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90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Maybe you've heard about or started a 90 day plan. Perhaps, you want to increase your results in every area of life. You want to know how to simplify health, wealth and business. Your desire is time, location and financial freedom. Yet, you aren't exactly sure how to set yourself up for success.

I completely relate.

In college and in corporate, I was successful with 90 day plans in my career and finances. However, I did not start doing 90 day plans that encompassed every area of life until 2016 consistently. In 2015, my vision blew up for my life. There were several challenges in setting goals and getting results that came up.

As I successfully lost over 55 lbs, I began to see the best ways to increase results by aligning faith, feeling and focus. Disclaimer avg person loses .5 to 1 lb a week with healthy active lifestyle with Herbalife.

If you are very simple and clear on you, your flow, and community, your transformation will be clear. Transformation in some areas of our lives happen faster than others.

With each and every 90 day plan I complete, I learn more and more. My 90 Day Plan now is based on seven steps to success.

90 Day Plan
90 Day Plan

90 Day Plan: Background

As I grew spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, I developed a strategy for the 90 day plan. This currently includes seven steps of your life. The areas include spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, playful, financial, and physical.

In 2016, I realized I was my happiest when I was making forward movement in every area of life. At the same time, I recognized that there are periods of intense focus in an area to shift it exponentially.

That is a lot of 90 day plans. When we set ourselves up with new aligned habits, it becomes easier and easier. I now regularly practice a 3 X 7 approach daily. This means I am tracking 3 actions in each area. Sometimes they overlap of course. If this is your first time with my 90 day plan, take a look at the last 90 day plan in July as well.

The main thing is I refuse to quit on me and on the passion, purpose, and people no matter what. So, if you relate, you will love to see the latest and greatest 90 day plan and the seven steps,

90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success

I'm sharing 7 steps to success for a 90 day plan. You will learn how to set yourself up for success in each area of life.. Perhaps, you love the 3 X7 approach. Yet, you also has an. area of life that requires more tender loving care right now.

That is what has happened to me each year. For example, as I built other areas of my life to habits now, they are easier. At the same time, this year my word is Freedom and a great focus on my energy and time is on the business and finances.

Maybe, you start with 1 action a day in each area. You choose. The same way this is my current approach and subject to change.

Tip: I recently started waking up at 4:30am (adjusted 30 min earlier from July). This massively helped shift my focus combined with my morning routine and the extra time. I added a 5 am telegram group to increase my own accountability.

You are welcome to join us for daily motivation if you are ready to stay consistent to waking up!

Let's get into the 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success.

1. Spiritual

I've learned that if my spiritual life isn't first, nothing else flows and grows. My morning and night routines are non-negotiable and continue to evolve.

Since end of July, I have consistently:

Listened to praise & worship music (Hello Alexa!)

Prayed + meditated daily

Read the bible 2-4 times a day

Write Gratitude and Goals 2 times a day

Complete minimum 1 study each month

I also realized I wanted to add in 2 minimum joy experiences weekly and to be spontaneous.

This month, I added daily visualization activities and focused meditations on key areas as well.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Early am + right before bed

are particularly important


2. Mental

Mental ties to being both the observer and participator in my mindset. I repeatedly ask am I focused on joy (Phil 4:8). I regularly tune in to see if my faith, feelings and focus are aligned to Fruits of the Spirit - Gal 5:22 - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

I ask if I am being aligned to what our Creator says about me 2 Cor 10:5. I ask if others are when they speak to me. I am very mindful of what I allow or accept. Years ago, I was a complete people pleaser to the detriment of my own passion, purpose. Anyone else relate?

At the same time, I am mindful of giving grace (as I did not know how to control my mouth years ago either) and creating space.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Think of 1 area to improve


3. Emotional

What I've learned is sometimes our emotions are spot-on and sometimes they are not. They are often the result of faulty thinking in some way. Our emotions often point us to areas to heal.

When, I am not aligned to the fruits of the spirit, I tune in to my emotions to see what is coming up for me. If I experience something negative, I realize it's often a chance to be vulnerable, seek clarity, and heal. Other times, it's a chance to forgive others, create space, and set healthy boundaries.

One of my favorite verses is Romans 12:2 to be transformed by the renewing of my mind to test and approve God's good and pleasing perfect will..

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Think of 1 area to improve


4. Physical

If this is your first time connecting with me, I lost over 55 lbs with the help of Herbalife Nutrition, healthy habits, and meal bags in 2013-2014. I started competing in fitness shows in 2014 too.. I competed consistently for 2 years+. I knew I had years of unhealthy habits so I wanted the accountability to stay on track. Then, I broke my foot surfing.

This impacted me on every level in 2016. I then got to rebuild my habits step by step 2016-2018 again. I competed again in 2018. Early in 2019, I decided to be in a monthly challenge even though we run our own lifestyle challenge. It provides daily accountability with community and is super helpful.

I am now consistent in lifting 5+ times a week. I add in cardio, yoga, and dancing 3-5 times a month too. I am now adding our Herbalife Nutrition BCAA, CR7 and Prolessa Duo to increase results and recovery. Here is a free meal plan once you register and complete your wellness profile.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 practices or

1-3 habits to transform


5. Relational

Improving our communication and our relationships is so key. We are made for connection both online and in person. Communication is both an art and science. I have invested quite a bit of time and money over the last few years learning from various teachers on communication.

For this 90 day plan, I am focused on being softer, yet more assertive. I am focused on being open to love as my Creator leads. Making more friends is what I am practicing as well. This is an area that usually requires deep healing, and I am no different.

