• Katrina Julia

6 Pack of Abs? Let's Talk About a 6 Pack of Wealth

We hear all over the internet and in real life about a 6 Pack of Abs. I remember reading countless articles throughout the years especially when I struggled with >55 lbs. of excess weight at times. I remember finally getting all my weight off and keeping it off in 2014. I remember the feeling of finally having the elusive 6 Pack. I remember thinking WOW this is a LOT of work! I remember falling in love (and still do) with being healthy inside and out all the time.

When I first started sharing my story and my before and after, my business grew 25X in that year.

I was honored and amazed at how many people the story inspired. You can see one of the posts here.

This made me start thinking about my own story of judging myself and my worth with money, status, recognition....

and a 6 Pack of Wealth.

The physical transformation revealed the layers inside of fears, insecurities, and worthiness. Prior to being an entrepreneur, I had served in over 7 industries after graduate school in roles from Director to Analysts to a Chief Audit Executive alongside the C-Suite. For years, I had generated 7-9 figure results for others repeatedly, and maintained side hustles all along.

Yet, I found myself in 2014 (year three of being a full-time entrepreneur) on shaky ground. I found myself unclear on the next steps in my life and business. I had a consulting company (Inclusivitie) and it was doing great (almost six figures at that point), and now I had this blossoming business on social media. At the same time, I felt terrified and unworthy. I felt things were moving too fast and/or out of my control. For years as a CPA and with Corporate Support, I had a backbone outside myself. Yes, I ran side hustles and companies on the side. Yet, being full-time and being all-in is a completely different ball game.

I allowed myself to do something I hadn't done ever before - slow down, breathe, be patient, and get clear.