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How Passion + Purpose = Profits. Purpose Excerpt to the Book

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

How Passion + Purpose = Profits

and sneak peek to upcoming book!

How Passion + Purpose = Profits

Excerpt from Chapter: Purpose: Path to Purpose.

I believe I am and we are multi-purposed.

I believe our purpose comes from:

1) Pure Passion

2) Uniqueness

3) Historical Influence

4) What We Overcome

5) How We Evolve

6) Pursuit of Potential

7) Ultimate Legacy

The things we love and that light us on fire for life are as unique as a thumbprint. There is a reason why you love what you love, and that there are people that are and will uniquely be drawn to you.

As you walked through Passion, I am sure that some things were awakened in you. As you saw in my own story, I am no different than you.

I will share my example, and then I want you to take the same approach on your purpose.

◆◆◆ In Passion, you learned a lot about what you love, overcoming, evolution, and legacy.

So, here let's focus on 2-7.

Our Uniqueness I was born in Poland to a Polish mother, Eva and a Bulgarian father, Krum. I lived in a refuge camp from the time I was 6 months until about a year and half. I was in four countries by the time I was two. I speak four languages. I have a knack for getting along with people of all different races and countries.People comment on this to me all the time. This started from a very young age.

I also have many instances in life (the above included) where it was clear that a higher power and a hand of protection by our Creator, Spirit, and Son was at work.

There was a time where I left my home at the age of 3 and crossed the street by myself to go to my mom's work (the babysitter wasn't paying attention). I went looking for my mom at work because I wanted to see her. Her co-worker found me within an hour playing by myself in the aisles.

There were two times (once at the age of 4, and another at the age of 6) where I was almost molested. However, before anything inappropriate happened, my mom had a "feeling" to come to me or a neighbor showed up just in time.

I've always been multi-passionate in every way. I've always had a deep passion for learning. Not only have I traveled since being conceived, but I have always loved exploring cultures. I have now traveled to over 25 countries. I am a huge risk taker and highly adventurous. I have gone sky diving (real life and indoor now), scuba diving (I'm also advanced certified), and have done numerous water sports. I also left my job, interrupted my accounting courses for my CPA, and left Houston to pursue working on NBC Apprentice TV show on a leap of faith. I always had side hustles in every single position I had in corporate from within a few years of finishing grad school to becoming an entrepreneur. Many things come easy for me that I am now aware do not for others.

Your Uniqueness

How are you unique?

What sets you apart?

What did or do people "make fun of" you for?

What comes easy to you?

What unique experiences have you had?

What ways do you interact that are different?


Historical Influence

Historical Influence may mean many things. This may be the influence from the family or people that raised you. It could be influences from your city or country. Your biggest influence may come from your culture or heritage.

Here are some examples into my story and influences that have shaped and/or impacted me.

I am Polish and Bulgarian.

This includes my parents, languages, traditions, and the food. Some other areas of impact include history of the country's themselves (wars, communism, holocaust to name a few) and belief systems.

This involves the power of choice and choosing to love and accept some of the influences, and step by step breaking free of many of them.

For example, I love my parents dearly and in many ways am similar to them. In many ways, I am very different and choose to be different. I love cultures and experiencing them wholeheartedly. One of my desires is to travel to 100+ countries. I am deeply saddened by wars and holocaust. I almost went to visit Auschwitz near Katowice. I was actually born in Katowice in Poland. I was on my way in 1999 to visit with my Godmother, Hania yet the camp closed an hour earlier that day. I took it as a sign to never forget what atrocity humanity is capable of, yet not to visit at that time.

I am deeply passionate about expression, love, and freedom. This is the polar opposite of oppression, hate, and bondage. ◆◆◆

My mom's loves.

My mom is deeply unconditional in many ways. She talks about camping, travels and walks to the woods. She remembers helping in the garden growing up, and Girl Scout experiences as some of her favorite memories growing up. She loves learning, travel, worked at a university, and had a few close friends. ◆◆◆

My mom and I.

My relationship with my mom was close as a child. Then, we experienced some turbulence, as we call it, in my teen years.

I believe to a large degree it stemmed from my fears or inability to truly accept unconditional love.

From 18 years of age, so over the last 20+ years, we have been very close, more like best friends and travel buddies.

We communicate very clearly. We communicate very calmly. Sometimes I feel like I'm five years old with my mom, and sometimes 10, sometimes 40, and sometimes 80.

It's an amazing, amazing feeling.

It is beyond priceless, and I am eternally grateful.