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How to Find Over $500,000 Daily in Opportunities

How to find over $500,000 in opportunities every single day! Yes, this is real. I literally submitted over $500,000 myself, personally in proposals. So it wasn't just opportunities, it was viable, aligned opportunities. This past Monday, blowing my own brain up!

Finding Over $500,000 Daily

Get your pens & notebooks out, your phones out to take notes, whatever it is that you do. I am sharing three platforms and this is the tip of the iceberg. I interact and use over 50 platforms, marketplaces, and collective things that I am involved in. If you want more ways to #CREATEIT, visit our transformation freebies, Lifestyle Brand like a Boss or Influencer Management.


Indeed is amazing with my Influencer Management Focus, with B2B with brands using the filters on Indeed to set the roles, salary parameters, and pitching brands.

Whether you are looking for a role, contract work, or retainer work, you may position it to them so it will be easier and better for them to work with you as a contractor. Okay?

If that is what you do and I'm using it as B2B examples on CMO, CFO and Influencer Management work, and then taking that knowledge & insights, scaling it step by step with online courses.



With UpWork, you set up a profile, and use the philosophy and approach. My three focuses for this quarter include CMO and CFO work, and scaling that to online courses next. On UpWork, you may filter by title, type, and amounts. Once you find something you are interested in, you pitch your business like a boss. When a client is interested you set up a meeting with an aim of 30 min max (they have all the information after all!)

I keep my meetings to 4 - 8 max weekly. This helps intentionally pick meeting times and/or scale them in the future to your team.



Braintrust is the third platform you want to keep in mind. If you haven't checked out my 75+ Tools to Create a Life and Business You Love on the blog and show, are you even alive?


If it was me 10 years ago and somebody was handing me the 75+ Tools, I would have killed because that is 10+ years in the making of knowledge of blood, sweat and tears.

Now back to Braintrust, is an incredible platform for brands + entrepreneurs to list + pitch for marketing, tech, and project roles among others. They are predominantly freelancer, ongoing, and remote work. The typical average there is $75 hourly and up with ongoing work that you may approach as fixed fee/retainer if it isn't already.

How to Find Over $500,000 Daily

These are 3 incredible platforms that you can source to find B2B ongoing work. You may easily

use filters, submit proposals, and track them on tools like ClickUp, Live Plan, and developing a dashboard to help you prioritize, plan and profit.

I've learned along the way in this journey of entrepreneurship, you can have the busy work, you can have incredible amounts of followers on Instagram, but if it doesn't get measured - it doesn't get managed.

Step by step, you may create from an overflow of abundance with limitless opportunities. You may then free up time when you automate and scale your business like a boss.

Which of the platforms resonate? Which of them will you use? What action you are going to take today to #CREATEIT?


Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.

If you want to create a life of freedom,

you will love my 75+ Tools to Create a Life and Business You Love.


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