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7 Ways to Win the Day as An Entrepreneur

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Do you love to mix up how, when and where you work? Whether you work from home, a digital nomad, or somewhere in the middle, there are ways to win the day as an entrepreneur.

As a lifestyle and wellness entrepreneur for years, I’ve learned how to align passion purpose and people in many ways to increase results. This has included lining up what I work on and where I work so that my results in an area increase. One of my favorite ways to start off my week each week is by working at a coworking space.

Pictured: ServCorp Buckhead Forest part of Get Croissant network

7 Ways to Win the Day

As an entrepreneur or anyone that is goal-driven, it is important to determine how you work best with what tasks. For the past 3+ years, I’ve mixed working on strategy, structure and systems of our lifestyle brand at coworking spaces, on the road, and in Airbnb’s for events and retreats.

I figured out that I do best with certain tasks in particular locations that increase results. Recently, I became an ambassador for Get Croissant and absolutely love it. There is a location right next door with Serv Corp in Buckhead Forest, as well as locations globally.

I typically outline my week in advance. I love to focus my Mondays on strategy, business development and media. I typically go on Mondays to a coworking space.

For years, even before I was a full-time entrepreneur, I generated substantial results with brands as well. I’ve learned now how to get clear on 7 Ways to Win the Day as an Entrepreneur. You can too.

Being an entrepreneur challenges you in self-discipline and time management like nothing else. To get ready for the 7 ways, I want you to think about what you are doing great with currently with strategy and results, and where you may want extra guidance. These questions will help you start to identify what works best for you to win your day.

How do you start your day?

What type of work do you do?

Where are you currently doing your work?

Do you get distracted in any way?

Are you tracking results daily?

When do you express yourself?

How are you creating a community?

I get how you feel in every way. Once you read this article, you will look at winning your day as an entrepreneur, or in general, in a whole new way. Here, I will share 7 Ways to Win the Day as an Entrepreneur.

#1 Set Up a Morning Routine

How you start your day sets everything up for you. I started waking up this year at 4:30 a.m. with music, prayer, and meditation to start while drinking my Herbalife tea. Then, I go do fasted cardio downstairs while listening to my goals. I come back and journal my top 10 goals by year with the top goal for the year in mind. I reflect and write down gratitude for the present and future as well.

Monday - Friday, we have a team personal development call to focus on mindset. Then, I typically have my shake. This is all before I touch any work aligned to passion, purpose, and people.

It is easy to see why I am now set up for success. It wasn’t always like this. Years ago, I hit snooze 3+ times, didn’t eat breakfast, and rushed to answer e-mails. It’s no wonder I wasn’t aligned fully and why I would be irritated before 10 a.m.


Wind down the night before at least an hour before bed time

Think of what you feed yourself mentally and physically before bed

Write down your top goals for the year or a 90 day plan

Wake up earlier and think of 1-3 things you could do for yourself to start

Keep in mind the routine I shared with you now is years in the making. I didn’t “wake up like this” or start like this.

#2 Assess Your Current Work

Assessing your current work is important to do regularly. I assess my tasks weekly and how I feel doing them. If you are doing things that make you miserable every day, you won’t ever feel like you are winning the day.

It’s simple but not easy. It requires you to step back and assess with an awareness of your work and your life. I regularly assess what could I automate, delegate or release. There is so much freedom in doing that.

I practiced this regularly in Corporate. I implemented it again as an entrepreneur over a year ago. It helps me feel freedom in many ways.


Make a list of your current tasks and how much time you spend on them.

Consider what you may automate with a tool e.g. social media.

What would you love to delegate e.g. e-mail blast, repurposing content

Evaluate your growth and what you may want to release e.g. tasks, tools, etc.