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14 Day Challenge: Jump Start Transformation: Day 1

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Transform Your Health, Wealth, Business

You may be feeling a painful pull of your purpose on the planet shifting. You are not alone. When I look around at what is happening globally and impact to many, I see how worlds are being turned upside down overnight.

Transformation is required to create a life and business you love. I know first hand. At the same time, my own transformation has spread out over years, not months. Along the way, I learned when you focus on progress and not perfection, things change. To create a life and business you love, you will transform from the inside out in every area of life.

Challenges are great to jump start your transformation because they elevate you to rise up in an area of your life. Before you know it, you are experiencing transformation like you never imagined. Everything I share, I personally live daily. Not only has this approach helped me transform every area of life, it has helped countless others.

In the 14 Day Challenge, you will experience 12 themes to create a life and business you love in wellness, faith, marketing, money, business and travel. Whether you create with our community on the blog, podcast, and/or in the 14 Day Challenge sneak peek to our monthly mastermind, Creation Club, you will experience transformation like never before.

On Day 1 of the 14 Day Challenge, you will jump start transformation in your health, wealth, and business. You will be amazed at what is possible in one day. Let's jump start your transformation.

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Jump Start Transformation

When you start something new, it's important to feel progress. As I result, on Day 1 of the 14 Day Challenge, I will share tips and tools for health, a 6 Pack framework for wealth, and a Boss Brand approach for business. You will feel like you have moved mountains.

As you jump start transformation, you will wake up confidence inside you didn't know you possessed. When you complete each section for today to jump start transformation, stop and celebrate, go share with someone, and share with us on social @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation.

Keep in mind, whether it is in our content, courses and events, I repeat these themes. When you do a theme in a new way with new content, it helps you grow more. You have grown as well so you learn new things continuously.

Jump starting transformation is about helping you assess and transform your habits. The more we focus on 1-3 habits over time, the more lasting transformation is. Be patient with the process and yourself. You didn't get here overnight.


Health Tips and Tools

The beginning of my transformation started with shifting from fear to faith and health. I chose to believe transformation in any area of life is possible. I decided to fight for my freedom and dreams.

If I did it so can you.

I've learned when you focus on 1-3 habits in an area to jump start transformation this creates lasting results. If you haven't experienced my 90 Day plans, this shows you an approach of 7 Steps to Success.

My health transformation includes losing >55 lbs. in a year and a half after years of instability in health. I lost weight and help others do the same with healthy habits, Herbalife Nutrition, 6 Pack Meal Bags, Meal Prep, Workouts, ClassPass, and more.

Within our 14 Day Challenge free sneak peek, we include tools like ClassPass freebies and more.

Disclaimer: avg person who uses Herbalife loses 0.5 to 1 lb. a week with healthy active lifestyle.


Wellness Profile

Ultimate Health Guide

14 Day Challenge

Sneak Peek to Mastermind

Photo Credit: Leo Parias Costa Rica

6 Pack of Wealth

6 Pack of Abs? Let's talk about a 6 Pack of Wealth. You thought I was kidding when I said I have experienced transformation in every area of life, and continue didn't you? Maybe not anymore.

Take a quick glance at the questions below to see how you feel about money.

When is the last time you thought about your money mindset?

How about your average spending the last 5+ years?

Do you have a budget? What % do you give? How about savings?

Are you solely relying on someone else to tell you what income you receive?

How you do you create value - solely for others, or for yourself - or BOTH?

Or are you actively creating income streams some how some way?

Do you have more than enough money all the time?

(meaning more days in the month than you have enough for)

My bet is these questions immediately gave you awareness.

My crazy transformation in every area of life includes money. This includes for years having the “credentials” and generating other 6+-8+ figures annually, yet having my own money in chaos. The story in my mind centered around fear and worthiness and idolatry.

That is why I am so passionate and convincing as an entrepreneur, it is necessary for us to master money.


6 Pack of Wealth Guide

14 Day Challenge

Sneak Peek to Mastermind

Money Maker Sneak Peak

Photo Credit: Michael Neveaux

Build a Brand Like a Boss

Many people are shifting to entrepreneurship now who didn't plan it. You may be one of them. f you don't know already, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. To build a brand like a boss, there are a lot of new skills, talents, and abilities you will learn. You will learn a lot about your own character too.

To build a brand like a boss, takes strategy, structure and systems. Firm foundation, strong stability, and growth are gradual. There will be times you feel like things are moving like molasses, and other times you will feel rising like a rocket ship. Embrace it all. It is all for a purpose. As I look back, I am grateful for both. I learn to be content in all seasons.

It is important to consider what skills are most important for you next. Is it in lifestyle entrepreneurship? In speaking? In communication? In digital marketing? In different tools?

What about coaching? Some of my transformation teachers have included Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Dani Johnson, Garrain Jones and Rachel Hollis to name a few.

Learning online via blogs and podcasts are great. However, when is the last time you invested in your own education? How about a live event? When is the last time you created transformation and entrepreneurship hands-on with the community?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I know - each and every investment and event has massively transformed me each and every time.

To build a brand like a boss, I took > 10 years of experience in over 7+ industries. Then, I invested in learning in every direction with social media, digital marketing and influencer marketing. I took the puzzle pieces to create this lifestyle brand.

We have experienced creating and connecting with brands like WeWork, MindBody, AirBnb to name a few. I believe there is nothing that may substitute in-person events regularly. This is why I am so passionate about how we create here in our community as well with workshops, events, and retreats.

If you compare entrepreneurship to school, you will immediately understand when you consider the hours you spent in classrooms growing up. You get to practice patience and the art of delayed gratification many times.

Why would we think our experience to build a brand like a boss would be any different?


Boss Brand Guide

14 Day Challenge

Sneak Peek to Mastermind

In a Day Sneak Peak

Photo Credit: Photos by Brock

Jump Start Transformation

When you take action with jump start transformation, your confidence will grow in every way. Not only that, but you will see transformational results. What area spoke to you the most to focus on? How will you take action on next?

Do you want transformation in health, wealth, and business? Or all of them?

Be patient and take action.

Take the actions to walk towards jump starting transformation.

Step by step, you will jump start transformation.

My 12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation will help you dive deeper.

Stay excited because the next area is unleashing inspiration.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.



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