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6 Pack of Abs? Let's Talk About a 6 Pack of Wealth

We hear all over the internet and in real life about a 6 Pack of Abs. I remember reading countless articles throughout the years especially when I struggled with >55 lbs. of excess weight at times. I remember finally getting all my weight off and keeping it off in 2014. I remember the feeling of finally having the elusive 6 Pack. I remember thinking WOW this is a LOT of work! I remember falling in love (and still do) with being healthy inside and out all the time.

When I first started sharing my story and my before and after, my business grew 25X in that year.

I was honored and amazed at how many people the story inspired. You can see one of the posts here.

This made me start thinking about my own story of judging myself and my worth with money, status, recognition....

and a 6 Pack of Wealth.


The physical transformation revealed the layers inside of fears, insecurities, and worthiness. Prior to being an entrepreneur, I had served in over 7 industries after graduate school in roles from Director to Analysts to a Chief Audit Executive alongside the C-Suite. For years, I had generated 7-9 figure results for others repeatedly, and maintained side hustles all along.

Yet, I found myself in 2014 (year three of being a full-time entrepreneur) on shaky ground. I found myself unclear on the next steps in my life and business. I had a consulting company (Inclusivitie) and it was doing great (almost six figures at that point), and now I had this blossoming business on social media. At the same time, I felt terrified and unworthy. I felt things were moving too fast and/or out of my control. For years as a CPA and with Corporate Support, I had a backbone outside myself. Yes, I ran side hustles and companies on the side. Yet, being full-time and being all-in is a completely different ball game.

I allowed myself to do something I hadn't done ever before - slow down, breathe, be patient, and get clear.

I began to get clear on not only my business (rolling my passions and purpose into an all in one lifestyle brand with health, wealth, and business in 1 - think AirBnb or Uber or Amazon of Transformation.); but also wealth with the 6 Pack of Wealth.

The 6 Pack of Wealth helps reveal energy and behaviors of money. It also helps create an order and flow with wealth to help increase clarity.


I completely get it! Before 2014, I had reached six figures while helping others 7-9 figures of wealth annually. At the same time, because of feelings of lack, insecurities, and worthiness, my own money was in chaos. I also often did not want to face it at all.


I was also super overwhelmed with being 100% responsible with wealth. Here is a sneak peak into our monthly mastermind and academy and insight into the 6 Pack!


I think we can all agree — creating a life and business you love involves elevating our energy when it comes to wealth. It involves changing our minds from all the lack, fears, and insecurities we have allowed when it comes to creating a life and business we love, making money, and giving back.


One of our focuses in our lifestyle platform is How to Make Money, and teach others how to do the same.


I realized the incredible insight in dealing with the internal, and the stories we tell ourselves; as well as the practical and the How-To. I know first hand from not only being a CPA but generating others countless results, yet not feeling like I was worthy of freedom until the process within the last seven years, that no matter what external evidence shows up of abundance and wealth - we will not hold on to it - if we don't believe we are worthy of having it.


So, I've put together highlights of the

6 Pack of Wealth.


It is definitely spiritual and mental. It is also an art and a science. It is also accepting we have never arrived. There are always new levels of growth.


Money is simply energy of receiving and giving in service exponentially.


You, my friend, want to elevate the energy with your wealth. You know that you may serve more, receive more, grow more, and there has got to be a smarter way!

So, since you really want to be a Money Maker and get

a 6 Pack of Wealth,

this post is for you.

In this blog post, I’m sharing highlights on the 6 Pack of Wealth.

This may help you whether you are simply trying to get a handle on your money and currently work for someone else, have a side hustle, are a long time entrepreneur, lifestyle entrepreneur, run a multi-million or multi-billion dollar company (I've seen money issues everywhere and even done fraud cases too!) or want any of these avenues to be your next move!

Plus, if you want to create a life and business you love - don't you owe it to yourself and your community to to invest the time to learn to be a better money maker and manager?


How do you measure up with this wealth insight?

According to Market Watch, most Americans are one paycheck from being homeless.

According to CNBC, the average family makes about $74,000 and shells out $57,000.

According to Nasdaq, the average family median debt is about $16,000.

What about giving to help solve the world's problems like homelessness and ending cancer and much more?

Even more interesting, is that these statistics tend to climb alarmingly. So what can we do?


it is time we all start to take 100% responsibility for our wealth, and take on getting a 6 Pack of Wealth and not leaving it in school' s, bosses, governments, , or anyone else's hands but our own.


Scary? I believe it far outweighs and beats the alternative.

Let's talk about the bright side and how we may take action in the 6 Pack of Wealth to turn around our own situations, and those of our country, and our world.


1. Get Control of Spending

I've found in many years of working with people with their personal finances (used to also work in lending at a credit union for 7+ years in undergrad and grad school), entrepreneurs, mid-size companies, and global companies that there is often very little focus or attention paid to where is the money going.

It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day, or to not want to face it. It is time to get control and reframe your mind, or make it fun (I play monopoly sometime or do financial scrapbooking of my vision!)

The simpler and easier we make it, the faster you get results. My go to is Mint.

Mint is an amazing free tool that allows you to create a budget, get alerts, fuse your debit and credit cards, real time, and tracks your trends from every angle! The first year I used them I helped transform my own wealth >50%, and have helped several entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, and influencers do so!

2. Create a Consistent Savings Habit

The faster you create a consistent habit, the more you will save easily and effortlessly.

For example, I started using Acorns to save automatically last year. I remembered using a different tool with mutual funds back in college and several years back. I realized I simply had lost the habit and needed something easy to help me do it!

