the time.

Cred: Lyndsey Hobby Photo

Has being at home >95% impacted how I do it? Of course. I am not co-working right now, our apartment amenities are closed e.g. lounge and gym, and the last time I went to the gym I was cleaning everything. My workouts are shifting to at home and outdoor yoga, high intensity, and run workouts.

In addition, I am increasing how I serve online with social media, wellness, and communities including our own. I love seeing how Honeybook, Herbalife, Medium, Wanderlust and more communities I am a part of are rising up.

I imagined being in 2+ states and 2+ countries by now in 2020, and I have remained in Atlanta all of 2020 so far. Clearly, a lot has changed with the way 2020 looks externally. Anyone else feel like 2020 is a movie?

I am praying daily for our world, people and those seeking a cure. I pray this be used powerfully to return humanity to love.

1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out ALL Fear

At the same time, I refuse to part from faith, hope, love. joy and abundance. I've been on the other side years ago of freaking out over little things. Here I am, and now I refuse to even freak out over what is impacting us all globally.

I choose to be and show up being and doing my best. Do I feel off sometimes - yes. Is my sleep off right now - yes. I. am HUMAN.

Our only choice in life has always been how we respond and react to anything. Our attitude impacts our altitude. How are you giving yourself and others compassion and grace? Will you rise or fall? Are you part of and or pointing to the problems or part of a solution to help others rise too?

Cred: Octavia Lease Photography Atlanta

Awareness of Global Pandemic and Situation

Anyone that knows me knows that for years I have not watched news on CNN or other channels. I have felt that for years networks choose to focus on chaos in the world vs. countless incredible things that happen in the world of people being and doing good.

Just like they choose what they do, so do I. However, in some ways and times I intentionally choose what sources I expose myself too, how often and for how long.

As a result, I choose to get snapshots in <2 hours weekly. I review New York Times, Guardian, and Thrive about twice a week now for <1.5 hours to evaluate the current state of the globe.

New York Times is offering a free coronavirus live update, maps of cases & deaths, and helpful information. Guardian shares a helpful snapshot by country along with summaries of articles at a glance. You will learn of cases, vaccine progress, government progress, financial impacts and relief, and more.

ThriveGlobal is a wellness community and media platform I have been part of now for years is founded by Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post.

I urge you to be informed, protect yourself and loved ones, and be aware of what is happening globally in >180 countries. It's far bigger than one person, state, or nation. Yet, each one of us and what we do matters now more than ever.

To give you some brief highlights, there are currently >230,000 known cases (NY Times), >88,000 recoveries, and >10,000 deaths. Keep in mind industries are impacted globally from bars, restaurants, festivals, prisons and tourism. Estimates to the travel industry is over 800 billion alone. Unemployment in countless states is increasing rapidly.

In Georgia, our mayor, Keisha Bottoms, declared national emergency and similar to other states closed gyms, restaurants, and public locations until min April 1st as now. In addition, evictions are stopped for residents for a minimum of 60 days.

There was no way to predict this in 2020, and/or we thought we could't be hit with something like The Plague or Depression. Our humanity and humility is being forced to rise or fall.

No one is immune.

The biggest thing is immunity, prevention, and education. Coronavirus is new and we are learning new things daily about the virus, exposure, and treatment.

I find it interesting how many of us are turning more than ever to faith, shifting priorities, and increasing gratitude. Information is being shared already about improvements to global warming

It's time we all rise up together.

Coronavirus and Vaccine Estimates

New York Times put a helpful FAQ about coronavirus together they are regularly updating. In addition, they shared a vaccine is being currently tested on humans mid-March. However, current estimates via various sources include a year before a viable vaccine is available for commercial use. It is largely all the unknown factors and increases of cases in comparison to the flu being a known.

You may be curious about viruses and vaccines as well. There are numerous factors to consider to yourself and others with vaccines like with anything else.

In the meantime, stay safe and practice preventative measures.

Gratitude Now and Future

In every moment, you have a choice to choose gratitude. You may choose to focus on everything you are and have now. In addition, you may choose to imagine how grateful you will feel for the future.

I am grateful now for so many communities rising up online to host summits, sessions and more. I am grateful for countless FB communities that allow us to post opportunities with our online community and collabs. I am grateful for press access online with sources like Thrive Global, Medium, and Matador I have now.

I am imagining now how grateful I will be again to freely visit the gym, go eat at my fave places in Atlanta, and host a retreat. I am imagining myself at a Rachel Hollis Rise conference, hopping on a plane, and hosting our next global retreat.

You get more of what you focus on. So, choose gratitude in 2020.

Holbox Island in 2019

My Word for 2020 = Joy STILL

Towards the end of 2019, I felt compelled to choose the word Joy. I never imagined how this word would be my anchor in 2020. It has caused me to choose joy no matter what. Joy in current circumstances, joy in serving online, joy in writing more, and joy in online community more than ever.

I pray you choose joy and share it with others however you can. I've realized more than ever while I have compassion for fear, negativity, and lack; I refuse to spend a lot of time on it or with people that choose to keep their focus there.

I experienced tons of abundance in communities this week with BossBabe, Herbalife, HoneyBook, Wanderlust, Medium and more.

I did experience a few negative and scarcity focused conversations and I ran from them like the coronavirus. #coronameme

We are all human. No matter what we are perfectly imperfect. I focus on daily forgiveness, release, boundaries, and openness to transformation with myself and others. I am very aware at words and behavior at the same time.

Where you may see the unseen meet the seen.

Fave verses

Proverbs 31

Romans 12:2

Gal 5:22

Gal 5:1

Phil 4:8

Isa 61:3

Phil 4:8

Phil 4:13


Reinvention in 2020 and Beyond

Take care of your body, it's the only place you live - Jim Rohn

Several things have changed for the first part of 2020. Currently, I am working from home 100%, home workouts/outdoor, and shifting focus all online until more shifts globally.

From my original 2020 Vision post, I am focusing on :

1 Light and love with daily routines and reflections and choices.

2 Moving competing in a show to maybe October or 2021.

3 Faith in being best friends, partners in purpose and passion partners in perfect aligned timing & being & doing my part.

4 Increasing online content creation via publications including e-books

5 Simplifying and amplifying partnering, promotions and placements with online communities

6 Tracking daily aligned actions (>700 more than same time frame in 2019!)

7 Pausing all live event press currently & seeing how things evolve

8 Delaying any travel and sharing helpful resources & more for brands, influencers and retreat centers

9 Lined up future travel possibilities for later into 2021 on various aligned platforms

10 Evaluating regularly for ways to align, shift and add value with communities

I loved how the other day in a group, one super sweet entrepreneur, called me an influencer angel with all the resources I gave her! I loved the gratitude!

Have you done this yet?

I highly recommend you regroup to your initial 2020 goals, reinvent what you need to, and keep creating. Look at this as an opportunity for reinventing new ways you may serve on new platforms exponentially.

2020 Reflections

2020 Reflections creates awareness, perspective, and direction for you for 2020. Keep creating, transforming and inspiring in new and innovative ways online. Align yourself to communities.

Choose to create knowing there are miracles in each moment with every step you take.

What are some of your reflections for 2020? How are you shifting currently?

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