One of my posts, I talk about overcoming domestic violence.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 patterns or

1-3 habits to transform


6. Playful

Years ago, I would work like crazy to the detriment of my wellness and relationships. As I result, I am hyper aware now if I am making time for myself and to play. For example, currently I focus on 5 hours dedicated work and automate and delegate constantly.

I regularly think of ways to have fun in the middle of my day even when I am home in Atlanta. I constantly think of ways to create a life and business I love. I recently joined an incredible global travel platform, Workaway, where there are numerous volunteer travel roles. Two of the opportunities I submitted for in Mexico and in Turkey include fitness and media.

With my love of travel, fitness, and content creation, I have found several global opportunities I am exploring for 2019-2020. Once I arrange the trips, I'll be sharing dedicated posts here and submitting some to Workaway too.

Speaking of travel, adventure, and content, I am going to Mexico again for the first time in 20+ years with an Airbnb Adventure! I serve as a voluntary Community Manager with Airbnb in Atlanta. As a gift, I recently received a hosted trip to Mexico with an Airbnb Adventure along with other community managers!

To help you see how I am creating content while I travel (and in general), take a peak at How to Create Content Like a Boss.

For the next 90 days, I am focused on having more fun in all I do and 2 different activities weekly.

Tips for you:

Add Fun Daily

Take a Staycation

Make Business Fun

Plan 1-3 Activities



7. Financial

Freedom in all forms is my focus for 2019 and beyond. Gal 5.1. This means expression, time, location and financial. Every day, I am peeling layers. Anyone else feel like an onion sometimes?

These past three months have tested me like nothing else in faith, feeling, and focus. There are many habits and mindsets that have shifted massively. I am reminded of faith I had when I dealt with 17 recruiters before things aligned in 2007.

Yet, the intensity of the vision and work is amplified 10X more if not more. I am reminded of faith and results when I served as an accounting manager with 50+ locations, traveled 70%+ and generated >3 million dollars in results in one year for the company. This included a complete training program for the entire company.

A leap of faith I reflect on that reminds me to keep leaping is when I applied to the NBC Apprentice TV Show Season IV and made it to the finals in 2005. Although, I wasn't on the show, I got to serve in an incredible consulting role in New York City with 5+ incredible projects with global companies.

My team and I were even recognized by one of the executives in the music industry for pitching an artist as "better than Bruce Springsteen's manager".

There are so many reminders that may encourage you that you are capable in more ways than one of creating a life and business you love and making money.

I've kept a daily habit now of waking up 4:30-5 am at least five days a week. I've increased alignment and amplifying focus in every way. 7 Ways to Win the Day as an Entrepreneur will help you as well.

I've continued since end of July:

Listing more shake tasting to workshops consistently

Increasing entrepreneur and influencer marketing workshops

Submitting more aligned proposals for wellness, media, lifestyle, and travel

I simplified and amplified my block times and days by:

Media on Mondays - brand, entrepreneur, and influencer business development

as well as blog posts, podcast episode and social media posts.

Added Recently

Travel outreach for media, retreats, and workshops.

Connecting with community via Facebook groups adding value.

Transformation on Tuesdays - updates on 14 Day Challenge and courses,

social media groups, connecting with circles of influence on travel and wellness.

Learning and execution from new skills.

Sharing stories & behind the scenes

Worship and Wellness on Wednesdays -

posting prayer request for others, workshops, and wellness.

Transformation Thursdays - I've shifted to where Thursdays are similar to Mondays

and/or they are an execution day with clients, workshops and more.

Flex Fridays - these are my flex days to assess and tweak and catch up if needed.

Weekly Activities Tracking:


Minimum 2 posts and 2 podcast episodes internally

1-2 guest posts for others externally with guest links

>25 Invitations Weekly on >3 Platforms Directly

Large Circles of Influence/Organizations


>2 Updates to Mastermind and Courses

>25 Invites Weekly Directly - Messenger

>1 Chapter to Upcoming Book Tying to Blog

>2 Workshops Weekly

>1 COI Promo/Invitation


>3 Updates on FB Groups

>2 Shake/Smoothie Events

>5 Aligned Brand/COI Invitations/Proposals


>2 Features or Platform Listings

>25 Invites Directly (Media)

Assess Retreats and Workshops

Media and Features


Currently in several communities for growth & accountability

Faith - Bible, Study, Community Group Church

Physical - Challenge, Competing again 2020

Business - Herbalife Global Nutrition, Societe with BossBabe, Airbnb

Finances - Financial Peace University & serving

to name a few.

Each week, I identify training for the following week in areas of faith, fitness, finances to name a few. I always end up adding new trainings. For example, this week with BossBabe community, I am focusing on influencer training (to further refine and increase our influencer community).

Monthly Goals Tracking

I set goals for the month and push myself to achieve them in a week and a day.

Weekly Goals Tracking:


>7,000 DVP with Herbalife

>1 New Center of Influence

>7 Proposals for Brands

>2 External Media Features

>7 New clients/VIP Members

>7 New distributors/Influencers

I shifted my approach and mindset to have a good, better and best goal each month and map out 3 months in advance. This came with the value in the BossBabe community. I did this in corporate along with results achieved. I love to let the vision pull me.

Tips for you:

Start your morning powerfully

Consider the 5 am club. strongly.

Set up time and day blocking

Assess your time relentlessly

Get focused on 3-5 actions daily

Set up weekly goals or KPI's

If you would love a free 90 day plan Facebook Group, join us!

There is a free 90 day plan guide via freebies too!

90 Day Plan

These are 7 steps to your 90 day plan. By taking action in any of these steps, you will transform your life. Make a decision to commit for you and the ripple effects your life may have on countless others. Get and stay accountable. You are worth it.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you love this post, you will love how transformation is required to create a life and business you love!


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