This will help you too! Or use an automatic transfer feature between your savings and checking! Will you stumble perhaps in the beginning if this is new for you? Sure! I still do! However, with time and consistent effort - you will get better and better!

3. Giving Time and Money

Nothing says you feel like you have more than enough like giving of your time and money. If your immediate response is "I don't have time or I don't have money to spare", my friend that is a clear sign that what you get to do next is figure it out! When you give of your time freely and create space in your budget to give regularly, it is sending clear energy out that you believe you have more than enough.

If you believe you have more than enough, you will attract more wealth and abundance in your life. For example, I give a regular amount monthly no matter what to Atlanta Mission to help end homelessness. We also give a minimum of 10% from our wealth with FIT Life Creation.

I am also currently focusing on creating more events to give and teach in the Atlanta area. I visited WeWork today with a focus of investing and joining after finishing up several things going on now and some trips to Florida and California coming up! I was initially going to do their on demand membership to simply have quiet time to film for our mastermind and academies. However, I found out today from the WeWork team in TowerPlace - Lacey, Cassey, and Porsha that we also get Business Development access for hosting events exclusive with the community! Hello - great alignment to serve exponentially and give of time and be exposed to community!

I am also creating more space and time to give back with Junior Achievement Discovery Center - Biz Town and Finance Park! They help equip middle and high schoolers with finances and running a business! Definitely in alignment with my passions and purpose!

We also love to co-create fundraisers to give back using our all in one lifestyle platform like the event below "Fitness Fuses with Fashion" that helped give back to end homelessness with Atlanta Children's Shelter. If you want to know more about this - visit here.

I believe we all have a responsibility to be compassionate towards one another and lift a helping hand in whatever way possible.

There is always a way to give.

4. Investing in Yourself and Your Business

This is something my parents taught me from a young age. I saw my dad be an entrepreneur. I saw my parents take massive leaps of faith with leaving Poland and Bulgaria to come to the United States to create opportunities for themselves and for my brother and I. They not only spoke about this to both of us, and the importance of all types of education - experiential (traveling the world to >4 countries by the time I was two and almost every summer), formal (schooling and degrees), and informal.

Since I grew up with this mentality, it was often difficult for me to understand why others didn't get this until the last few years. Then I realized, they didn't grow up with this mentality and often have fears or feelings of lack of worthiness around this.

I can not stress the importance of this. What you learn and apply, no one can takeaway from you. That is all a part of you. The experiences you have grow you like nothing else.

I continue to practice this all the time. A minimum of 5% - 20% of my annual income (and sometimes more due to knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the next level of life) still goes towards this. I reflect back on years in college and in entrepreneurship, where other than my living expenses and debt payments currently finishing up in next two years or less - ALL was going to investment.

This month alone, I am investing in a Herbalife Leadership Development Weekend in Florida. I am also investing in Expert's Academy with Brendon Burchard for insight on publication of my next two books (have some publications in finance and data analysis with American Institute of CPAs and Obesity co-authored with Bala Maniam a prior professor of mine with Sam Houston State University.

Think about what is the best next step for you to invest in yourself or your business.

Keep reading to the end! I have more tools to help you!


Creating is where you unleash inspiration!


5. Create Service and Wealth.

Many of us - myself included - were not brought up regularly seeing the creation of wealth. Yes, I saw my dad be an entrepreneur. I also saw him struggle and then go back to working for someone else.

At the same time, years ago we did not have the access we have today to create and connect and cultivate with others.

Think about it!

The access we have with blogs, social media, marketing, courses, academies and so much more to share our stories!


Some ideas to start towards creating wealth is to start is create lives on social media, a blog, a website, a free guide to name a few things! You may also take a look at our freebies to get more ideas! These are key to connect and cultivate!

This is why I am so passionate about helping others get healthy, make money, and build brands with our all in one lifestyle platform! This is why we include tools like Herbalife, PlateJoy, Six Pack Meal Bags, Canva, Kajabi and more in ALL of our experiences including online! This is also why we do hands on activities with the tools in our workshops, retreats, and academies! This is so we not only show it is possible, but so that we equip our students with the tools to get results.


6. Leverage Time and Teams

This one often gets people nervous! I have found this part exciting for years and have had lots of practice helping entrepreneurs and medium sized to global businesses scale smart. I am always learning, applying, and teaching innovation and inspiration.

I believe we all want to be in business to have time freedom. It is essential to leverage!

It is all about leverage with tools, technology, and teams to free up your time.

Some of the ways I do this with technology and tools and teach others is with Hootsuite and Kajabi. These have been amazing lifesavers for social media, course creation, and influencers! They help make massive momentum and free up time in numerous ways. They help set your business up to scale smart!

With teams, I believe in having various teams that include support, coaches, speakers, advisors, and influencers to name a few! They help maximize your efforts and free up time beyond all imagination. Some recent examples include using for press releases across multiple platforms, and several influencer platforms for our campaigns and influencer collaborations to increase leverage and exposure.

If you have the best service or business, but no one knows about it - how may you serve more people?

How could you leverage more?


What were your biggest takeaways from the 6 Pack of Wealth? What are you going to take action on?


Here's a snapshot of the

6 Pack of Wealth and one of the mini series!


If you want to get serious about creating a life and business you love, you may create with us to start in our FREE 14 Day Challenge in the Creation Club (our monthly mastermind) and/or take a peak at our retreats or academies!

Here is what a student recently said about our Transformation Academy!


Phew! Thanks for creating with me! . More ways for you to create in our community would be in our FREE 14 Day Challenge -

Create. Transform. Inspire. You Were Born to.

Comment on what insight you had and share on social and tag a friend!


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