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90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

You've heard about 90 day plans, yet you've never been taught to do one or done one. Perhaps, you've done one but you feel like you did great in some areas, but not others. I completely relate.

In college and in corporate, I was successful with 90 day plans. However, when I became an entrepreneur, my vision blew up for my life, I had challenges to set up goals initially step by step with time and action required. As I successfully lost over 55 lbs, I began to see the appropriate time frames. Disclaimer avg person loses .5 to 1 lb a week with healthy active lifestyle with Herbalife.

As I began to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, I began to develop a framework for the 90 day plan. time frame. When, I focused on creating this all in one lifestyle brand with tips tools, and tech included, I learned more on the time frames to do it. As I started focusing on financial freedom, I got more lessons on actions and goal setting. This all impacts the community you create.

If you are very simple and clear on you, your flow, and your community you want, it generally happens easier and faster. If there is a mindset that is not aligned, it may take longer.

I picked myself back up and studied 90 day plans. With each and every 90 day plan, I learned more and more. My 90 Day Plan now is based on seven steps to success.

90 Day Plan: Q3 2019
90 Day Plan: Q3 2019